Food Storage: Your Home Food Storage Room Earthquake-Proofed

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Home Food Storage Food Storage: Your Home Food Storage Room Earthquake-Proofed
Published on June 30, 2016

Food storage: This home food storage room holds an excellent example of a variety of food storage items as well as emergency preparedness items. Food storage stores best in temperatures between 40 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. “Food storage” and other emergency supplies should also be proactively protected by earthquake proofing. Visit us for more tips and unique ideas about how to handle your food storage!


  1. How strong an earthquake can actually break the glass jars in his pantry. They can't fall off and are packed close to each-other so I assume it would have to be very strong. Would it have to be strong enough to take down houses and buildings to break the jars or am I not seeing something. I've handled many jars and accidentally banged jars of each other many times, packed many jars next to other jars and drove them over bumpy roads without much care and never broke any, the jars I broke were the ones that fall on the floor so it's very hard for me to believe some of the comments that he needs cardboard between them.

  2. The king is a good guy to look out for others.

  3. Wonderful video! I have been working on my food storage since 2008 and the crash. I think this makes perfect sense 🙂

  4. 12 months supply of food plus 15% for margin of error. If a cataclysmic event happens and you are still alive you will need more. A partnership with some friends or neighbors to help you protect what is yours, which means guns/ammo and a plan of action. Be prepared to use lethal force to protect what you have or be willing to fail miserably. If you can't handle the idea of lethal force don't bother saving any food at all. Have a water source. Solar power can be achieved. Minimal but workin

  5. @sheersoxNC Wrong! Canned food will last 20+ years unopened. The taste is fantastic. tests have been done already proving that fact. But the vitamin content will be minimal. Hence, take you daily multi-vitamins with the can of food.

  6. once you give away even a few grains of rice after the SHsTF, there'll be no stopping the flood to your house, after you've given away all you think you can, people will take the rest, best not to help anyone except immediate family, if anyone hasn't prepped by now, that's their tough S.
    some places don't have to earth quake proof their houses.

  7. He's got a TON of good stuff. But it's not earthquake proofed. That stuff on top of those shelves would fall all over the place and create tripping hazard. He did mention that though. I would simply build a cabinet door system along the front.

  8. Sillyem

    @sheersoxNC yeah but tins last for ages 🙂

  9. It is a good idea to have a good storage program for use everyday, not just in an emergency. It doesn't have to be scary. Once you get use to using a storage program in this way, (rotating your food) you will be glad to have it. You don't have to keep running to the grocery store eveytime you run out of something! The bonus is that you will also be prepared if you lose your job or have a sudden emergency. The process of storing food can actually be enjoyable.

  10. ya know, food does go bad after a while!

  11. The bottles won't fall but they will joggle around on the shelf and bash into each other in an earthquake. Best to add some cardboard or other padding in between the jars for protection.

  12. @USAdude30 canned foods do need to be rotated out , but the other stuff like the dehydrated foods can kept up to 15 to 30 years. And it's important cause earth quakes, tornados and other can happen at any time so get provisions together or be left without.

  13. do you accept coupons and or food stamps? 😛

  14. ColdBoi

    Man this stuff is scary…

  15. @5904xx560 That is true, and even though you can still eat them well past their expiration they will lose nutritional value over time. They will fill their bellies but will still be malnourished and eventually become very ill. There are freeze dried products you can buy, you can also dehydrate foods and vacuum seal them or you can do what I did and buy already slow dehydrated foods sealed in mylar that will last a minimum of 15 years before losing nutritional value.(

  16. just the dad in the movie BLAST FROM THE PAST well prepared, well organized
    anything could happen ,terrorism,natural disasters, wars…he is all set!
    i salute you !

  17. FrankyZ

    I see alot of baking supplies… yeast, sugar and ime assuming flour… If the elctricity and gas goes out, do you have a way to bake the bread? Cast iron pot as dutch oven?

  18. The only way to truly be prepared for anything is to know and live in the truth about life. Search "truth contest" in Google and click the 1st result, then open The Present and read it. What it says will turn this world right side up. Pass it along to everyone you can reach.

  19. tbwest

    I started my starage shelter today–alot of work to do–but I have alot of energy.
    I will get ready–really ready.
    I`m including solar power with battery reserve,ground well tap and other good stuff.

  20. Good job! Just wondering where those plastic holders for the canned goods come from?

  21. @TheDano1947 The use by date is BULLSHIT. Any canned food is edible, safely for at least 5 years. The correct term is "Best by date" and that is to encourage the consumer to use it up and buy more. Of course they would say it is to ensure the greatest quality. Do some research, get your Prepps in and relax.

  22. @TheDano1947 You have to eat it! Buy those things your family already uses and use them up! Always be buying more. It's that simple.

  23. The problem is, the stored food will eventually go past the sell by date and have to be used or thrown out and since you never really know when an emergency may come up, you're never really prepared. Food For Thought.

  24. My grandma' used to have a storage room like that. She lived through WW-II and understood quickly how important it is to have something like that.

    I'm hoping to emulating it at some point, once I get enough room. Only have basics for now.

    Of course, if "the End is coming", there's really no point, but for everything else, this is a good habit to have.

  25. boxa888

    DO SOMETHING THEN!spread organic heirloom food seed far and wide, its called"johnny appleseed economics"or"gorrila gardens",spread more organic food. wake up everyone,do your part!?IF YOU ARE angry,get seed and make a organic revolution your way.SPREAD THE HEIRLOOM SEED EVERYWHERE TELL OTHERS! INCREASE THE FOOD SUPPLY RIGHT NOW WHILE WE GOT TIME!! GROW VERTICAL GARDENS IF YOU DONT HAVE THE SPACE! START NOW!

  26. @astrialkil Yeah, that would work if you have the cash for it. Unfortunately for ones like me, it is plastic buckets.

  27. @wolfen26 Mice and rats can eat threw plastic buckets. Steel is better.

  28. @5lkk Also store them in plastic food grade buckets, it keeps the mice and rats away.

  29. GODDAMN! THAT'S A LOT! It's so beautiful!

  30. MrsSarb

    @nicholasproductions1 hahaha that's a huge stash for two people

  31. @scrm1
    this is why its an excellent idea to have 2 gardens 4 example. can the contents of one for your stores, and the 2nd 4 others, separate the 2. do what you can to help…but when it comes down to it,you can't feed everyone so whether you share all you have or not, eventually you will be in the same positions, but dying yourself. useless now to others. Unable then to help in any way at all.

  32. @scrm1: Again…it's not an easy thing to have to think about, but I tend to compare that thought with the though of having to look into the faces of MY starving children because I gave away too much of the food that would keep THEM alive. I just hope I never have to face that…but I have to be mentally ready should that time come.

  33. @5lkk: EXACTLY!!! I don't understand what is so confusing about the 'first in, first out' rotation approach. Even if you aren't preparing…logic dictates that the food you have that expires first will be eaten….otherwise…why buy it?

  34. @scrm1: I'm not saying it would be easy…but I would have to think if my children first…PERIOD! It then comes to pure survial and self-preservation. I have taken the time to prepare for my family. I would be reluctant to give handouts because one handout will lead to return visits. We ALL have the same opportunity to prepare…if you choose not to prepare and make fun of those that do…then suffer the consequences.

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