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Home Gear Home Surveillance System: Practical Prepping | Canadian Prepper
Published on June 30, 2016

A home surveillance system is a very practical preparedness measure. I go over my install and features of my amcrest home surveillance system.

If you’re interested in a similiar system check out these options

Amcrest 4 channel system that I have here (in US or Canada)

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  1. Great site man. I watch it on my down time. Any chance you would make a gear choice build a kit video for New England. I work Emergency Services and I am not home alot. I have a small family, it could help a hole lot. Thank you for your time.

  2. Well if for whatever reason you can't run the wires into the house at least use metallic conduit or EMT, that PVC won't hold up especially in the Canadian winters you'll bump it and it'll shatter.

  3. Does the Wi-Fi camera record to the DVR as well? In theory could I just hook it all up to a DAC and have it record to the HDD in my PC?

  4. Just wanted to say good job. Even though you can store the data remotely via cloud storage it would still be a good idea to protect the cameras physically. They might still get caught but replacing those cameras will still be expensive and why would you want to have to do it all over again? I think Home depot sells enclosures for them. Domes are best because they deflect impact blows. Some will even stop buckshot but I think that might be overkill and cost prohibitive. lol

  5. i just installed a 1080p swann system and ran all the wires up in the soffits then ran them all down to the basement in a dummy rain guitar down pipe. you would never know when the wires are

  6. Jamie W

    Great Video! I`d love to see a step-by-step video about how you set this up! We“ve (The wife and I) been wanting to `Self Install`a CCTV system for some time, but our lack of knowledge about the systems available and our trepidation's about the difficulty involved have deterred us. How did you fish the wires through the PVC pipes? How did you hook up the cameras to the DVR? Did you need to buy a dedicated monitor? Again, Great Video, and hopefully someday you'll do a follow up step-by-step for us old folks. Cheers-Keep up the FANTASTIC! Work.

  7. Keep us updated on the life cycle of the cameras. I have the same system and have gone through 3 cameras in a 15 month period. P.S. If you have the system set on motion sensing, you are gonna love all the recordings of the bugs at night. lol.

  8. the only thing I would of done is run the lines though the soffit and behind the siding bit I have the experience to do that.

  9. I take it you assessed your blind-spots, you'll have to double your camera count if you want to cover your blind-spots too.
    Are they passive infra red? Active infra red in many scenarios would make house recce easier.
    Also serves as a deterrent.
    Agree with the outside cable theory… I would definately either hide the cameras or put all access cables out of reach.
    Nice installation though …. good effort.

  10. Your camera's night vision looks very good. I found the cameras that came with my system were OK for daylight/indoor use, but the resolution was inadequate. It was too grainy at night and useless for identifying anyone, which is the whole point. I had to upgrade to a camera with a higher resolution.

  11. Great video. My question is when you have WiFi cameras what is there to stop a good hacker from hacking into your cameras and watching you?

  12. This is timely we are going building soon, thinking of hard wiring alarm system and now video surveillance , not trying to be an ass here but did you consider coming down from soffit by way of your attic? Depending on how it is built you may be able to do it that way. R&R g

  13. second amendment guarding my house

  14. blarg

    720p isn't really enough unfortunately. I suspect the first truly useful surveilance cameras will be 4k. I have 1080p cameras on my place and we still couldn't get a good enough picture of the guy who stole my wife's bike. (This was at night, I imagine during the day 1080p will mostly be enough). This system is basically only good enough for intruder recognition or recognizing people you already know.

  15. man where do you get all these pictures of gas maksed ppl etc… your video's are very well done
    I'm going to well I'm thinking of starting a channel and it being really about a person new to prepping / training / and life. How it's affected me physically, emotionally, and so on. anyway my question is really what do you use for editing your videos. Also your age? you mentioned quiting smoking after 15 year. I got 4.5 months in now myself.

  16. This is some thing everyone should have but I was wondering what are your thoughts if someone used webcams instead as a cheaper alternative?

    I know there are programs that you can use for those web cams to that you can have them all showing up on 1 screen and lets you to be able to record video to.

  17. Very smart buy.
    I would add at least one tiny spy cam
    That would at least take a series of stills if one of the main cams is damaged or blacked out.

  18. The1PBR

    After an attempted home invasion during the winter I hastily installed a similar system with the same wires. The wires were exposed for most of a Michigan winter as I did not enclose them in anything I just taped the connections with electrical tape. They had no issues at all being exposed. Once it warmed up I ran them through my attic. They are 3 years old and still going strong.

