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Published on July 2, 2016

Is bear spray more effective than a firearm against wildlife? How long will it keep in storage and still work? I test out an old rusted canister of bear spray that has been with me through many adventures across many provinces, its time to retire the old boy!

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  1. hunted bear once or twice in my life, a gun would be the last line of defense, awareness is of course the first, and bear spray is the middle ground.
    the biggest mistake people make is thinking a gun is going to kill the bear before the bear can get you. the problem I've seen with this ideology is, you can put a killing shot on a bear and it can still kill you before it expires. people commonly make the mistake of thinking the fat plugs up the hole. the real reason why is because of bears circulatory system pumps blood so slowly, it takes a longer for a bear to bleed out than most other animals because of heart rate. that's just my 2 cents

  2. I sure wouldn't let the illegal law hinder me form using it against a would be attacker better to pay the fine then get robbed, raped or killed….just saying

  3. Environmentally friendly? wtf? Pansy a** treehugger f**k you.

  4. its funny to say but Black bear are not like grizzly Bear my family live in New brunswick and they are not mean they are more chicken ….. and its realy rare that you see a black bear attack a humain the only way it will attack is the deffend theres babys great video by the way

  5. so it doesn't freeze when its below 0. good

  6. Terrific practical overview on handling. My can is unused with band/seal still on. Expired 18mo. ago. Got it at MEC.

  7. Me han recomendado tu canal. suscrito y empiezo a visualizarlo. Un saludo desde España. Eugen.

  8. You say that a bear spray should not be used after one use. However, I have seen videos that recommend testing a new can of spray (very brief test–say 1/2 second) to be sure it is working properly. That does sound like a good idea.

  9. I would like you to provide the proof sources referenced at the beginning of this video that supports the position that bear spray is more effective against a bear attack or potential attack than a firearm.

    "Less-lethal" bear/large mammal counter-measures are intended as ways to convince people that they either don't need to, or shouldn't use a firearm to protect themselves in those circumstances. The goal is to protect the animal rather than the person. I have no consideration for the protection of a large mammal who decides to misbehave.

    There is no time for a second chance, and laying down to become food isn't a great alternative. Use a .44 magnum, or higher, cartridge with the correct bullet. Fire as many rounds as possible until the animal is no longer a threat.

    I carry a Springfield XDm with the 460 Rowland conversion as my trail gun. That gives me 13 rounds to apply to the animal. The animal will lose, and I'll make it back to camp.

  10. Amazon will not ship this to Florida. And other states.

  11. Hi CP, that is a totally cool effect.  I would be pleased to do that with you and the other guys on each video!

  12. I heard that "self defense" pepper spray is more powerful than "bear" spray.  The goal with bears is to deter rather than disable.  Just the opposite with humans.  I would have both.  Last resort, I'd use the people spray.  That or a small army of well trained skunks.  Sick 'em!

  13. One thing to keep in mind with bear spray is if you are in an enclosed space such as a car, boat or airplane and it goes off, it incapacitates everyone, including the driver or pilot which could cause bad things to happen. So, keep it in a ammo can that seals very well or something along those lines. Even if it goes off in your house you are going to have a very very bad day.

    Walking around the wood of AK I used both bear spray and a firearm. 1 is none 2 is one. If you are out in the middle of nowhere and expend your spray to deter a bear and walk down the train and run into another one…. well you get the point.

    Good stuff CP. 

  14. Me again,
    Don't know if wasp spray is illegal against humans or for self defense.
    All the Best

  15. Hi,  Have read somewhere that wasp spray has a greater range and is just as potent and costs less.
    All the Best

  16. This was a great video! I have always wondered about bear spray – thank you!

  17. Good video dude. I am looking at some of this for Sweden. It's not well known here. But the wild life certainly calls for it.

  18. I will certainly be getting a can for small game season next year, you never know what can happen and a .22 cal riffle probably won't do the trick

  19. Very detailed video. I have a canister of bear spray but I have never used it. Thanks for doing the research.

  20. Yeah ok so you tested it to SPRAY… I didn't see you test it against BEARS lol. The efficacy of the chemicals and compounds inside is what breaks down over time. Go find a bear and try it then let me know :)

  21. Very nice video. Thanks. But if anyone is going to harm my family I will spray them. If that dose not work I will use a firearm. 

  22. Aloha CP.
    2:30 pepper spray/bear spray being illegal to use on people….I can see the following exchange in court.
    Prosecuter – "Mr. Kawikahokulani, did you know that using bear spray on a person was illegal?"
    Mr. K – "Yes sir."
    Prosecuter – "Then why did you use bear spray on one of our Canadian citizens?"
    Mr. K – "It was cold, it was snowy, I did not have my glasses on (severely near sighted), we don't have bears in the Arizona desert.  I saw something big and furry charging at me from the trees, I thought it was a bear…..how was I to know it was Canadian Prepper wearing furs like a frakkin Eskimo!"

    As usual, an excellently detailed video on yet another prep that many of us use or might consider adding to our preps.
    Bears not much of a problem in Arizona, but a Javelina can do some serious damage, and I imagine Bear Spray would be as effective on smaller animal threats in the wild, whatever your environment.  I typically carry a few large spray cans of Wasp Spray when out in the desert, they really like to set up nests in caves and mines, and can make your trip in the peaceful desert a real nightmare real fast if they are agitated.  Like most preps, better to have it & not need it….1 is none, 2 is 1, 3 is better.

    btw, notice the TV stations call sign – KGUN.  Yep, here in Arizona, we take our firearms very seriously.

    Peace & Prepare
    Pax et Paro

  23. Thanks for sharing this!
    I'm very curious about that 8%!
    I also wonder if a high caliber pistol instills a false sense of security.
    Thanks again. Options are always good!

  24. Good video very interesting. I had a can I bought at Wholesale Sports. I got it for a friend who was going on a Motorcycle trip to the mountains but the trip fell through.  I held on to the Bear Spray until my younger brother saw it and took it home. Not sure what he did with it.

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