Growing Vegetables From Heirloom Seed

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Published on June 30, 2016

Becky shows you how she plants heirloom seeds in her raised bed garden so she can grow her own organic food.


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  1. I wonder why you decided not to dig down?

  2. Ana AA

    How did you garden do? I will do my garden today.

  3. is there a video showing the result ?

  4. How did the garden turn out? I didn't see these videos before….how did your stuff grow? Is there a sequal?

  5. Hi Becky.
    I am planning on growing with my first ever raised bed this year. I have been looking a loads of how to videos to figure it out. They all say to rotate the crop you plant every year because of the nutrients that get taken away from on veg will be replaced by another.
    I notice you say you tend to plant the same thing in the same plot. I was just wondering how you find that works out for you?

  6. Becky, I absolutely LOVE your channel! It's got so many of the things I love most, that make me happy and content; and, the cherry on top of this wonderful treat is YOU and your sunny, down-to-earth, country girl "can-do" personality, about EVERYTHING! It makes me feel so good to see how much your animals love you, how attached to you they are, and how much personality they each have (your Mule is so droll, and it's obvious he loves to tease you (: I'm a huge fan of Mules, btw.), and how at ease and happy you are with each of them.

    Anyway, I've watched 5 "Becky's Garden" videos, in a row, so far this evening/morning. I'm hooked! lol! I started with you buildiing your house, and I subbed immediately after the "…If Your Hens Aren't Laying…." video. I said to myself, "This girl knows what she'd talking about, and she's interested in the same stuff you are, and she makes this fun, not just work, or artsy-fartsy tedium. Click that Subscribe button." So, I did. I give myself some real good advice, sometimes. This was one of those times. Okay, I'm back to another video before I go to bed. Thank you for these wonderful videos!

  7. Becky how do you stop the cats from using your beds as their personal potty. Ty

  8. Another tip, whenever you plant be sure to always grab some gloves to start. You never want to get the soil or whatever on your hands.

  9. Have you found that planting the hot peppers close to the sweet peppers results in cross-pollination? I love to do cuttings from plants to get a large plant quickly – it helps shorten the wait time. I also like to put a thick layer of mulch on top of my garden – it really helps with water retention! (I am impressed whit how clean you stay when you garden, BTW! When I get done in my garden the only place I go after is to the bathtub!!)

  10. actually I cannot use you brand of seeds However in Australia I successfully planted Australian brands All the best

  11. I hope you do not mind me asking, but where do you purchase you heirloom seeds from.  Thanks

  12. That is a nice open buggy, that would be great in the summer and
    in places like Florida.
    If you want a covered buggy and not use your truck how about a
    buggy like the Armish have so when it rains or snows it wiill be nice
    in the winter and bad weather. Pennsivania Amish have them if you
    want a covered buggy.
    I wish I could do what you do but I am in a wheelchair so stuck
    in the rat race.

  13. Dear, Deer eat grape leaves like crazy. We had a garden border of vines and they mauled them. I don't know how bad they get in your area but you might want fencing around that garden! Nice friendly video. I am planting some Basil plants today. (Basil is so yum in eggs!)

  14. I like to keep my beans indoors until they are 6 inches high.. They won't sprout when I put the whole seed outside! To get the root to sprout I use a water bottle cut in half horizontally, place the bean in, cover it with cotton and wet the top. I leave it next to the stove to keep warm for about 2 days, then next to a window. I then switch to a small pot with soil until its strong enough to live outside.

  15. cats like, "what the hell is she doing to my litter box?"

  16. How do your plants do in strait composted horse manure? 

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