Food storage for troubled times.

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Published on June 30, 2016

I will show you what Iam doing and where I get my long term storage food. Food storage should be at the top of your list. You will need to eat today and tomorrow ,this is a given. Be self reliant and store what you eat so you can provide for your family. I purchase my food at local grocery store,LDS cannery and Emergency Essentials.


  1. there are free PDFs of the LDS preparedness manual online. a quick Google search will find.

  2. what is best temp to store cans?

  3. David, your thoughts on Great Britain?

  4. I ordered the manual today. It' $24, and different looking cover than yours, so hope it's just as good.

  5. You have dark circles under your eyes which means you need to SLEEP. A LOT!

  6. What a nice honest man.Thank You for excellent help.

  7. Anyway you can explain the portion size ? like how many portions are in a #10 can and maybe show the size. sorry im confused on it.

  8. Could foods like those bags of instant mashed potatoes last several years if I inserted an oxygen absorber and resealed? The Idahoan brand seems to be packaged in Mylar anyway so what do you think?
    I'll take your answer off the air…lol.
    Thanks brother, I really love your videos.
    BTW, I am just starting to prep myself and I would like to be able to do this as inexpensive as possible. I am getting ready to purchase the mylar bags along with oxygen absorbers so I can begin prepping.

  9. Another great Video SP1 . Have you done a video on water storage . That seems to be my weakness how to store water . I don't have any lakes or streams around me so what I store is important

  10. Sithean

    You don't spread panic. You give calm answers and bring reassurance that being prepared to the best of your ability is doable, whether it's for a day without power or a far worse and lengthy situation. Thanks, sir. We appreciate it.

  11. The dollar has gained in value since this video and it will continue to climb next year and probably 2017. I've been saying for 5 years now that we are NOT headed into hyperinflation. We are going into severe deflation with only certain items inflating due to demand. That means cash will be king. NOW, what WILL happen is a government collapse. When? I don't know. But when THAT happens your dollar very well can be worthless over night. Far bigger concern right now is WW3 on our shores. Do some research and see how bad it was for Germans and Russians during WW2 and how many starved to death in Europe. Much bigger reason for keeping a lot of food on hand.

  12. subdrvr

    SP1, I bought 5 gal pails from a competitor. The beans leveled off just over half way up the pail. Knowing they sold by weight I wasn't too concerned. But still, I wish I had the pail full when I got it. Do you know if Emergency Essentials fills their pails up or is it a weight / settling issue with them as well?

  13. BG5850

    do you still the comments dave?

  14. Is it better to store canned food? I only ask bc its already prepared. You need no water to eat them. And its good food for years.

  15. I really like this guy because of his humility. Most of the people on YouTube don't know enough about their subject to even be speaking about it, this guy knows a lot but approaches the subject as a question of what he can say with confidence. That's the best way to give advice to others on prepping. Sometimes even after decades of food storage you can still have misconceptions or make mistakes.

  16. thanks for making this. now some years later watching it, wish I could have found the info sooner. been going strong for 3 years now. living in the city. prepping the best I can with what I can. I like that.

  17. > Good informative video, SouthernPrepper1. Anyone shopping for groceries, quickly understands, that the government is lying about the 'official' inflation rate.
    The LDS canneries design most of their foods, to be eaten by large families. There is information available about a process of rotating the supply of food, by preparing meals using some of the stored food. The idea is to always have a big supply, of food on hand. Plus to – 'store what you eat, and eat what you store.'
    I was looking at the LDS – Provident Living order form, and some of the other websites about the canneries. This quote caught my eye:
    "(Thank goodness though that they have brought back their potato pearls. I can eat those directly out of the can—they are that good!)" The can of 'potato pearls' might be a good substitute, when everyone in the car is screaming for greasy 'french fries' – from a local burger-joint. It's a good way to save up for more preps.
    I'm not a Mormon either, but the Mormon church teaches the Golden Rule, "Love your neighbor as yourself." – The world would be a better place, if we all did that, as Commanded by God.

  18. Hide food and weapons in false walls and pillars encase someone breaks in or the government tries to take it from you, by using martial law and try to arrest you for hoarding. You can use milk crates that are stackable


  20. this is driving me nuts, but did you go through Army infantry bootcamp in 2000? and if so, was it 2/58??  you look like my squad leader..

  21. Thanks for this, I made my first purchase to get me to 5 days of food for my family. 

  22. Your a nice man. Thank you for your help

  23. Great videos, I like the ones about alternative energy.  I have to ask – do you really think you will need what you have prepared?  Or is it just a paranoid thing?  If you reach 100, will you be really annoyed if nothing has happened?

  24. Thanks to you and your videos I had a 6 month supply (of food, first aid, toilet paper etc.) I was able to use that after I had lost my job. I am at the end of that but I'm starting restock and I don't have to run to the store for emergencies. We have the highest pollution in the USA and we can't drink our water from the tap. It's gonna get worse and nobody here is prepared.wish me luck.

  25. Watch all your videos on food storage. My question  "is your food storage shed climate controlled? I live in upstate NY and the winters can be brutal and summers days can get hot. I live in a 1200 sq. ft house and have utilized every available space I have. Looking to buy a Amish shed. Any suggestions on best way to keep it my food storage at optimal temp in shed?

  26. David have you tried Honeyville farms? We carry a full line of there products…mostly organic and hormone and antibiotic free meats. Curious to know your thoughts on there products. Have you reviewed? 

  27. I've purchased from EE-never had a problem. had a problem.

  28. do you still recommend this company and the products??

  29. Another successful download of the LDS Preparedness Manual. Thanks.

  30. hands down excellent presentation better to pour on the passion than the tears when its to late.
    Thank you friend I've been told that if the Amish are in your area they to have a cannery. I'm looking into that myself I wilmers PM you if I get any validation on that.

  31. Ok going to Emergency Essentials 😉 I saved the page. I have a few canned goods but don't like the idea of having to check dates. I know this stuff lasts a long time. I have some mountain house products, that I would pick up every time I went shopping at Walmart. I have a good stash but I need to be smarter about buying stuff/better deals. Thanks for your tips.

  32. about 4 days ago i watched this man on the tv, he was on an episode of "doomsday preppers"

  33. Thanks I was able to download a copy of the book in PDF format.

  34. very good video….there are many many preppers  giving advice on you tube that need to watch your videos and learn how to make a presentation. Good Job!!!

  35. the lds cannery is a great place to start your storage the prices are so good even in this time where food is so high you can also take when you go shopping pick up a extra can or two for food you wouldnt belive how quickly you can get your food storage up and you know you will eat it because its what you buy anyways

  36. Sara L

    When did 4×4 = 20?  Last time I knew it equaled 16.

  37. Tony J

    Absolutely ! And thanks!

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