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Published on June 30, 2016

Some of my food storage is like a big pantry. I love it for making meals in a flash. This meal took about 15 minutes using three home canned items and one package of pasta. It was delicious!


  1. I am a fan of quick and easy

  2. That looks and sounds so yummy…I can't wait for winter, it's my favourite time of year…not that it ever gets REALLY cold over here lol, but if I need to put socks on, then it's time to break out the soups and stews imo 😀 Hugs, Li xx

  3. Great looking healthy, hearty dinner – looks absolutely yummy!  We bought the same stainless steel shelves but at Sam's Club a few years back for storage – We love them as they are easy to move and clean if needed. We did not get the stop brackets in ours – Maybe because we don't have earthquake issues like the West coast has?  (We have tornadoes and if we get a hit from one of those, I don't think the barriers would matter much!)  I put up 14 bags of Asparagus in the freezer today – Costco had 2.5 pounds for $2.99 – I could not resist!  I just quickly blanched it, threw it into an ice bath and vacuum sealed them – I am getting Spring fever 🙂   

  4. i've been replenishing my food storage and that looked great… best fast food ever… cheryl

  5. I like your shelves, where did you get them ?

  6. Looked delicious!  Thanks for sharing.  God bless.

  7. Love the shelves, I got some last year and they did not have the barriers! Nice pantry and it looks so good, take care and God Bless!

  8. I LOVE the barriers on the front of your metal shelving.  Awesome! This is the kind of video that inspires people to get started canning their own 'fast food' and reminds us old timers to get busy…again.  Thanks so much.

  9. Looks so good.  I am also out of tortellini and need to buy some more.  Great prep food to keep on hand.

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