Food Storage: Knorr Rice Mixes in 2 Gallon Buckets for Long Term

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Home Food Storage Food Storage: Knorr Rice Mixes in 2 Gallon Buckets for Long Term
Published on June 30, 2016

In this video we pack the Knorr rice sides in 2 gallon buckets with oxygen absorbers for long term storage. These should store for 5 years with no problem,


  1. you people are all dumb asses, he polked holes in each bag so the oxygen absorber can absorb ALL oxygen when lid is applied!!!!

  2. A dumb ? want they go off when you open the container and how would you cook them you would need a lot of water and gas I know its quick but is worth it.??

  3. Hello technician 775…if you are still out there…..have you opened any of these buckets and tried the stored pkgs since making this video?  I really want to do this, but the poking hole comments have me holding off… the vids but so many who do  them do not come back later and tell us how these ideas worked or perhaps didn't work!  Thanks!

  4. If you don't punch the hole and put in a bucket with oxygen absorbers what will be the shelve life

  5. Are those bags mylar ? If so I think one could vacuum seal each package individually..

  6. He just lowered the IQ of the world. Poking holes is so stupid. If this guy is in charge we are all going to die an early painful death. Please help the world and research you're ideas before sharing them.

  7. just repack them into a mason jar with a oxygen absorber. use a food saver to seal.

  8. Just because you need to hammer a lid onto a bucket doesn't mean it's airtight. The only way a bucket can be airtight is if you seal it with wax or duct tape. As well, I don't think you extended the life of the product by poking holes in the packagaing, nor do you have sufficient oxygen absorbers for the volume.

  9. Would have sealed better in gallon mylar with o2's. ???

  10. you can get the buckets at Caseys General Store, just have to ask and see if they have some empty ones in back that you can have.

  11. lorrane

    I packed each of my buckets with a variety of food to last a week at a time. Then I burried them in my garden for less visable and coo lground preservation. ALSO,BY THE WAY, CHEAP FOOD GRADE BUCKETS CAN BE OBTAINED FROM A BAKERY, FOR ABOUT $2 EACH WITH LIDS….they are just glad toget rid of them. my rice has lasted 15 years….I just opened a bucket to test it and its good as new burried in ground…just 6 inches of soil covering over the lid…easy to access when you know where its burried. BTW, DIGHOLES DURING DAYLIGHT, neighbours will think you are gardening, BUT bury buckets at night. a friend burried her buckets aroune the edge of her massive rainwater tank! ake sure you have more than one sourse of water if you have dehydrated food. food stored dehydrated can fit 50 kg of frozen food once dry….lasts inexcess of 10 years without turnover.

  12. 4 years later…the world is still here and the rice now tastes horrible. lol

  13. because the packages have been punctured, I would sprinkle some diatamasiousearth……

  14. these packets are ruined .. you dont poke holes in the bags .. this guy hasnt a clue ..

  15. Poking a hole in the sealed Mylar is the strangest thing I've ever seen. Then puts a lid on it. No Oxy absorb? I don't get it. He compromised a perfectly good package. Some one please explain?

  16. also u can buy spam and use it for the broccoli rice have not tried any other rice because use some of my stuff i have in my pattrey

  17. I think opening those packages is a big mistake

  18. DRG 404

    Let me clarify, not the whole bucket / absorber thing, we know that works.
    The hole poking thing concerns me.

  19. DRG 404

    How long have you stored food in this manner?

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