Gerber LMF II Review – Best Survival Knife for the Money?

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Published on July 2, 2016

NEW Gerber LMF II REVIEW from – Is the Gerber LMF II the best survival knife for the money? Let’s see…

Today we’ll bash through a car window and make a spear with the Gerber LMF II. We’ll compare it to the SOG Seal, SOG Force, Gerber LHR, Bear Grylls Ultimate, LHR, Prodigy and Gerber Silver Trident…

Let’s take a fresh look at the Gerber LMF II survival knife and find out if it IS the best survival knife available for under $70 online.

We’ll look at the Gerber LMF II (Gerber LMF 2) survival knife from just about every angle and hone in on who should buy this knife and who should look somewhere else. Could this be the best survival knife for the money today? Let’s find out…


If you found this video helpful and are ready to buy any survival gear, I’d be honored if you use the following link to find your “best price” on Amazon (this is where I buy most of my stuff too… GREAT prices – free shipping (most of the time):

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AS PROMISED… Here Are Links to ALL the Gear that I Mentioned in the Video:

SOG Seal Pup (Premium Smaller Combat Knife):

Gerber Prodigy (Nice Smaller Survival / Tactical Knife):

Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Knife (Now Available in a Fine Edge – NO Serrations):
REVIEW – Serrated Edge:
REVIEW – Fine Edge:

Gerber LMF II (ASEK, Survival and Infantry):

SOG Force (Excellent – Survival / Tactical Knife):

Gerber Silver Trident (the Gold Standard in Combat Knives):

SOG Seal Team Elite (Premium Full Tang Tactical Knife):

Gerber LHR (Premium Full Tang Tactical Knife):

HERE’S the STUFF I Attached to the LMF II Sheath:

Whistle (the Bear Grylls whistle is NOT sold separately – however, you can get one from any of the various survival kits):

Bear Grylls Micro Torch (AKA – Mini LED Flashlight – Has 3 Settings (high, low, blink) – Battery IS Replaceable:

Bear Grylls Replacement Fire Starter:

Smith Pocket Pal:

Bear Grylls Sharpener:

ALSO SHOWN in Video:

Gerber Applegate-Faribairn Combat and Covert Folder (These are My Favorite “Carry-All-The-Time” Knives):

Gerber Guardian – Backup – Boot Knife (Snappy Little Covert Knife)

Gerber Safety Hook Knife / Strap Cutter (Was shown on my MOLLE vest next to the LMF 2 Safety Knife):

– SOG Seal Team Elite Knife:
– Bear Grylls Ultimate Knife w/ Serrated Edge:
– Bear Grylls Ultimate Knife FINE Edge:
– Bear Grylls Compact Fixed Blade Survival Knife:
– Gerber LHR Combat / Survival Knife:
– Bear Grylls Folding Sheath Knife:
– “OLD” Gerber LMF II Review (this was my first YouTube Review):
– Canon T3i Review:
– Canon T2i Review:

Here are links to a few of my other gear review websites:

THANKS for stopping by! ~ David


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  1. TACTICAL KNIFE only someone stupid would try to baton something with it . Please do your research and stop dick riding other peoples comments like dafuq close your pum pum

  2. Extremely well done review… thanks!

  3. like the Bear Grylls Ultimate knife, I'd recommend a version with a shiny blade. then it can be used as a signal mirror.

  4. out of the box my lmf 2 was dull also the blade chips each time i use it in bush craft

  5. Own it ! Use it ! Love it !
    LMF II has proven to be tough and reliable through extended (normal !) use.
    Long time Gerber fan. Own many as far back as '70's Mark I and Mark II. Have carrired Ridge as money clip for years and years.
    Not a fan of some of their imports. :(

  6. your music is really annoying your video's would be match better with none

  7. acusa

    I own an LMF 2 and many ka bar knives. both ideal for pretty much anything. for killing I'd go with the ka bar. the blood groove and sabre grind lend themselves to stabbing as well as bushcraft and I've used both knives in both elements. does that answer your question Georges? batoning. wise up.

