Hiking In The Beautiful “Stygg Forsen”.

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Published on January 30, 2017

I was hiking true the beautiful styggforsen in northern Sweden.


  1. Grottan du zoomade in, in den vill jag sova. Tänk att ha en liten lägereld utanför. Så fint.

  2. I have subscribed but for some reason it doesn't let me click on the the thumbs up.  Just so you know I have given all of your videos that I have watched a thumbs up or tried to. 

  3. jag bor i Rättvik så jag kan ta mig dit ofta dit. Fullt av liv men fortfarande fridfullt :)

  4. Yes it really is a beautiful place, i love it ther, in the wintertime it will look very cool.

  5. MrMycoo

    Beautifull place! It can be more beautifull even in winter! Nice old water mill!
    Thanks for showing this fantastic hike!

  6. I think so too, that´s great that you should visit Sweden, i am very familiar with this region, i live 1 hour from Mora, haha.

  7. Ja den är verkligen båda delarna, ha det fint min vän.

  8. Great that you liked it, you should come to Sweden sometime.

  9. Yea cool, this was a very old model, but it gets the job done and i bet it will work even today.

  10. This is one of my favorite places, it looks a bit like austria, right, haha. Have a nice weekend Sepp.

  11. I agree, i really love "stygg forsen" (bad rapid), and what a craftmanship on the house. Picking you up, you sat on my shoulders and filmed the trip, hahaha.

  12. Great hike in a beautiful area. The small house is really great. Thanks for picking me up. All the best to you. Greetings Tito

  13. Randy J

    a man in a neighboring town has a working model of a Dutch style windmill for grinding grain. I like simple functional machinery using natural power. wind water gravity sunlight ect

  14. Awesome beauty wish I could visit! Thank you sharing that footage my friend!

  15. Sweden is truly a remarkable place, a real beauty if you ask me:)
    I'm planning of going to Sweden this summer with a couple of friends we're going to the region near Mora. I don't know if you are familiar with this region?

    Really like your channel! Thanks!
    Greetings from Belgium:)

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