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Home Solar Heat Pump Water Heater: Geyser
Published on August 17, 2016


The GEYSER is a reliable heat pump water heater that will save you money and energy for years to come. The GEYSER is suitable for most storage tank water heaters from 40 gallons to 120 gallons (GEYSER R for electric tanks – GEYSER RO is for any tank). It saves 50%-65% on the costs of running an electric water heater. Why get a GEYSER add-on instead of a Hybrid? 1. It is much cheaper to buy an add-on Geyser obtaining the same savings, than it is to throw away your tank and buy an expensive hybrid unit 2. If the tank of a hybrid unit starts leaking, you have to replace both the heat pump and the tank. If the tank of the Geyser add-on fails, you just replace the tank. 3. Any Heat Pump is slower. If a customer is “just getting by” with a traditional 50 gallon tank, they will experience cold showers with a 50 gallon hybrid. Larger hybrids are even more expensive. Instead get an 80 gallon storage tank and add a Geyser! The GEYSER is designed for a minimum ambient temperature of 45ºF (indoor units in most climates). Build to provide years of reliable hot water heating. Made by Nyle Systems in ME, USA means quality and reliability. The unit comes with a 6-year limited warranty. Maintenance is as simple as periodically cleaning the air filter.


  1. +engineer775 Practical Preppers, thanks for the video. i have an oil furnace that heats my hot water and my hot water base board heating. would this application work in my case ?

  2. funny i was watching and you went to an indoor location, and i thought,"cool it will heat 2 WH" then noticed it was a mirror sitting there : }

  3. What do they cost? sorry if I missed it in the video?

  4. Missouri Wind and Solar makes a 12/24/48 DC Element in 200 to 600 watts for $69 to replace the old 120 /220 vac elements.

  5. What is the liklihood of getting one of these with a 12v or 24v dc motor? seems like a waste of efficiency to invert your solar up to 120v for a load like this.

  6. how does this system compare to a hybird hot water tank sold at Lowes

  7. @engineer775 do you need free help or a volunteer… I am looking to learn …I've watched your videos many times and I've decided I have to reach out. 602-585-1273 is my number. I don't work anymore and I have been growing food in the middle of downtown phx az for the last 15 years. I am offering 40 hours a week of work… maybe we could do our own you tube show .. one where ur teaching me and I'm doing it. maybe….??? other than that I can pay my own way there and I'm sure depending where u are I can motel it or find a room to let. I'm 45. I have a bachelor's degree in business and I'm not an idiot. I possess some woodworking skills and I've been reading about homesteading and like I said I grow my own food and get unpasteurized and non homogenized milk from a dairy… I just never had a dad…the one I had beat me silly til he left….thank the Lord. I really do wanna learn and I am offering free help in any form for a chance to learn…thank you for your consideration. Respectfully, Mark

  8. What do you think about the tankless hot water heaters vs a standard tank style water heater?

  9. how long would you say Geyser has to run to heat 40 gallons of water from 50 f to 125f?

  10. coolo

    I don't get how dehumidification of the crawlspace is happening. please explain

  11. E775; do you know of anyone who makes a similar type of heat pump using a liquid cooling system on the evaporator side, rather than air cooled? Here in Southern Nevada, hot water doesn't cost very much at all in the summer months, as the heat rise is minimal and and we tend to not use much anyway. In the winter, outside temps are too cold for this unit most of the day, and most homes use heat pumps or electric furnaces for indoor climate control / heating, which seems like it would kinda destroy the efficiency by doing that twice in series? Or maybe not… I'm not quite sure how to do the math on that.

    However, we do have a whole lot of geothermal sources (wells), and solar heated swimming pools which could potentially be excellent heat sources, but store thermal energy in liquid water instead of air. Just a thought!

  12. nice install… modded custom diptube with bottom feed and return… small pipes clog soon?
    why not up on higher side or top?? beats stratification though!
    Thanks for all the tips.

  13. Joel C

    🙁 avg tells me that your website keeps trying to install malware on my computer … :(

  14. can it supply subfloor heat as well as showers

  15. Would you prefer the use of the GEYSER over a solar water heater considering cost, installation, maintenance, reliability and efficiency? Do you believe that there is an even better means of producing hot water?

  16. How would these do in areas of hard water? Unconditioned we're like 25 grains and our water softner does a decent job but obviously replaces with sodium. Wondering what the guts are made out of in the unit – cupper nickel?

  17. Thanks to the overlords of our DOE, we all will be required to (eventually) replace our existing water heater tanks with higher efficiency models. This means companies like Rheem are already coming out with oil, gas and electric models that have high efficiency condensing units with the pumps built into the head of the tank. This is posing a problem in some of my installations where head height and diameter is an issue. They are also going way overboard (IMHO) with the insulation jacket as well..less capacity for the homeowner, but less heat wasted through static transfer.

  18. Wouldn't an attic be a good source for exchanging heat?

  19. its still resistive it just has much more resistance than the coil in the tank so better efficiency.

  20. Rather than dumping the condensate from the dehumidifier and the air conditioning system, it can be filtered if need be and consumed, used for indoor plants etc.

  21. Is this something you can use in an RV cool the RV and heate the water

  22. can these be used as a dump load? of they receive power only a few hours a day is there any concerns you can see with the settings or electronics?

  23. I have a Geyser R, works great! Only problem I have is the drain in the rear. I also have mine tilted to the rear. I hung mine from the ceiling over my 80 gal electric WH. The drain clogs up from time to time and the condensation water runs out the back seam and all over the place. I try to keep it cleaned out so I don't get the mess! Ever have this problem?

  24. man if something happens in America it seems like you will have no problem getting around it because you pretty much know everything well pretty much all the important stuff

  25. not mentioned, you could run hydronic heating coil in your duct work, if your hvac system is ducted.

  26. regarding the connection to the hot water tank…is that pipe something like a tube within the pipe? I ask because it only looks like one connection and the hot water needs to be circulated someway.

  27. With that first unit being in an area with wood, are you worried about over time taking out more humidity than the wood framing can afford and then possibly lead to structural failure? I know it could take a while for that to happen but in a few years could lead to issues. I love the idea would, go great in a concrete basement atmosphere with a closed framing ceiling or poured deck floor. I am big on structural metal studs and steel framing verses wood. They both have there down falls I know but I lean more metal and concreteBut what would I know Semper Fi

  28. I work for a company in Troy Ny called The Radiant Store, we specialize in solar thermal, but I see you do a lot of pv/electric hybrid options… we've installed a few of these set ups and they work pretty good… http://www.sunbandit.us/

  29. resistance heating has 3415 btu per kWh. isn't 125' pushing it right to the limit

  30. Jim H

    I always thought resistive heating was 100% efficient. Couldn't you obtain the same low energy draw by changing out the water heater element for a 700 watt instead of the standard 4500w?
    I was wondering if you have done a comparison of total energy in to the hot water heater for the specific rise in temperature, volume.
    Thanks, love your channel.

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