Helping Local Farmers/Preppers Produce More Food!

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Home Food Storage Helping Local Farmers/Preppers Produce More Food!
Published on July 2, 2016

There are some pretty cool soil and water conservation programs in your area that you might not know about. This can greatly help and accelerate plans to produce livestock and food on your retreat. No water = No life!
Check out EQIP through the NRCS.

If I can be of assistance just let me know.

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  1. I didn't realize poor people had this much land, cows etc.. my bad.

  2. You have to be rich to prep like this. How about a video that would help the poor?

  3. good and informative vid. thanks 775

  4. I'm glad you said something about your phone. I had checked mine three times. lol

  5. In Kansas we dont have any prepper unions or clubs, we've been Farming for 200 years now.

  6. The acerbic tone of your comment reveals the undesirable side of "Preppers". He's the creator of these videos and has a right to ask people to consider how they respond to what he posts. He's sharing a lot of information over a vast compilation of videos. Where's your contribution…?

  7. Great video. Beautiful property. Thanks for sharing..

  8. Very cool, nice review and thank you for stepping out and using the government programs when it's possible to do so. The way I see it is…It's our money, and if they're willing to give it back to us, why not use it? It's not going to always be there, Get It While It's HOT! 🙂

  9. dR00Ck

    lol "kinda like Americans" !

  10. It would be interesting if you could record the rest of the system and reasons why it was being done. Some good information there even if people don't agree with it.

  11. Joshua Hankins,if the trees were along a stream,then they were attempting to create a riparian strip.They are supposed to help with erosion and after maturity,lower the water temperature to aid in making a better environment for the fish.I have no idea if it works or if it is another government boondoggle,but that is the thinking behind it.

  12. I like most of your videos,but it amazes me that we are all alive today if everything our ancestors did was so detrimental.All I see is added expense for something we didn't need in the past.It is another form of control over our lives and resources.Don't drink surface water,drink well water or cistern water.All the water that comes into the house does not need to be potable.It is a waste of resources to use potable water for laundry and flushing toilets.

  13. pd2210

    Very well said.

  14. I know Wrangle Star did a section on water tower or elevated tanks; have you thought about doing a vid on elevating a water tank?

  15. Looking at the pasture you are standing in; if a field has broom straw it is too acidic and needs lime, it is real problem here in SC.

  16. During the winder, will that tank freeze?

  17. Always a pleasure watching your vids, please keep them coming, as of late they have been kind of short though 🙂

  18. Man, I'd love to pick your brain about some of these ideas… Since watching the water ram vid I've ben looking at how we can do something similar on our farm… We are tryign to figure out something that will allow us to pull from natural springs. I do have mixed feelingas about the gubment programs.. but I'll take a look.

  19. You may want to mention they don't pay the full bill. Last guy I talked to that did this they kicked in for 70%. Plus for some odd reason they had to plant a bunch of trees that 90% died which to this day I don't understand why they did that or why they didn't come back and replant the trees that didn't take.

  20. It's called "Paddock Shift" and you can read all about it on permies dot com, along with a lot of other cool permaculture projects.

  21. There is lots of nice programs… SARE is one Ive heard of …

  22. Did you call me a fat cow at the begining of this??? LOL. Great vid

  23. Hopefully you'll bring us along on the project. Thanks for sharing. Shalom.

  24. sounds about right. but what do I know =p

  25. I thot you want them to eat down to the nubs them move them to a new area otherwise they will eat all the flowers and weeds first(because they are more nutritious) and those things wont be able to grow back because of the taller grass thus leaving the cows without a diverse diet which is not as healthy.

  26. I was looking around my room for where that noise was coming from. lol. I finally realized it was your phone when I turned off the computer sound.

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