  19. I would have gone with POE IP based system, If you have to power the monitor and NVR its not that much more to power a network switch

  20. the wiring outside makes it easy for a quick axe to each pipe to disable. I know you mentioned it already. better than nothing though. I would run the pipes either much higher under guttering or lower close to the groud if running it internally wasn't optional. it kind of yells "I have something valuable here". even running the pipes right into the upright corners would be far less obvious. When you have to eventually have to run the cord to the camera put some drainpipe PVC piping over it to make it look like storm water. the way the conduit runs non straight and all over the shop would alert me immediately (as a horticulturist not an alarm expert). awesome system though…makes total sense in practise.

    you may be interested.. …look into fish antibiotics for preppers. I was so surprised since in Australia, the home of Mad Max, we cannot buy antiobiotics for prepp purposes. we can however apparently buy the same quantities and doses for humans as our fishies. what?? I am anti antibiotix when they are unecessary and I've done about 8 courses in 10 yrs but for prepping I see them as invaluable.

  21. Thanks for sharing. As always CP is such a thoughtful guy. My experience, which I think CP pointed out, is that Wifi still requires a wire (for power) so if you have to pull one wire you could pull other wires at the same time. Just wanted to make this point as often Wifi is advertised as wireless but in reality it requires a wire for power.

  22. Hey there CP…
    It's a great idea for your perimeter awareness as an addition to overall safety improvements for you and your residence.
    The items I would have recommended or suggested have pretty much been discussed in the comments already so I don't need to re-address them.. but one idea may be to either purchase or create some weatherproof / Vandal resistant housing boxes for them. PM me and I can send you some instructions for building them if you're interested.
    As for the conduit (PVC), I can only suggest that if it needs to be exposed on the envelope of the building, then they may be best shielded in a galvanized piping to establish a more difficult 'CUT' for the camera feed.
    Also any of the PVC or shielding would be best situated beside (or behind) existing 'hard-lines' on the building (like down spouts, corners and trim).
    Painting the casings to match also adds extra to it's ability to blend in.
    Overall tho, keep up the great work.

  23. Great video as usual. My buddy and I installed a similar system in his house (we were able to install through the attic) but with 12 cameras. However, in his setup he added a separate power distribution module. This is also a safety measure. one of the issues that private systems like this have is the power jack of a or several cameras will burn out and possibly damage the system. separately powering the system greatly increases the life of your system for about $40 US.

  24. Installing my wireless 8 channel Lorex camera system is one of my best home preps.. It is protection but I look at it as insurance…

    I don't really worry about UPS, it's the people that might come around after the package is dropped off.
    Plus, the wife loves it especially when I'm not home.

  25. Sigkim

    Slap some "High-Voltage" stickers on them:) Other stickers that say "Grounded"….Maybe "Bob's High Voltage Systems…..we have shockingly low prices".

    Make it look like if you touch, you die….OH…inspection stickers!
    You did a fine Job CP!


  26. Nate, your external wiring is highly vulnerable!!! I see multiple blind spots to approach and disable your system. Internalize all wiring. Place dark globe covers all external cameras. It makes it much harder to determine angle of cameras. In turn, it protects all cameras from elements as well. Yours coms and camera system can be neutralized in under 45 seconds. Check with a security expert if you doubt my validity.

     1, Cell phone jamming. 2, Phone interface RJ11 removed. In turn disable hard wired land line. 3, Cameras suppressed and power neutralized. I recommend you have motion detection ability. Eg, seismic sensors to detect human weighted steps. Although, this old tech, It's highly effective. Make sure to encrypt your camera OS system. Otherwise, it can be remotely hacked and disabled as well. I would recommend at least 10 cameras to provide a 360 degree coverage for your home. If you have any out buildings, close to your home. Then add three additional cameras to cover at least 270 degrees to cover any blind spots. Cheers, Mate.

  27. u dont need internet to have wi-fi. and u dont have to do all yourself.

  28. Not an expert but maybe creating a microwave network you could create something to make it wireless even with grid down

  29. LAN + WiFi = no problem. Wireless will work provided you have power to your mini intranet.

  30. I just bought a "ring" doorbell. Have a look at them. They also have wifi cams and proprietary solar panels to run them. Nice set up tho. Good work. Cheers from the east.

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