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Published on June 30, 2016

This is not my favorite topic but there is some logic to the idea of canned meat for the prepper’s pantry shelf in case of apocalyptic pinch. It is an excellent source of protein and will last a very long time. Meat might be very hard to come by during tougher times. Hunting and fishing take time, energy and much preparation. In the meantime I will be relying on a good supply of canned meats. While canned meats are not the healthiest forms of protein, they are a means of long term meat (protein) storage that must be assessed and considered. I have chosen to add them to my prepper’s pantry.

Consider a selection of good variety to gather many different nutrients this way.
1. chicken
2. beef
3. ham
4. tuna
5. salmon
6. herring

I take you on a tour of my canned meats to offer you ideas on what to gather for your prepper’s pantry.

Deviled ham sandwich anyone???……Hey I grew up on these things ….and I lived 🙂 That’s what my mom would say.

To your health, longevity and peace of mind,
The Healthy Prepper 🙂 .

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  1. what is the best temp to store canned goods?

  2. Canning your own meat and other foo stuffs is lots of fun and can produce some great products. Especially if you are in a situation where your stockpile of home canned is constantly rotated. That being said home canned items generally have a shorter shelf life then store bought. Also in the example shown in this video what was described as an expiration date was actually a best by date. As far as how long you can rely on commercially canned food if it is not acidic like canned tomatoes there is no telling how long it remains edible. As far as quality my guess is that more people have difficulty with home canned items then store bought. It takes only the slightest mistake to cause a disaster with home canned. Please don't get me wrong I love home canned for many things but I wouldn't depend on it for long term supplies in a lengthy SHTF scenario. Home canning is great but it is not the whole answer.

  3. your video was great, gave me some good ideas about what kind of cans of meat and also chilli to add to my survival kitchen!

  4. My plan is to have a sealed industrial vat filled with protein powder slurry that comes from a pipe the end of which is stored in a jar containing pure alcohol to stop any bacteria growth. Twenty years of food in one container just pump your tin cup full three times a day and never have to worry again!

  5. Im a big fan of storing Chunky Soup.  It has meat, a good flavor and mixes well with rice.  I buy it in bulk anytime I can get it for $1.50 or less a can.  Thanks for the tip on the ham ive picked up a few lately also.

  6. I would rather can my own, with my own recipe…I know it will be good tasting, healthy (as long as I've followed safety protocols), and I'll also know the expiration date! However, if you are not able to can for whatever the reason, I guess the next best canned stuff is commercial.

    Bug even if you can't can, you can dehydrate, freeze, smoke/preserve, etc.; use canned crap as a last resort…you'll live longer.

  7. What is with the floaty camera action. Buy stuff you use and rotate it out so, you dont have to worry about the expiration date.

  8. ~ 45 cents for a can of deviled ham? woohoo! where do you shop? ps your pantry is awesome.

  9. Food storage is for more than just the apocalypse. It can be a great resource if you lose a job or for natural disasters. Make sure you have a means to cook them aside conventional cooking utilities. Something akin to, or exactly camping gear works well.

    Also, I know a lot of people dislike Spam for some unknown reason, but it is a great bacon-like substitute and it stores for a long time. Like most other canned meats you can also eat it right out of the can with no cooking. Doesn't taste its best that way but it's good to have the option, so don't discount it.

  10. Hold the Damn camera STILL     ……………………..    Really

  11. cswann8

    For the vast majority of people, prepping food stores for more than a weeks worth of food, is a) expensive b) requires a lot of work to rotate stock in and out and c) is still not going to matter much if you find yourself out of work and food costs triple (or more) of what it does now.
    The best food preps you can do is to educate yourself on how to grow and raise you'r own food. If you have even a third of an acre to work will you might be surprised how much food you can produce. And its best not to wait till you "have to" to start producing your own food. There's a learning curve and it's a good idea to get to the top of that curve sooner rather than later.

  12. YOu don't need meat for protein. You can get your protein from many kinds of legumes (beans)
    Many other canned food you can get protein from.

  13. I know this doesn't have anything to do with the meat topic, but I was storing boxes, and boxes of macaroni of different kinds, and well, it got sort of "buried" and forgotten in my pantry room, until I noticed…..BUGS.  omgOMG I thought friggin' macaroni was dried out and what could live in dried macaroni?  BUGS  I had to throw out a ton of rigatoni, spirals, shells, spaghetti, you name it.  Now I have to replace it and put it in Mylar, sealed and then put in food grade plastic containers with 5000cc  oxygen absorbers.  I hope bugs STILL don't decide to grow in those sealed bags.  That would suck big time.   Anyone?

  14. no disrespect but could not watch the whole video jerking to messing with my eyes

  15. Hey there, I have a question can you can lunch deli meats?

  16. Its not a expiration date its a sell-bay date for the store's, they are good for 5yers after the date as long the can stay in good condition no rust or bad dents in them.

  17. Its not a expiration date its a sell-bay date for the store's, they are good for 5yers after the date as long the can stay in good condition no rust or bad dents in them.

  18. Rose C

    I have a serious beginner prepper question after seeing your video. Obviously you've stocked hundreds, if not thousands of canned goods and it must've taken you years to get it all and I think it looks fantastic. However, you did point out that most of the stuff has an expiration date 2-3 years later. Assuming we ignore the expiration date and let it go for another 2-3 years and you don't experience a zombie apocalypse or some other act of nature requiring you to use your stock, do you just throw the entire thing out and start all over? They say to rotate, but let's pretend you've spent $2,000 stocking up on all that stuff. Wouldn't you have to continually spend $2,000 over the same amount of years just to keep rotating everything little by little? I hope I'm making sense. Rotating usually means you eat some, then buy more to replace. I mean if someone were to come up to me and say hey for some peace of mind to have food in a crisis build a stockpile for $2,000 and then continue to dump $2,000 more dollars every 5-6 years into it for the rest of your life, I'd call them crazy.

  19. canned food can last from 20-40 years depend of the quality of the can

  20. My canned meat and fruit lasted 5yrs before the cans exploded.

  21. HealthyPrepper? You eat horribly!!!

  22. Food for thought – buy 1 can of each.  Try it out on your family and buy what everyone likes.  Do the same with other stuff – try it out be it matches, candles, whatever.  Put stuff to the test.

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