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Published on June 30, 2016

Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram of Rawfully Organic (www.rawfullyorganic.com) and FullyRaw (www.fullyraw.com) shows you Easy Raw Food Storage Tips!

Founder and chief co-operator of Rawfully Organic, the largest raw foods non-profit produce co-operative in the US. Kristina created ROC because she was able to overcome hyperglycemia by eating a 100% raw foods diet. Today, she maintains this lifestyle, and she not only make a living educating others on how to do this, but also manages handling a LOT…a LOT…a LOT of produce daily. After having been raw for almost 7 years and after having run Rawfully Organic for almost 5 of these years, storing and organizing produce has become an art form for Kristina, and it is something in which considers herself a mastermind! In this video, she shares with you 6 easy tips to help you organize your refrigerator when storing raw produce and when figuring out how to organize your foods when going raw!

1) Bag Your Greens to Keep Them Fresh
2) Learn to Rotate Your Food
3) Store Fruits and Veggies Separately
4) Don’t Block the Air Vents & Keep Temperature Consistent at 40F
5) Prepare as Needed
6) Real Food Does Not Last Forever!

Being FullyRaw is a choice and a lifestyle. Make it a success, not a struggle. For support, please visit:





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    biting into an apple is just biting into an apple and peeling a banana is just peeling a banana… just like turning on my car is just that., turning on my car. I don't try to reinvent my own "Raw" definition because I have insecurity's or because I'm secular…
    Houston! we have a slow one here!

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  3. Whenever we have purchased greens at the store, I like to get them in the plastic box because whenever we have them in a bag they never last anywhere close to two weeks. I'm wondering what am I doing wrong and what kind of bag should I use? It seems that if there's any moisture in there they definitely go bad quickly. I just don't have good experiences with greens in bags.

  4. thanks for the tips I always get depressed when my healthy food goes to waste

  5. My question is how do you stop all those flying nats that are all around the veggies and fruit. Every time I keep fruit by kitchen counter, in less than h1 hour, there's flying nats all over. That drives me crazy. How do you do it? 

  6. strawberries go quickly. Drives me nuts. 

  7. This was extremely helpful! Thank you for adding at the end, that our food is meant to go bad. It's always been a frustrating but like you said, it's a reminder that it's real food:)

  8. I think someone should start a reality show based on  eating raw organic foods.  Kristina, you  said you lived with 6 other people that eat raw like you.  What if you started a  reality show based on how you guys live, what you do in a day, what you eat and have challenges that give you more opportunities. Just an idea, but one show that I would watch consistently, something that is a teaching reality show instead of all the stupid reality shows on T.V. now.

  9. She is an awesome girl who took an illness and made it into a lifestyle that reaches and encourages many.  Her looks have nothing to do with anything.  

  10. Does she have a neck injury? No offense but just looking at her makes my neck hurts… 

  11. Thank you for the tips! They were very helpful!!  What temp do you keep your fridge at?

  12. koneko

    hi  i honestly see you day by day more thin ..
    try to eat more nuts specially peanuts if you not allergic to it.. hugs and kisses

  13. Thanks for your video.  I'm new to raw eating and you gave a lot of helpful hints.

  14. Preventing spoilage is simple with the new Berrybreeze. This revolutionary device eliminates bacteria and fungi from growing on your fruits and veggies while stored in your refrigerator.  You can find out additional information on this innovative food saving product by searching Google or YouTube.  I learned of this device from Matt & Angela Monarch owners of The Raw Food World—The largest online Raw food distributor in the world.

    I love you Kristina!  You Rock!!!

  15. +FullyRawKristina I guess it will sound superficial but you are very pleasant to look at and your hair is so beautiful, you didn't change much, maybe a little less viewable emotions in your new videos, but they are certainly allright, Have a nice day 🙂 Ps : Just a fan ;-)

  16. the background music is the theme to the fresh prince of bellair. thats kinda ironic. fresh. prince. anyone? ..no? okay

  17. Are you sure you answer questions on your website. Asked you folks a question a month ago and yet no answer. 

  18. I have a question. With berries are you supposed to rinse them first before you store in the fridge?

  19. +RawfullyOrganic i just recently started my dogs onto a raw diet and i buy in bulk my problem now is i need to unfreeze the food to have some for the next week of feeding can i thaw then refreeze the meat how should i approach this any tips for next time i buy a heap of meat its 40lbs of turkey necks and they are all frozen solid together help please 

  20. TC.NY

    I hope it goes without saying that you recycle all of that plastic packaging! ;)

  21. I've been watching your clips back to back for a few days now to get inspired and well informed. I think you are incredible! Thank you SO much for the inspiration, the information, love and care and detailed thought that you put into everything. You are helping me change my life! I have been sick with extremely debilitating chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia, and finding raw has been the best thing I have ever done. IT's inspiring me on all levels of my life, and I have been blossoming again. Looking forward to being extraordinary! I hope to someday come visit you! Thank you for EVERYTHING. Love your stuff, who you are and what your about. You've got it right girl! Love and hugs from Cape Town, South Africa 🙂 x x x

  22. Would you freeze fruit to use for smoothies if it was going bad and you want to conserve?

  23. Excellent video!!! Tips need to be revisited.

  24. Lol she said keep your fridge…closed as much as you can but she had it open throughout the whole video ..lol Thanks for the tips!!! :)

  25. Why do people ask you questions in their comments because you do not answer them.  Am I missing something?  Maybe you answer them on your blog???

  26. Ellen W

    Ah, too many fridges, really 8 fridges?  I dont think you could expect everyone to live with 8 fridges…  I like the tip of bagging the green, nowadays there is special veggie bag that I can purchase that make the produce last longer.  Btw, your house looks like produce section of a supermarket…

  27. Hi Kristina 🙂 you're videos are amazing…I'm not fully raw yet and am moving slowly towards this goal. Question: Do you ever drink alcohol? 

  28. Bunny

    I find that when I leave my tomatoes out they get fuzz on them. Maybe it's because I live in a humid area, I don't know.

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