Food Storage room using Mormon Cannery

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Published on June 30, 2016

Here is a small room that holds some of my LTS. Please get some food now to prepare for any disaster or shortage that might come!



  2. Man, u r not storing toilet paper!!?!

  3. I hope that Gary Mule is not your real name and that your neighbors do not know that you have all that food stored, because when tshtf and their children are crying "Daddy daddy I'm sooooooo hungry", your neighbors will kill you for a tin of spam. You help one of them out today and they will be back tomorrow and they will bring all of their friends and relatives.

  4. looks great…looks like alot of stuff i would store and alot of stuff i am working to put back…cant seem to get enough food storage buckets those things are scarce as hens teeth to get…coupons help me get alot of useful stuff for free and cheap…good video keep up the good work…we need more forward thinking folks like you…

  5. I say in the video that this is not all my water. I have over 650 gallons of water and a rain catch system, thanks

  6. You need much more water minimum 30 gallons per person in your family and if you think you can use less try not showering for 3 days and see how bad your headace gets from dehydration

  7. Great food and emergency storage supply! I like the temporal thermometer idea, THRIVE is a great company for freeze dried fruits and veggies, but obviously having your own garden would be the best 😉
    We need to store more water, water is a big thing people often look over, hope to find the storage took and best way to store water for a long period of time 😊

  8. Very nice food storage:) Blessings !

  9. i recommend putting railings on the shelves with glass jars on them….be sure those are very solid and won't pull off the wall during any earthquake! i live on the oregon coast and that's what people have started doing here…

  10. The only difference between the mormon cannery compared to the catholic cannery is that the catholic cannery has wine and candy bars for the young boys.

  11. I already prep my food the you explained to me, the buckets are ready to go, nothing is that I have no basements or any cool place to store the, when I step out of my house in the summer, it gets I was hot as 90°F in my house and sometimes a bit humid in New York, so I thought maybe styrofoam will keep it a bit cooler and protected from humidity.
    I was also thinking of doubling on Mylar bag, what's your thoughts on that?

    Thanks for responding

  12. Sorry it has taken so long to get back to you. I do not think that the styrofoam is needed. Just keep your food in a dark cool place. To store in buckets buy some mylar bags and o2 absorbers, fill with food put in buckets seal with an iron on low setting. Look up mylar of filling buckets here on youtube there are thousands of vids. This method will keep out the air and moisture. PM me if you need anymore help.

  13. Hi there,
    I'm looking to build a box out of HDstyrofoam or pink foam from Home Depot, i want to store buckets of long term food (25 – 30 years) in it, will it protect the food from humidity,heat? Will it keep a steady temperature?
    I live in New York and i will like it to keep the food under 70°F and an average of 10% moisture or less .
    If this works i will like to dress up my closet wall and the inside of the door with double sheet styrofoam and a temperature gauge

    Thank you in advance

  14. And I'm an idiot for misspelling the word "you're"

  15. A. you'er an idiot. B.) Don't get all Mormon mad at me..just because I'm a woman and know more than you do.

  16. Very nice stores! It's just common sense to be prepared, you never know what tomorrow may bring. Great job!

  17. Thanks for watching. Radiation is not ":cureable" well I guess not. These are Potassium Iodate tablets. They fill the thyroid gland with "good" iodine thus blocking the radioactive iodine that is released in a nuclear accident etc. You do not take them unless there is an immediate danger and under advisement of local EMS authorities. In the future please do not attempt to talk down to me or make me appear stupid.

  18. At :34 seconds… to your vitamins…you have radiation tablets????? what they heck…you know radiation isn't curable right………and you can have long term effects from taking iodine pills………

  19. Mormons have some of the best skills for home preparedness, food storage. This video showcases their cultural skills to be prepared. Considering the many disasters, these are excellent skills and practice all should have. 

  20. Where I live they sell them at walmart. They can also be found online, several of the LTS food companies seel them. Good luck and thanks for watching

  21. Hello, thanks for sharing, i'm close to have 2 months supply of food (family of three) Where did you get the white eggs cans? if you could please share that. Thanks so much.

  22. Nice! Your family is getting pretty well set for any emergency! Food is always a great investment!

  23. Why do you people not prepare? Any type of disaster an you think everyone should come on the run and save you. Give you everything you need.

    Well help yourself for once an put some supplies aside!

    Oh, and just so you know, I'm not a Mormon, just a wise individual!

  24. lots of vinegar its good for everything.. LOL also Heritage seeds for planting next year. Seeds are like gold, better than gold.

  25. Thank you for sharing your storage space. My husband and I have recently decided to start stocking up for an emergency and do not know where to begin. We have 3 children so we would need a lot of supplies and water. It just all seems so overwhelming. Our next big purchase is going to be a wood stove or fireplace so I guess that's a start!

  26. If you happen to have a Firehouse Subs in your area they sell pickle buckets for 2.00 and that goes to local fire departments!

  27. That Bragg vinegar is great stuff, I just bought 12 bottles of it for my prep storage. Get some silver coins if you can also. I have hundreds of dimes and quarters.

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