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Published on July 2, 2016

During some idle time at camp, Brad reflects on the importance of fire as a survival skill and how it is often overlooked.

With this video, we hope to encourage our friends on here to get out there, try making fire in adverse conditions. Try it in the rain, with wet wood, when you’re cold, and when fire-making isn’t easy.

As always, we hope that you, our friends, enjoy the video and that you have a Happy Holiday!


  1. Run for the hills!  The crazed woodsman is at it again!

  2. Very good discussion Brad! Ive had some unforgetable experiences with fire in the woods! Keep´em coming brother!

  3. Thanks for your time in making this video. And I agree upon your point. I hope you guys keepem comming.

  4. Great video, this is probably the most over looked skill of survival. The ability to make fire can really just give you a feeling of comfort as well as everything else.

  5. Great way to make fire! In our damp environment, wax infusion has always held up a little longer with the added bonus of not making knife hands as slippery! We've experimented plenty with Vaseline and like it too!

  6. I will also stick my new TOPS Fieldcraft B.O.B. knife in a stump and pray to the Shango Notch for fire. – That is how it works right?…Right?

  7. So glad to see you made some more video's.
    Thank you.!

  8. A bag dump sounds like a great idea. I will include it in my upcoming video "Bigfoot Bob Ramblings."

  9. if you cover cotton wool with vaseline, and get a flint and steel fire starter, it will accept a spark like cotton wool and will burn for about a minute. using cotton wool balls gives you the right amount of cotton wool. cover them thoroughly with cotton wool. try it. it will easily light small kindling. A

  10. I would be very interested in something like that. I know of several other YT's that would be interested in that. And thanks for making the filter video!

  11. I am glad to be amongst friends in that regard! I can distinctly remember my brother, not Mike, sitting on the phone talking to one of his friends. He said "My brother's making fire in the driveway like some kind of caveman…" lol.

  12. MrD! We are in the midwest area. We will have to make a plan for a Florida gathering sometime soon!

    We will make sure that the charcoal and sand video comes soon! Thanks for the support and well wishes!

  13. Haha Bow drill wasn't easy for me either. My Dad and my Uncle enjoyed a many a chuckle watching me try. Good Times! Merry Christmas!!

  14. If you do not already have one, I would love to see a video on the charcoal & sand water filter. I have a feeling we live rather close in FL because I too have sulphur near several of my contigency water sources. Thanks & Merry Christmas to both of you!

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