Drinking Urine to Survive! Renovo Oasis Modular Water Filter

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Published on August 4, 2016

Testing out the Kickstarter hopeful ‘Renovo Oasis modular water filtration system’. It allows the user to mix and match bio, viral, chemical filters with different attachments for various containers, bladders etc.

Renovo Oasis Kickstarter page

Renovo Oasis Modular Filter System IN DEPTH (PDF)

The Urban Preppers in depth review here


  1. does the filter take 1000 gallons before its done? wtf thats a lot ?

  2. You are a very brave man!  Thanks for the test.

  3. very informative video, thank you

  4. He would still have to boil it.
    He may
    have filtered the micro organisms. I believe it would be .002 microns to filter micron organisms. Unfortunately not the viruses. Clearly not the best survivor .Also he used literally wrong, you only use that towards literature.
    P.S sorry for the nitpicking!

  5. Dude……That was kinda funny, but also very cool knowing that there is a filter that can do that, thanks man.

  6. J420

    That's pretty cool! I'd like to have that filter.

  7. Lets keep this water filter thing above the waist.


  9. You are giving many people an advantage to staying alive in a critical environment! Bravo!

  10. When you are well hydrated, your urine may contain less than 0.5 % of salt, which makes it reasonably good rehydrating beverage. The problem is that if you are dehydrated enough to need to drink your own urine, the salt content of it is already well above the physiological level of 0.9%, and it will only dehydrate you more. Therefore, if you want to survive by drinking the urine, travel with a very well hydrated buddy, and use his pee instead of your own, or find out how he got so well hydrated in the first place. :)

  11. Well, if you gotta pee, you gotta pee!  But new science … pee into plastic (unbelievable)!


  12. When you pulled out the glow-in-the-dark Nalgene, I can think of is irradiated, glow-in-the-dark, wasteland apocapiss.

  13. I do like the idea of this filter but for some reason I'm not quite sold on it yet because im a big believer in the less moving parts the better and I can just see these being lost or damaged, but still a great idea and I appreciate the video, look forward to seeing more 

  14. Yup, about time someone did a piss drinking video. You beat me to it…LOL. Now I'll have to one-up that 😉  Back to the drawing board.

  15. Don't like hot weather to much but to cut on the insensitive loss ( aka resp,sweating ) just choosing better clothes can decrease your need too. There a reason people dress the way the do on those hot country 8). Also in cold climate you can decrease them too: decrease the speed you walk. You decrease your heart work in return don't need to sweat as much and also if you breath faster you will loose more fluids. Cause the moisture our our breath get lost in the air we breath in and out. It actually even more a concern for people with kids as they breath faster already and are more dependant on the right amount of water in their body. Where is the Dune suit when you need one 8)

  16. Both Russia and US, did this in 90's. Drinking one's urine is possible, BUT the side effects was more harmful. US quit after their teams suffer Urea poisoning. The Russian did it, but their system weighs about two tons. Currently, in use in the international space station. Please note: you just poisoned yourself with a waste protein. Please drink a lot of water to flush it out again.

  17. Then water. So now you have product that is full of byproducts your body is trying to get rid of. You are reintroducing them into your body increasing their numbers in your blood which go to urine….. The circle continue. An experience would like to know is : does ketones get filter? Cause lacking fluids and foods creates ketones in your urine and when in large quantity make people vomit. Now would loose more water. For me I'll leave it to The fake real survival expert from TV. Lol

  18. Interesting experiment 8). Not an expert in pee drinking but I work with my share of urine. 😜 So when you look at people that spend a lot of time and money( aka NASA ) in system to change urine they always use some sort of osmosis. Why? Cause filtering virus from water vs protein and other molecules are2 different things. Don't forget that what you we call urine already went into a filtration process inside our body. Now how good it is depends on each individual. For example a diabetic could have more molecules then someone else due to the increase osmolality ( pull) then someone with more stable sugar. As I suck, the urine through the filter who knows what molecule pass by. That is why most expert don't recommend drinking urine.
    The logic goes if your desperate enough to go there that mean the bad stuff in your urine will be in much more high ratio then regular urine. When I see patient coming in dehydration so, trust me you wouldn't to drink that urine. It is closer to syrup

  19. Definitely cool but I am wondering if for survival if it might be more practical to simply distill the water rather then relying on a fancy and expensive store bought filter with a shelf life.  Just a thought.

  20. Say shtf after a long nite of drinking heavy an u have lots of alcohol in ur system how should this product perform just wondering 

  21. 6:23 It would be interesting to… uh… compare it to, you know, the taste of the… let's say… "unfiltered liquid".

    That would make for a more thorough review, one in which you can tell us exactly how much taste is removed by the filter. I mean, what if your urine just happens to be tasteless to begin with? o.O

    Remember: it's all for science! :-D

  22. I see a few comments bout salt , well me having good old newfie land roots living on salt beef , salt pork , and dried salt fish , give me a few beers i can de- ice a fair size park lot .Ha!

  23. Kudos for testing it out for realz. Do you know if the Lifestraw is able to filter piss?

  24. Thank God I live in a state surrounded by the Great Lakes!

  25. DUDE! You are the man! That was a little hard to watch, but so entertaining! Thanks for raising the bar and for the shoutout.

  26. Great Video .had a good laugh !!!! Looks like a well though out and well built product ,a must for any bug out bag

  27. Interesting concept, but I am set for water filtration already. I have my Katadyn Pocket, Mini, and Base Camp with ceramic filters with gets rid of bacteria and cysts, and their carbon filter cartridge to handle the chemicals and activated charcoal actually draws and absorbs quite a bit of viruses out of water.

    I also just recently got the Geigerrig engine, with the virus filter. Which will give me all the filtering needed in a bladder set up.

    But for folks who don't already have water filtration already, I could see this being a decent concept.

    Though I am not a fan of the hollow fiber filters. Their claims of filter life are unproven and likely way over exaggerated. They need a lot of back filtering to stay effective. They need a lot of prefiltering to keep from getting clogged up.

    I say this often in the topic of water filtration for preppers. The Katadyn Pocket is the only filter on the market with a proven in the field track record. There are still Pocket filters from the 60's and 70's in use. For me, that sort of in the field reliability and proven record is the kind of performance I look for when I look for something as critical as water filtration.

    Can the Sawyer, or Renovo Oasis or other hollow fiber filters last their claimed filter life. Theoretically it is possible, but I have already heard way too many reports of these filters getting clogged and not functioning. In a serious SHTF, I want a filter I know will work.

  28. wow, I have new respect for you. do more apocatalk videos…..come on…

  29. De Nob

    Finally someone puts their money (among other things) where their mouth is.
    I wonder how many other youtube reviewers would have had the balls to do that?

  30. now, you made my day.
    I will try to make coffee with my piss (urine sounds better for taste)

  31. Seems like a really great system. I'd definitely consider getting one of these, I'll head to their Kickstarter. But wow, kudos to you for drinking your own urine through that filter. Bear would be so proud. Wow. lol

  32. You are a man among men CP!! Well done on the true to life test. I am sure glad I live in a State that is abundant in lakes and streams. I hope I never need to do that.  Bravo on manning up to the challenge.

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