GenConneX – A Slick Conversion Kit.

Home Shelter GenConneX – A Slick Conversion Kit.
Published on July 2, 2016

No cutting or drilling- everything mounted safely inside ready to connect to a standard BBQ tank!

What’s in this kit? Pre-fully-tested propane demand regulator module (no adjustment necessary), Carb adapter fuel nozzle insert, pre-cut internal propane hose, internal grounding strap, replacement carb bolts, gasoline feed & drain caps, labels, quick-disconnect propane tank hose w/dust covers and instructions.

Can I install this myself? There is certainly some assembly required – but you should be able to install this in as little as one to two hours if you have good mechanical skills.

What sets us apart? All GenConneXTM products are made exclusively with stainless steel and coated aluminum components, use all stainless steel self-locking fasteners for vibration resistance, and all pressurized-side gas line components are brass to resist corrosion and fatigue. We also only use existing mounting features so no cutting or drilling is required and everything is pre-set at the factory so no adjustments are necessary. Install, plug in and run!


  1. I have GenConnx Honda 2000 they work great. I hooked it up to a 40# LPG tank and it will run for up to 40 Hrs. now. No more changing stinky gas every 4 Hrs. No more water absorbing corrosive Ethanol gas. I'm using synthetic motor oil also so no more carbon deposits and I won't have to change the oil for years.

  2. Great Video, I like the install on the Kit, I have been looking at buying the generator. I have natural gas and access to propane.

  3. The power tools test is 100% invalid. First of all it was a "no load" test. You need to saw something with that makita for it to draw 15A otherwise its just idling away with no resistance. But secondly, that makita started slow, a classic sign of not enough amps for the startup current draw. So two strikes on that one. I'd like to see you do a nice big cut like a 4×4 wood post or a 2×10. That'll test the load. Interesting product anyhow – the load test may or may not be significant as it was not really valid nor was it a comparison against a stock unconverted generator.

  4. I'd keep the ability to use gasoline as well, and have either natural gas or propane option. My 7,000 watt Predator currently runs on gas, and I rotate the gasoline I store for it out every 6 months even though I put STABIL in it. I did put a higher efficiency spark plug in it, and also changed the bowl drain screw on the carburetor to a wing screw with a fuel rated o-ring so I can drain the carb without tools. I also added a 450 mFD 75 volt capacitor across the 12vdc side of the dc power outlet after the bridge rectifier to give a cleaner DC output from the unit as well. I am going to put  a tri-fuel conversion on it, so I can patch into the natural gas line, or run on a propane bottle if gasoline runs out. More options are usually better.

  5. Can you send the URL for GenConneX? Have a small Coleman Powermate that would be perfect for this type of conversion. Thanks.

  6. idaru2

    Amp rating on devices is max under load, neither tool was put under load so no where near the amperage shown on sticker. That's why breaker didn't trip. Nothing negative just say'in' 

  7. I own a Honda EU6500is gen and asked my local Honda power equipment service manager if Honda manufactures a propane conversion kit for the EU series gens. The answer is NO! When I asked why, I was told that the older Honda industrial gens designed for LP/LNG used a steel gear to couple the motor to the gen head as well as having hardened exhaust valves and the newer EU series gens use a phenolic plastic gear to couple the motor. The higher engine operating temperatures that propane produces will eventually cause the phenolic plastic motor coupler to fail. If you purchase a EU generator and convert it to propane, Honda will refuse to pay for replacement parts/labor when you take it in to have it serviced or repaired if they find that the cause of the failure was related to the conversion, i.e; burnt exhaust valve due to higher operating temps. I inquired about a steel replacement gear and was told that they don't produce one for the EU series gens. Because of this, I am selling my EU6500is and buying a Cummins Onan 20kw standby that is designed to run on LP/LNG.   

  8. why is petrol called gas?

  9. Pretty nice set up, and I do see the attractiveness of the neat appearance and cleaner running adaptation.But, I am all about redundancy, so I would still prefer to have the option of using both fuels. Personal choice and each to their own. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Engineer- you mentioned this will run on compressed natural gas. My car runs on compressed natural gas and it's industry standard is 3,600 psi. It takes a very high level of compression to store a reasonable amount. This could probably run on 1/4 to 2 lbs of natural gas (like off the home regulator). Looks like a sweet kit though!

  11. Everytime I'm in my Northern Tools store I fondly handle that generator. I sure wish I could afford one.

  12. That's a very nice set up, thanks for showing us another option.

  13. Are you going to test it with the compressed wood gas? 

  14. Thanks for taking the time to make this video, and I support this site. ~M~ 

  15. How long can it run on that tank of fuel?

  16. Vehicles and tractors run well on propane as well. We converted and had 4 units on it: 2 tractors, an orange grove sprayer with a chrysler industrial hemi and a centrifugal pump unit also with the hemi.  Engines will run durn near forever on propane because they run the cleanest of any fuel I've ever seen used.

  17. 1timby

    Great vid.

    A few questions if I may?

    How does this effect efficiency of the generator?

    Does it run cleaner (internally)?

    Does the kit effect being able to maintain the unit-changing filters, oil, etc.


  18. could you use common garden grass to make…  grass gas?. i have seen some stuff on biomass fuel but iv never seen any one use grass. so many times iv passed cut fields and over grow gardens and just wondered if its a usable substance.

  19. Can you compare the cost of running the generator on LPG versus gasoline at today's cost for each?  I'm assuming it takes more LPG since it's not as BTU dense as gasoline, but am wondering about the bottom line.  Great topic by the way!


  20. ,Propane Kit w/2 ft. propane hose $399.99

  21. Pretty cool little kits but pricey.  Pro's for conversion are interesting on their site however.  Thought I might be in luck as I have a Yamaha, but alas, mine is the 2400, not the 2000.  Doesn't look like they have a kit for the 2400.  Thanks for the vid! 

  22. Those honda generators are THE SHIT.
    Every single honda generator I have ever used was over rated by at least 10 to 20 percent. They really don't mess around and they are ready to work HARD. Best generators on the planet hands down. Even the oldie metal ones, had a pair of EM600's that were Just as reliable and even more well built than the new ones.

  23. I've been looking for a way to slave together two EU2000i's so that they are phase-offset and thus usable for my 240v well pump.
    I know there is a parallel kit to combine two EU2000i's together, but it just gives more 120v capacity. Any ideas?

  24. Paul B

    Love the videos but I have trouble hearing you over the ambient noise a lot of times. Any chance of a mic in the works? or voice over? I know editing is time consuming

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