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Published on June 30, 2016

How I built shelves for my food storage and my system for keeping up with all of it.


  1. I absolutely love your down to earth way of doing things.  HA…grew up with potted meat, too.  Never tried the pickles with it, but it's worth a shot.  Have a blessed day.

  2. Wow. I know I couldn't do all that. My husband could, but would he? I will show him this video. He loves the garden but not so much working with wood. :-)

  3. I dream of having shelves like these. I noticed your canned goods are stacked. ever have problems with seals( thinking they're sealed but not anymore) just on right from the weight. I want to stack but read not supposed to. your thoughts.

  4. wow your shelves are truly awesome

  5. Great job on building your shelves. Boy you have lots of food stored you must be feeding some teenage boys. lol Just found your YT page, and love your videos . Keep them coming when you have time. I know you are a busy girl.

  6. When I was growing up, there was 7 of us going to school, so we knew how to extend food. Mother would go to the grocery store and buy a big chunk of bologna, we ground up in the meat grinder, added mayo, pickle relish and some onion, we had poor mans meat for sandwiches. We made a sheet pan cake and we had sandwiches and dessert. We bought 2cent carton of milk and we were happy.

  7. How long do you believe the different categories of food will last (safely edible) if they are home canned? Ex. Meat, fruit, jams, juices, etc. I know there are answers out there, but I trust your experience. Thanks in advance if you have the time to reply. I love your videos. I have also learned a lot from MHP about hydroponics. Yall are great!!!

  8. My grandmother always sent potted meat sandwiches or a can with crackers in my school lunches. I loved it and the other students that "bought" their lunches always made fun of me. Wonder if they ever figured out what they were missing!

  9. LOL…"Potted Meat Gross-Out"… That's so funny… When I was a teen, my first job was at the A&P Deli.  The "Ham Salad" sold like crazy.  It was just potted meat with pickle relish and some finely minced carrot, celery, onion, etc. We never told them it was potted meat from a can.  Back then, we actually made the salads.  Today, they all come out of plastic buckets.  Too funny. 😉  A poor man's (or woman's) thing… Yes, But; Serve it on water crackers, with champagne, and it's patè.

  10. l fod

    I live in South Carolina and potted meat was a main source of food when I went to college years ago. Trust me when you are hungry without money, potted meat on crackers with hot sauce is yummy.

  11. M DP

    Is she a doomsday pre per? 

  12. Debra P

    My husband made me some similar to yours and I LOVE THEM! They are tough, my kids can scale up them and get stuff on the top shelves when I let them. You did a great job!

  13. Pam Z

    When SHFT HAPPENS you will gladly eat potted meat when you are hungry. We don't like it but it's cheap and on our shelf. Goes on crackers. Kids eat it. I don't worry what others say we stack up because I get my family fed.

  14. jksatte

    I can't wait to put all the information you give me to use. I truly appreciate you sharing your extensive knowledge. Thank you so much.  Janice

  15. Great video! I LOVE your shelves. FWIW, I wanted to make sure you know that you shouldn't store food directly in those Home Depot orange buckets, as they are not food grade. Thanks for sharing how you do things. :)

  16. At one point in the video, you stated 'may not be right' but I am learning that what is good for one person is different for another. So being 'right' is not the issue. It's just how one does what they do. Great videos! Would you consider making a video about all the gadgets you use? Or maybe setting up a file some place?

  17. you are quite the organized girl…this is how I do my storage also. I can tell when one item is going faster than the others (ground beef vs canned chicken!) and know I need to plan more meals around the items I have the most of. I also love potted meat (the Walmart brand is my fav) but finding it is another matter. I am going to try the bread and butter pickles with it and it might become a new favorite. Thanks for all you do! You are such a help!

  18. I use bologna or left over ham pieces put in a blender with pickles and mayonnaise and dash of mustard sometimes add a spoon full of sour cream and turn on the machine .. makes really good sandwich spread my family love it.  Its just a way to use those bits and pieces of left over ham or chicken .. tastes alot like potted meat only better.. LOL  but I love potted meat and pickles too.. love your shelves …

  19. I being from the south, love potted meat sands. yes it is a southern and a poor man thang. Many people here in California turn their noise up at it, but like I told them don't knock it, till you try it. Same with devilled ham spreads, Chicken spreads etc…

  20. My husband isn't disabled but he isn't handy with tools & such,works hard but not building things.I went out & bought a few power tools & haven't had the nerve to use them…sort of a defeatist, self-fulfilling prophecy kind of thing. You look to have just jumped in with both feet & got a bunch of stuff accomplished around there. Very nice. Oh, about the potted meat thing.Guess us folks up North (SE MO) got a little fancier with our recipe. We always added a boiled egg,dill pickles chopped up & a generous helping of mayo,& once in awhile a sweet onion chopped for a change. All of this piled onto a very soft piece of fresh 'Bunny Bread' & if we had the money, a choc Hostess cupcake for dessert.When u r a kid & a hungry one @ that, it was a real feast. Of course, a Pepsi to rinse it down with. Take care, & yes, you do help.

  21. Thanks for the video my friend!

  22. saw you video it is a good i am trying to make a storage do you think press board would hold a lot not sure

  23. Megan P

    Have you ever calculated how much you spend on food (monthly or yearly) with all of the growing and canning that you do? So curious.

  24. Rule of thumb is to can only what you can use in a year but it doesn't necessarily go bad at that point. It's just the rule of thumb.

  25. Everything in those totes is vacuum sealed in bags.

  26. Your going to get weavils in those totes – if you don't be careful!

  27. How many people are you trying to feed – me and my wife can for a hobby and I enjoy it – I have a good salsa recipe – what is a rule of thumb on shelf life of home made canning?

  28. I really like potted meat, I eat it on a regular basis. I've never tried it your way, I'll have to give that a try.

  29. I was very surprised at how many people had never heard of potted meat. I thought everyone ate it too.

  30. I grew up on potted meat too. I thought everyone ate it, lol. I enjoy eating it best with saltine crackers. Comes in handy for late night snacking.

  31. If you have at least an 8 foot long space for a shelf, you can build one relatively easily with the plywood being cut down the length by the store, not by you. Standard 2×4's eight feet long are used for the runners. No cutting at home either. imstillworkin has the right idea on how to make best use of available space. I was fortunate enough to have a room available to build my shelf in. Do a Google search for Bob's Practical Prepping and have a looksee.

  32. You got that right and if you want to get fancy, throw a pickle on top, LOL.

  33. That potted meat is great on saltine crackers! People that don't like it haven't been hungry enough yet.

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