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Published on August 9, 2016

*Everyone who watches Homestead knows I built my log cabin kit all by myself, and I love, love, love my cabin! The question I get the most from my viewers is, “Who did you buy your log cabin kit from, and what do I need to know before I buy my own log cabin kit?”

*My viewers tell me that there are so many different companies and options to choose from that they don’t know what to do, that they don’t know how to choose.

*Like Jackie & Bill in KY who write:
Our questions mostly relate to the extra expenditures such as windows, wiring, etc. Did you have to plan ahead much on this? Please give me a brief idea of how you went about this.

Also from which company did you purchase your actual logs, and was it a log only package, or did it come with doors, windows, etc?

*I know how Jackie & Bill feel because I didn’t have any help while I was doing research and making decisions for my log cabin kit.

*That’s why I want to help people figure it out with my simple little book–“Guide To Choosing Your Log Cabin Kit.”

*I wrote this book to be a Soup to Nuts Buyers Guide for anyone who wants to build a log cabin. Before you go out and buy your log package, see if you can answer these questions:
What’s the difference between stamped and non-stamped blueprints?
Do the doors and windows come with the kit?
What keeps the logs from warping and bending?
How much does a kit really cost after you add on the extras?
Can I assemble my kit myself or should I hire a contractor?
What’s the difference between a log cabin and a log home?
What are the pros and cons of log cabins compared to a normal house?
What kind of wood makes the best logs?
How do I get water, electricity, and sewer connected to my cabin?
And, How do I get a permit for building a log cabin kit?

*If you don’t know the answers to these questions you’ll be at a disadvantage when your dealing with the log cabin kit companies. That’s why my book answers all those questions and more. Now, let me tell you, there are a lot of things the log cabin sales people don’t tell you, and if you walk in there unprepared you might be sorry.

*I wrote this book because I wish something like this existed when I was shopping for my log cabin. I was on my own and had to do all my own research and figure it all out by myself.

*Before I chose my log cabin kit, I did research for a whole year.
First I read tons of websites.
Then after I narrowed it down I ordered brochures and catalogues.
After that I made lots of phone calls to ask questions.
And last but not least I visited some log cabin models.
After all my research I walked into the sales office and got a great deal, but most of all I got the log cabin kit my heart desired.

*”Guide To Choosing Your Log Cabin Kit” is a buyers guide for anyone who dreams of successfully building their own cabin like I did. My book will save you time, money, and frustration.

*You can buy “Guide To Choosing Your Log Cabin Cabin Kit” right now on

*Happy Homesteading!


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  1. I got 12 acres of straight tall pines and could build 20 homes with this lumber. You can build a log home with green logs too.

  2. @erfrye I shot this with the Canon 7D, that camera makes the background out of focus and the person talking in focus, so it looks all fancy like a movie.

  3. Hi Becky I have no intention of building a log cabin but thoroughly enjoy your homesteading vids. $19 for an ebook "How To" is very fair and not at all out of line, Were I to be in the market for a log cabin kit I wouldnt hesitate to buy your ebook. Good luck with it and to your followers in their endeavour of living the log cabin lifestyle. Cheers

  4. @bdot21 If you want a hard copy you can print out the eBook.

  5. bdot21

    Love your videos! How can I get a hard copy of your book not an ebook?

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