  8. What's the difference to the Gerber with orange details in the hander?

  9. Hi I was just wanting to know if anyone could please tell me if this knife is a full tang ( meaning it goes the whole way though the knife please reply😀) thanks

  10. the mysic blaring in the background actually adds nothing and only serves to annoy most viewers. just some friendly advuce, would be far nicer without

  11. Would you recommend the gerber LMF II Over the sog seal team elite se37 k  ?

  12. I personally LOVE Gerber. I have 4 folders, an LHR, LMF II, Mark II dagger. Never had a problem carry my EZ-out everyday. I also LOVE TOPS, & OKC, both of them will sell you a similar knife for a similar price. You choose.

  13. DaBomb

    I went to sport chalet to see this knife and get a feel for it, and the person working there said "Ya, the blade goes all the way from the tip to the but end." and I was like "Nah, it's made to protect your hand if your chopping live wires. They are 2 different pieces." BAM!!! He didn't talk to me for the rest of the time there. 🙂 Thanks David for the info.

  14. I own this knife I wouldn't trade it for anything it's amazing

  15. Had mine for a few years now,still one of my favorite knives

  16. dont really like the very wide blade but a good knife indeed!

  17. So glad they made the Stongarm! Only because it has a fine edge!

  18. wardog

    why do you bother with breaking car windows yeah it takes a bit of force but i could do it with just about any knife with o handle whats a least 3 and a half inches

  19. Has anyone else had a serrated knife get snagged when trying to cut something? Im thinking about getting the Gerber Strongarm in serrated versions…

  20. Hi daved I have Gerber LMF2 but it have a number code 0870514C what it's that code ……thanks 

  21. For around the same money, just buy a Ka-Bar Becker knife and get something that won't fail you as easily.

  22. The lmf is also electrical sealed

  23. I love my lmf 2, however you didn't show how good the 90degree spine is as a striker.

  24. Can someone explain the usefulness of serrations near the handle, I think they would get in the way and make your knife less useable. 

  25. @9:24 u mentioned something about an asig or something like that for military persons only, what knife is that and where can u find it?

  26. Can you kill the crappy rock during the review? 

  27. Why do you wont low visibility knife in a survival knife… does the shininess attract bears? Sharpener looks nasty carbide type. Think I will stick to my ka bar, a couple of lighters, and my fenix tk75 2600 lumen flashlight with back up nitecore ea4 800 lumen. wet and dry sandpaper for edge touchups.

  28. Soooo… I was issued one of these in Iraq and the blade broke while batonning a pretty small piece of wood in Afghanistan. Gerber gave me quite a bit of trouble regarding "normal use." I received my replacement and thought I'd give it another shot. This one broke as well, in the handle this time. I was chopping a small tree for a tarp pole. By looking through the lanyard holes you can see that the tang is very small in comparison to the blade. This knife has major design flaws and I would not recommend ANYONE depending on this knife for disaster or survival knife. 

  29. AJ S

    ..or you could get a Ka-Bar Becker BK10 for the same price. Much more reliable of a knife from a very reliable company from an awesome knife designer.

  30. ZackM

    Doubt you'd survive very long with this knife

  31. Just bought it today and it is supposed to be in Wednesday! Looking forward to it. My only concern is some have problems with the plastic on top the handle breaking when you batton it… I doubt I will have that problem as I never hit my handle with a stick (or anything for that matter) when battoning because I won't batton too big of stuff in proportion to the blade anyway but still yet I like to know the knife is tough enough to do whatever I may end up needing.

    anyway for the most part I'm not worried because I'm an axe guy so if I am battoning big stuff I will pull out my granfors bruk… I just dig the tactical look,lol I can't help myself!

  32. got it on amazon and i love it. i was going to get a kabar instead but id been eyeing this one for a long time. got the coyote infantry version. i recommend it to anyone

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