Flint and Steel Fire – With a Mora Bushcraft Black Knife

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Published on July 2, 2016

Flint and steel fires have been around for quite a while now. And there are many ways to create them. In this video I take you along with me as I brew up a cup of tea in the woods and make my fire using a flint and steel method using a Mora Bushcraft Black knife.

You don’t have to have a Mora Buscraft Black knife to do this though. All you need is a knife made of high carbon steel, some charcloth, a piece of flint, and the correct tinder and kindling to get the thing going.

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Intro music for this video was written and recorded by myself.

Other music in this video came from the YouTube Creator Studio.


  1. today i played around with my axe and a piece of flint a poor piece with not to many sharp edges either
    but i noticed sparks flying upon striking . so i got some charcloth and managed to throw a spark onto it and got a nice ember

    that feeling you get when you know you can make fire out of the tinyest spark is great .XD
    i relly feel like parcticing it some more and go and find a nice sharp piece of flint and hopefully become consistent with throwing a spark.

  2. And great for. all around fire starting .

  3. I love making fire this way.. great vid. But I only do it once a while. Great for shtf.emergencys.

  4. how did you remove the finish from the spine of the knife. I was just wondering as ive heard those moras have a tough finish on them. also a great video you are very talented in fire making. yeah any body can do it but whats amazing is how few people want to do it and I commend you for that.

  5. Okay, you asked if viewers would like you to show them how to make Char Cloth Material. Well, I am asking! Please do. However, do so in the woods. Under those conditions. I am trying to study survival methods and obviously it seems your way starts a fire fast. But, what do you do once you run out of supplies to start that fire? How do you replenish the Char Cloth? The flint knife if you lose it? The rope? And most likely many other possibilities I have not considered.

  6. What kind of hoodie is that? I haven't seen one with a high pocket like that, but I would like one.

  7. probably the most important lesson in survival is making a fire from a a good high carbon steel knife and a flint or quartz.
    We used to do this technique when i was a kid in the desert where i grew up….back when stainless steel was something people talked about but had never seen :).
    It is a skill that needs to be brought back and made lesson #1 in survival classes.

  8. digging the new camera, video quality is excellent. 

  9. Great video!  Solid advice about smoothing it out in the woods.  I like that!

  10. David, Nice video as usual, ty for sharing

  11. I just got a Mora black and looking forward to using it. Keep the videos coming.

  12. Great video, the moras are just the right hardness to allow the flint to strip off the metal to create the sparks. Alot of high carbon knives cant produce sparks with flint,to hard for some. The steel has to be the right hardness. Great video and well done, thanks so much for this video.

  13. Thanks Very much, you are lucky you had a dad who taught you things !! Be Thankful for him !!!!

  14. cool! I'm interested to see a video on the cloth, I think I get how to mkìake one, but see the video will help :)

  15. Happy Thanksgiving.  God is good!  Nice vid, good music, and fire…..most excellent.  I see your injury is healing nice too.  Thanks for sharing.

  16. Great video as always! I liked the cup and its lid. Does the water bottle fit the cup? What brand was it?

  17. Could you put a link to your knnife in the description? Great video!

  18. Your video reminds me of the things I learned from the pathfinder class I took this summer. I had a great time there, Great video.

  19. Char cloth video would be nice

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