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Published on July 2, 2016

A quick tip for extending the life of your braided fishing line…


IntenseAngler Outdoors:

P&S Fishing Tackle:

Alegra Mini 515 Spinning Reel:


  1. Thanks allot, it makes sense.

  2. thanks, money saving tips are good. keep them coming dude

  3. what pound test braid is on your baitcaster?

  4. @ewtoutdoors Thanks Ed. Take care my friend!

  5. @Ggreenvideos Or a cheapskate like myself haha! As for the reels; those were just the one's I was working on ;-0 But I agree, I may need more… hmmmm…… 😉

  6. @Sportz2TheXtreme Thanks Brother! I know, braid rocks huh! Tight lines my friend!

  7. @Cragdwella Yep, works great with mono too. Thanks Craig!

  8. @GunsKnivesSurvival You're welcome buddy…. thanks for watchin'!

  9. @TomsBackwoods You're welcome man! Thanks for watching!

  10. Hi John, Really cool tip and I liked how you used the water bottle to re-spool the line. Great idea for folks like me that inadvertently tend to do all the maintenance next to the fishing hole… : )

  11. Cool, thanks for the tip, when you think of it makes perfect sense. Take care and have a good day.

  12. @aru05001 I'm glad that you posted this comment… I do the same thing on my baitcasters (and extra large capacity spinning reels) that require alot more line. I agree with you on the mono leader as well… like you said, if you break off (whether snag or on a fish) it's much easier to break off. I've also noticed that a mono leader seems to work better on certain species like trout and carp. Thanks again for the comment friend. Tight lines!

  13. @Woodenarrows Thanks Jim. I don't use anything on my braided lines… I tried a spray called Line & Lure a few times and didn't like it, so I've been hesitant to try anything else. The biggest thing that I've found is just to keep them out of the sun as much as possible, as the UV rays really seem to take a toll.

  14. @DAYWALKERTWO No problem my friend! Thanks for the compliment!

  15. @debistogs Thanks Debi… I appreciate that! Hope you're having a great weekend!

  16. I assume that this would apply to mono as well ? What a great idea ! Thanks

  17. Excellent idea my friend. I've got some line I need to do this with. Always good to save money for that burger&Coke for the way back home. Thanks.

  18. I only use a itle longer braid then i can cast and very strong mono backing and a mono leader, because braid is so strong I use less then half the mono diameter and get more then double the strength so I use a mono leader that is a bit stronger then the mono I would usally use for that type of fishing. That way I only loose my lure and about 18 inches of mono. And the Backing means less braid so it's cheaper.

  19. Good tip makes sense, thanks. Do you use any sprays? I use Reel Magic on my monofilament lines.

  20. Very smart tip, Mr. Economical! :o)
    Best greetings, Tim

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