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Published on July 2, 2016

How to plan an evacuation kit – also known as a go bag or bug out kit. In today’s Mailbox monday we cover recent events that have driven people to evacuate. Floods, Earthquakes, Tornados, Civil War, all of these items can cause you to leave with little notice.

Having a prepared kit and plan will allow you to be ahead of the curve when it comes to disaster readiness.

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  1. i love his dedication n hard work , i appreciate what you do for us brother KEEP-ON KEEPI-ON

  2. ill check it out. i use the Rush72 for my 3 day now and i love it.

  3. I recently purchased a Condor 3 Day assault bag and i absolutely love it. It has tons of molle webbing and all of my gear fits easily into the bag. Ultimate survival tips has a fantastic review of it.

  4. That is the coolest beard I have ever seen.

  5. I was not directly affected by the Alberta flood but It was nice to know that my BOB and system would have been effective 8)

  6. Jesus is coming repent the time of The Lord is here

  7. N8ZU

    what good is a firearm if you run out of ammo? I have solar and ham radio battery back up but any thing else cannot be sustained the infrastructure has to be sustainable what do you do when you can't flick your bic lighter anymore? or wear out your flint spark lighter.
    and cloths don't last forever better hope there's sum animals left you can skin

  8. i was thinking a never return home trailer. did i say bag 😉
    i should have clarified. im well aware on "what" i need. im an outdoorsman with real world military experience. i guess i was asking your opinion. i was thinking the alice pack (and wanted your opinion on others). because its tried and true. mine never failed me in the army. but i wasnt sure if there were any after market, high performance bags that im unaware of.

    if you picked one bag as never return bag, what would it be.

  9. Nice Beard. They have a place for men without beards, …….the ladies room.

  10. Really appreciate your expertise.

  11. Outstanding response! Skills are most important to be sure.

  12. if we are veg. we probably do not need fire arms .i am 68 and luckily have never needed to use a gun there are other more economical means …..:::)))))))

  13. Excellent idea it never dawned on me, I was on the archery team in high school, and pretty good at it thanks a lot, that's another thing I like about this channel, in most would come out and say think archery fool, and make sure you don't shoot yourself followed by a bunch of trolls with a pack mentality. So kudos to you jahatch77

  14. great mailbox Monday….. I'm always telling my son be mindful of your area, scout the land, check the geologic stability, know what is the most likely disaster for where you live…..like for me specifically, geologically, flooding(north and south platte river our town is literally an island between the two) liquefaction is a big concern. On another note my son is learning how to knap out his own arrowheads I say if you can use your environment to survive you are way ahead in the survival game.

  15. I like that you keep it centered. Most of the survival kind of people really take things to a paranoia level. Now… what about stashing excessive amounts of silver. I always thought that it was nonsence since in a flash flood and a Katrina or Sandy situation you have to leave sooo much behind, especially whatever one stashed in the basement (gone for sure!). So i guess a well packed backpack is the best solution. What do you think?

  16. also bow and arrow very useful tool if you cannot own a firearm.

  17. Oh thanks for the list. Main problem will be heat. Without electricity… We do have a closed fireplace. If I sweep the chimney and repair the ducts it can run on wood, but for one winter it will take … a f*cking forest! ;D

    Food is in the ocean right outside. Fish and salmon from our river. Water from the river. Why am I prepping on the comment section!?

  18. I am uncertain about my region (Norway) and what to expect. The closest we have as a visible issue is immigration, and I live far from any city. We have had contentious peace and appearant welfare since the war, and people are very comfortable. The economic crisis does not effect us (yet). If something dramatic happens here no-one is prepared, because we live in a bauble of security.

    I do not even know how to begin yet. Watch more videos I guess 😉

  19. We live in Utah and with all the wildfires in our neighboring state of Colorado getting closer and closer, I decided to make our camp trailer into a bug out trailer. I am putting dehydrated foods in it (in heavy bins so mice can't get in), more extensive meds, 5 days worth of clothes, CB radio, more bedding, books, games, important documents, etc. It will be ready to go at all times this summer. We are fortunate enough to have an extra pick up truck and it will be hooked up. Thanks so much.

  20. Seems your an early riser too 🙂 Do you have a video out on trap building, my knowledge is limited on that subject and I figured asking would be easier than trying to sift through all the video's out there. I know with your extensive knowledge you'd either have made one or know of a good one. When will you be doing the forum type roundtable, I'm really looking forward to it. Thanks for the work you put into helping others cope with everything that is and will be thrown our way 0_0!

  21. rule no1 : grow a beard to keep you warm!!

  22. Cool about the soap and I watch the news in 2 minutes every day

  23. Planning for your pets is a must. I hope you put out a video on your bob when done.

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