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Published on August 11, 2016

I was out and looking for new areas, and i loved this one i found.


  1. I want to know this great place ^^ . 

  2. did you film all this inside the falun municipality or is it outside falun but still in dalarna? you swedes are lucky for such a beautiful country btw.

  3. Thank you my friend, yes it was beautiful.

  4. Amazing landscape, reminds me of area north from Drammen called Finnemarka, been there for almost two years, almost every weekend. Maded some videos over there and hope to come back sometime…I love those lakes full of trout :]

  5. Yes i agree, it was a very nice spot and i will for sure go back there again, take care.

  6. North Survival, this is such a beautiful place! I dream often of getting myself a complete break 'away from it all' in the Swedish outdoors. What a superb spot this would be for a bit of wild camping and outdoorsmanship. Heaven!

  7. Thank you, the mask is of now so check out my latest video.

  8. hi, great videos, why do you wear a mask, waving hi from central illinois

  9. Yes, it is pretty beautiful, especially the North of sweden.

  10. Oh my gosh! I want to live there! Sweden is soooo beautiful! I want to move there! At least Sweden isn't facing government issues like we are here in the US. Seems like we are headed for the apocalypse. Do you have any videos as to what to do if you are forced from your home and have to trek through forests to survive? That's a video I want to watch, lol!

  11. Hahah inga problem 😉 hare fint!

  12. Im living in County Cork, South East of Ireland, Our scenery is much like yours, So, Im a lucky guy too! .. Cork City is approx 20klms away, so plenty of peace and quiet were I am (Thank God) .. Keep making the Vids, and hopefully I will put some Vids up soon. .. Regards … Tony

  13. I think so too, yes i fish here sometimes, in mountain lakes such as this, you can find: trout, char, pike, perch and rainbow. Yes I do, there is a lot reindeers higher up in Sweden, but we have a lot of bears where I live, and also wolves and lynxes.


  14. Yea, i like lakes a lot, and especially these mountain lakes with rocky bottoms and crystal clear water. No, it is ordinary houses where people live next to the lake. We do not have many caves here, there might be some further up in Sweden, i like caves too, i wish we had some here, haha.


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