Fishing Rod Repair: How To Install A New Tip Guide

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Published on July 23, 2016

How to install and repair a broken tip guide on your fishing rod.

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  1. What rod is that ive been looking for a telescopic one

  2. I have the same rod shown, fell out of my backpack and was lost. about 4 months later, I was on the same trail and stepped into some brush for a snake and crack, snapped the tip of (my own lost rod) recovery, let to repair. My kencore broke and when I tried to contact the company, they are out of business! wow, kenkore down and out! They made the worlds best u/l rods in my eyes and "the end is near" 🙂

  3. The old way of repairing rod guides was wrapping them with sewing thread and painting them with clear nail polish. I have even made good loops from wire when no commercial guides were available.

  4. Have you used the heat shrink tubing? Does that work better than glue?

  5. I too would like to know what type of rod that is… Have you done any videos with the fishing kit you take backpacking? In my area I'm primary fishing for bluegill and bass (small/large mouth). Thank you for all your videos! Keep up the great work(?)

  6. what rod is that? I have been looking for a great backpacking rod with no luck.

  7. May I suggest getting some of the hot melt rod tip glue to keep along with your rod tips. I keep this set up in my tackle box or fishing vest, that way you can repair it on the water and get back to fishing with only 5 – 10 min of lost time.

  8. 7LIG

    Thanks John. As always, good and informative video.

  9. My monster fish came when I shut the door on my brand new rod. I told my friend that I was sorry for breaking HIS rod and he told my that it was mine. OUCH! New tip and a month later it was leaning over the side of the boat and caught a stump. This time it snapped in the middle.

  10. funny intro brother : ) I've been putting off a rod repair & this is just the motivation I needed.

  11. "To fish or not to fish? What a stupid question" Nice t-shirt :p

  12. Ouch! I hope you at least nailed a few Steelies man…

  13. I broke two tips some years ago on two different G. Loomis Steelhead rods. I didn't know about repair kits at the time so I tossed one rod. Shaking my head on that one. Needless to say, it was an expensive Steelhead season for me. LOL Thanks for the info.

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