Food Storage Myths, Part 1

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Published on June 30, 2016

The Survival Mom lists 10 food storage myths popular in survival and prepping circles and explains why there are smarter ways to store your food!


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  1. Number 3 is wrong, if they are hungry enough, they will eat. A toddler is picky because there is another meal comming that is different. When that is not going to happen, they eat.

  2. bwillan

    The main mantra for food storage is to store what you eat and eat what you store. No sense storing tons of rice and beans, if you rarely eat either. I agree with storing ingredients for meals.

  3. Hate hearing this about the beans…this is one of my critical storage items…… I'm bummed.

  4. Just Subscribed.  You know how to make an informative, focused video.I learned a lot quickly.  Thank You and I'll be watching all your vid's!

  5. We here in the mid-west have basements. People in the west and south not so lucky.

  6. Rice is also easier to rotate.

  7. i have used a food saver to vacuum store my food supplies using a 300 cc O2 absorber in 2 lb packs. is it overkill to then store in a mylar bar with another absorber then store in a 5 gallon bucket lined by a mylar bag. or… should i just store them in a gallon mylar bag thereby skipping the food saver vacuum process> Thank you any info by anyone would be helpful!!!

  8. Good points! I too prefer enriched white rice and dried pasta to whole grain wheat for my food storage carbs. I have just enough wheat for sprouting so I can have wheatgrass as an alternative to fresh greens and also so I can cook the wheat berries in my Crock Pot or solar oven as a hot cereal. Not planning to grind a lot of whole wheat flour during a grid-down situation.

  9. Wheat is a staple and has a very long shelf life with many benefits. Sure, it would be advisable for the novice culinary prepper to be educated when storing and processing. This is no different than informing oneself with the many other facets of prepping, it's really common sense to do so. So other than purchasing a $30 grinder, hehe or even a mortar and pestle. The question begs, why is wheat a myth when considering long term storage?

  10. Hi Lisa, You have taught me a couple of more things. Thank you. I'm glad I subbed your channel.

  11. It's good to see a new video from your channel! Excellent points regarding food storage. You're right. Mills like the Country Living Hand Grain Mill is very expensive. I think that the Victorio VKP1024 is an affordable option.

  12. Thanks for affirming that wheat does not work for some people to store. I see the big amounts of wheat berries listed on so many "lists" and always thing to myself, why not just store the flour already ground? So much easier for me. I don't have a big family and storing flour would be so much more beneficial to me.

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