Hiking In The “Jämtlands Triangle” – Day 3/3.

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Published on January 26, 2017

I am hiking in the beautiful “Jämtlands triangle” which is located in the northern part of Sweden, this is day 3 of 3.


  1. DE DE

    La sausages in water with the pasta, it will be warmer

  2. Herregud va fint, otrolig natur. Verkar som att man inte behöver vara någon frilufts expert för att kunna vandra däromkring. Hur bar du dig åt för att möjliggöra vandringen? Hemsidor, bolag osv.

  3. hey awsome video beautiful scenery it a place to live. that stove is awsome. thank you for the video keep them coming. be.safe brother.

  4. Can you tell me what Cooking-Set you have?  Thanks and Great Vid -awesome place you have . later Mitch from South Georgia.

  5. Please north survival put update video they cool

  6. Where did you get the trangia stove?

  7. I just completed the 3 parts series…wow awesome place for sure!  Thanks for sharing the journey with us!

  8. Wow spectacular the views are breath taking definitely a must visit!  

  9. i want to live where this guys lives… this is my plan in life layed out here. ima grow up get a job save up as much as i can move where this guy lives and enjoy nature and simple life. period !

  10. 7ochka

    Holy shit, I didn't know Jämtland was that nice. Me and a friend considered it when we were planning our trip for the summer, but it would've been an 11 hour train-ride.

  11. Rude

    I'll be hiking in the mountains of Hotagen in a few weeks, can't wait! keep it up!

  12. What a place to go out and have dinner!!!'
    haa haa

    Just beautiful!!!!

    Thank you.


  13. I got it as a gift so i do not know how much it cost.

  14. It is a trangia stove, i don´t know the modell.

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