FOOD STORAGE – How to Wax & Store Cheese

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Published on June 30, 2016

(Cowardly useless disclaimer: Wax and consume waxed cheeses at your own risk!!! (There, my attorney will be happy.)
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  2. Oh wow….my family on my dad's side is Amish. My favorite cookbook I learned to cook from was The Mennonite Cookbook which I now have since my mom passed away.

  3. If you waxed cheese and then vacuum sealed it, would it still require refrigeration?

  4. how long will the cheese stay good after its waxed??

  5. Iam Amc

    If you have access to a Sam's club, you might want to get some of their flour sack towels. Bakers and Chefs is the brand I think. They are thin enough to do what your paper towels are doing, they are big enough to cover what you have there, and they are washable so you can sanitize them in the washer. I have some and I really like them!! Use them to cover fresh baked cakes, bread, etc…. Just thought you might like them.

  6. Wow! I'm going to try this because I have so much cheese go to waste because I don't eat it all. Thanks.

  7. Hi Janie….is there a way to long term store something like fresh shredded parmeson?  Thanks for your videos…love and I subbed!

  8. Curious??? Why are you buying blocks of cheese cutting it up and then waxing it, I am slightly confused!

  9. I want desperately to give you a proper knife for this job…

  10. If you don't want the flavor of the cheese to change (by aging)  can you freeze the cheese after it's been waxed?  Will that change the texture of it at all?

  11. It's been six months and my cheese is still good, no leaks, no oils dripping out and every block has been fresh and delicious! 

  12. Great idea making the different cheeses different shapes.

  13. Where do you buy the cheese wax?
    I called around to the larger cheese stores however none of them sell the wax.
    Must order on-line I suppose… is there a worthy
     site to order from?

  14. Would like to see how u can ur butter, future video? Lol but love ur videos! Made ur Yum-a-setta n it was very good!

  15. The whole idea of cheese in wax is to preserve it without refridgeration.

  16. I am wondering if you dipped it 2nd round the opposite direction if that would work(easier to see which side you are on)?  also what is the cheese wax made of?

  17. Hope you enjoy my method for waxing cheese, less mess and quick coating! ~Chef Janie

  18. Finally! Got my HOW TO WAX & STORE CHEESE video up from Christmas…more videos coming folks. Enjoy! Chef Janie

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