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Published on June 30, 2016

Dry Dog Food Recipe
3 cups flour
3 cups oats or cooked rice
1 cup powdered milk
8 TBL powdered eggs
¼ cup olive oil
2-2 1/2 cups water
Combine dry ingredients. Combine wet ingredients. Mix wet into dry. Dough should be moist and spreadable. Spread onto greased 9X13 baking sheet with edge. Cook at 200F for 1 hour or 350F for 40 minutes. Let cool.
2810kcal: 90 g fat, 102 g protein, 396 g carbohydrates (ratio: 15:17:67)
For optimal nutrition with homemade food, feed 2 lb food per day per 100lb dog weight. If dog weighs 25lb, feed 8-12 ounces. If dog weighs 10 lb, feed 5-7 ounces.
Just like humans, eating this kind of pantry staple diet for long term will result in vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Consider adding these ingredients:
Calcium- 1000mg per 1lb of dog food- can supply as animal bones, ground eggshell (1/2 tsp), or tablets (NO Vitamin D) (crushed)
Brewer’s yeast: 1-2 TBL per 1lb of dog food- supplies B vitamins and as a powder stores well.
Vitamin E: 200IU of E per week (store as capsules-squeeze contents onto food)
Vitamin C: 500mg tab daily (crushed)
Vegetables and fruits: from stores can add any of these to doggie’s bowl: Sweet potatoes, pumpkin, carrots, green beans, peas, apples. These add minimal calories but great flavor and vitamins.
Meat: Dogs can actually live on protein and fat- the carbohydrates serve to give the dog a sense of fullness. Meat is protein and fat. 4-8 ounces per day added to diet will be greatly appreciated by doggie if he needs to perform a duty for you. Consider peanut butter or cheese (store bought or dehydrated for long term) as an economical alternative.

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  1. As far as prep goes it would probably be better to simply store dried egg shell powder, freeze dried meats and especially organ meats for your dog. You could easily reconstitute the meats, organs, and added egg shells with a stew of watery rice, oats, or beans. The rice and flour are just fillers so why bother separating them from your own supply? Simply prepare a mix that will boost your meals to a dog's needs. Oils go rancid very quickly and would really be your biggest challenge. While the larger label of "fat" might be covered, their are many kinds of fats and are not created equal. Many DIY dog foodies suggest a can of sardines (in water) per week. Given a prepper scenario happening you might want to prep 2 cans per week of rations to make up for the calories a dog might be using in that kind of scenario. Canned salmon (with eatable bones in) would also be a great dog prep item because of the healthy fats, and the calcium of the fish bones.

  2. yeah BLACK is a really scary color, huh?

  3. Thank you for your hard work.  What is the link for the recipe I have looked on your site and I can not find it.

  4. 88% puppy owners poisoning her dog slowly and gradually every day? Are you one?

  5. I always store the maximum amount of dog food depending on expiry date. As I won't be able to get enough proteins for my rotweiler out of agriculture in a SHTF situation ;  I don't worry that much as there will be proteins aplenty walking out of the cities and coming to my land just asking to be hunted by my doggy.

  6. i dont like the idea useing a stove for so long.or at all. in a shif you probaly wont have a wood fire would be great practice.i have 6 big dogs.i went to feed store bought 50lbs bags wheat,bucket them wheat goes for 10.00 or under.add to that,its just a to see people thinking about future. thank you will watch more everybody can learn from each other.

  7. Thanks for the vid. Any cat food recipes? The same problems arise for cat food storage. Not much attention is paid to cats as they cannot be used for security and such, but ours are family and we want to prepare for them also.

  8. When you change the food your dog eats you will have to gradually change from one food to another over a week or two. Start off mixing small amounts of the new food with the old as time goes on you can add more of the new to the old. Their stomachs don't tolerate quick changes to their diet. If you go too fast they'll have the runs and get dehydrated.

  9. I worked for a pet food company for many years. Depending on the age of the puppies they should be fed several times a day versus leaving wet food down. Wet food is a huge bacteria source as well as possibly getting moldy. As soon as they can chew give them some dry food even if you have to put it in a bag and crush the kibble into smaller bites.

  10. love baxter alreadies 🙂

  11. Our pets are our family and they do protect and serve their owner. My dog is part fish and part dog (prahawna on four legs) very good security. My dog is anti social and i accept that and I would like to provide care for her in my prepping. I do appreciate that you would bring this up and share to your viewers.

  12. Funny the way he looked at the camera… like, are we done here? Give me that food!

  13. hi, i just want to ask something bout dry dog food, i have 3 poodle puppies, i always fed them with a wet dog food, its actually dry but i put water in it cause they cant chew yet.. how long will it take for the wet dog food to be spoil when it has water?

  14. RoKenX2

    in my experence dog food dosent store very long even sealed in 5 gallon buckets a year at most for most brands .. some not even that.. and thats nicely seald up… so this is a very good idea for anyone intending to have dogs in a SHTF world

  15. Can you mylar bag and bucket store bought food like you would staple foods and have it last?

  16. all 7 of my dogs eat what i eat and the vet said they are the healthiest dogs hes ever seen, that wouldn't work for everyone i have to watch what i eat so i only eat healthy food. and you also have to know what types of foods dogs/cats cant eat like mushrooms,garlic or onions

  17. hello scott. I have seen in a video made by team sootch that you have a very cool gear, some kind of charging plate to start fire with? would you mind to introduce it or tell me where to get further infomations about it? thanks in advance and regards

  18. If you grow alot of corn or sunflowers you can extract an oil from them with an Oil Extruder Press. You get a Byproduct from making the oil that can be used as Animal Feed. And you get oil that you can use for cooking, or i guess you could use the oil for fuel to run your tractor / generators. In the third world they use Hydrolic Presses to squeeze out oil from seeds. Which might be good for us because everybody has a car jack. And you still get a Plug that could be used as Animal Feed.

  19. I had a rescue Springer that would catch Cicadas in the summer, hold them down by the wings, and eat the crunchy middle. It reminded me of that locust swarm scene from the movie Hildago….protein! He'd also uncap acorns and eat them.

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