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Published on June 30, 2016

I review the Go Sun solar stove, no fuel, no fire, no smoke, no sound, little smell, cooks relatively fast, but could use several improvements.

Get a GoSun Stove here (sport version)

GoSun Propack


  1. Great content…your hitting all the questions I've been wondering about…I'd love to get my hands on the bigger Go Sun product…but its pricy

  2. That cooker is actually made down the street from me. I know the owner. We both live the life style. He's a very smart innovator / inventor. Glad to see this. He deserves the public showing of this great invention! Hope you like it!!!!! Spring Grove Village – Cincinnati, OH PRIDE!

  3. GREAT review C.P. as a fan of solar anything. I still want one of these to supplement my other solar setups. I like solar for this reason too. 12:57 Do the reflectors hold still in high winds? Kind of wish the tray was non stick and have a coating on the reflectors to prevent scratching. All tho the smell wont give it away… the reflected light might.
    TFS C.R.

  4. Johnny

    They don't ship to Canada… Is there any other way to get it?

  5. It's very cool but over priced. You can do similar type of cooking using pyrex canning jars and making an insulated box to contain them. You get better insulation with the box method, you can use wall sheet insulation for this. You can also make much larger reflectors with cardboard and aluminum foil.

    The best application for solar cookers is doing Slow cooking. You actually don't WANT the temps inside to get that high, 150-180 F is good. Then you make a nice big Stew or Gumbo in a big pot which can serve a family of 6 people easily. You leave it out in the Sun all day, 4-8 hours.

    Cleaning them is also much easier than this contraption.


  6. I was thinking of the cannibalism video you uploaded. Go Sun needs to release the Manwich edition for people who just like to eat people. Just kidding..

  7. Some asshole will probably cook up the great idea of stuffing his manhood deep inside the Go Sun on a hot summer's day while on vacation in Hawaii… Great review and video thanks.

  8. Zhab80

    Canadian Prepper nice review. It was very useful. Which is why it would be awesome if you could somehow take a look at SolSource. An other solar cooking solution but this one is designed to heat a pan or a pot much like a stove rather than an oven. I'm interested in that design but I could not find a quality in-depth review like you are in the habit of making. Here is a link.


  9. Thanks for the review.  I've been looking at these stoves, but have not seen any un-biased reviews until this one.

  10. cool gadget, just not for me….good video though…

  11. Thank you, modern twist on ancient cooking methods. Love Freedom

  12. looks good, A little pricey, But as he said "can be used indefinitely" Maybe i will wait for the chinese to knock out some copies for 10% of the price :)

  13. Nice review and interesting product. They should include however a separate cleaning system, non metallic.

  14. +Canadian Prepper Thanks for giving us good unbiased product reviews! Great job on the video as always!

  15. b3rtne

    Seems legit. I like the concept a lot.

  16. Interesting option, for some reason not something that's at the top of my mind when thinking about foodprepare-preparedness … so tnx to Mat also for bringing this product up, I can see this version is definitely moved forward from the original first types of sun-ovens, and it's definitely something to consider for emergency situations but also perhaps for just cooking during summer … tnx CP for bringing this vid.

  17. @5:03 "Now obviously your not gonna be able cook anything with just the heat generated by light bulb" disproved by children with easy-bake ovens.

  18. I think I like the larger version better. You said that this one is not really portable, so why not go for the larger one and feed the whole family.

  19. Nice detailed review. I thing I will stick with my Sport Sun Oven — much more room and easy to clean.

  20. Excellent video & cool piece of kit. -Corey over @ the PREPARED 2 THRIVE channel.

  21. Tom G

    Hello CP – Another very professional presentation here… as well as really cool ( hot ) topic! I think these are a great innovative design. I love to see things like this, especially "grid down" type items. For me, and at that price, they need to be more practical for more than SHTF cooking needs. But maybe, in a situation where energy costs do greatly increase, something like this may "pay for itself" in energy savings in a very short time I would be more inclined to invest in one. The GoSun Grill is really nice.. and I see as more practical for everyday use… Great Review.. I wish their company great success!

  22. This would be good for sailboats on ocean crossings!

  23. Perfect rattlesnake cooker for the desert?

  24. I wonder if the Sunrocket solar kettle can be used for cook food. IT doesn't have a drawer for the food but no major issue. They cost about £25/$36 compared to this costing £229/$279. Its only 0.5l capacity to the Go Sun Sport 1.2l but for that price difference get a few of them.

  25. Definitely a porch and family sized unit. Would consider a smaller compacted 12-18" size for personal use/carry, but with a larger diameter tube and tray.

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