Homemade Emergency Water Filter Kit – “Tip Of The Week” E33

Home Preppers DIY Homemade Emergency Water Filter Kit – “Tip Of The Week” E33
Published on August 1, 2016

How to make a homemade water filter / purification kit for emergency, backup use in the event that your primary water filtration system malfunctions while in the backcountry. Unfortunately, the gear and equipment that we rely upon to sustain us in the wilderness on multi-day hiking and backpacking adventures can be prone to failure. It is always an intelligent (as well as potential life-saving) practice to bring along certain contingency items in the event a critical piece of equipment breaks down. A means of procuring clean, safe drinking water is extremely high on that list. The simple DIY kit shown here can easily be made for free from common household items, and has the capability to provide you with potable water in an emergency situation.
* Always practice safety standards when handling or drinking water that may contain harmful bacteria and/or pathogens. Exercise caution by avoiding cross contamination, checking expiration dates on purification chemicals, and utilizing the “cleanest” water available. When in doubt, boil any questionable water.
IntenseAngler’s “Tip Of The Week” – Episode 33
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  1. In the beginning he has two bottle caps, what is the second one for??? I know the one with the holes goes in the bottom but what was the purpose of the first cap he took out of the pill bottle???

  2. Make one that makes urine safe to drink. Hay it is all about surviving so why not make a filter that filters your waste water in extreme emergencies? Anyone dying of thirst would use one I am sure! 

  3. Where can you get these pill bottle containers?

  4. Some of us are still wild at heart. The underlying intention of guys like this man here is to share their personal experience in the hope it is helpful to others,and that by doing so they might spare some pain or aggravation of the trial and error they experienced. It is as selfless,and thankless a good deed as there is. I thank you,Sir. I'm always looking for ways to decrease the weight of my backpack,and this will certainly help me with that. I have heard a single (1)drop of bleach can purify up to a gallon of water. Do you know if this is correct? If I may,another question I am in search of answering is: Would it be alright to boil the water,then purify it,and filter it as the last step.If it wouldn't physically change the end product(?)that order would be more comfortable for me psychologically.

  5. The little gray guy in the back is mocking you

  6. i would only do this as an absolutely last resort and it would  have to be almost be a matter of life and death, in our modern world you have everything from industrial waste to treated and untreated sewage, sometimes even legally, you might get away with boiling it afterwards killing all the bacteria and maybe evaporating some of the chemicals but it would be chancy very chancy because even though you're in a pristine wildlife area the dump site for these chemicals maybe miles and miles away carried downstream and drainage runoff. that's my opinion for what its worth

  7. I blue a bottle cap to each end so I can screw a bottle on each end ….one with the dirty water the other to catch the clean….you can just stand it up and do its job…..

  8. Something I would add
    Take charcoal from your fire, pulverize it and make a layer of that charcoal between let's say 1.5 cotton balls.
    This would further purify the water.
    Furthermore using the added layer of charcoal to filter and then boiling the water (if possible) makes it that much safer to drink.
    just my 2 cents

  9. the first 15seconds of this raped my ears,but i liked it

  10. Why not just drill 1/8" holes in the bottom of the pill bottle? No 'snugly' cap needed then. 😀

  11. It just occurred to me that my coffee maker distills water. If I filter lake water, I can use the coffee maker to distill it in my RV while boondocking! I can't believed I never thought of this before!

  12. Why not just drill holes in the bottom of the scrip bottle? uh…your buddy on the opening was in front of a green screen. I have never seen curved trees growing in the forest, especially all of them with the same angle

  13. Good point some small things can hurt you.Nice video. Beholden.

  14. Just be careful, excessive consumption of dihydrogen monoxide can cause you to lose vital salts!

  15. nice strainer what else you got. you know to like purify the water

  16. I put 1 or 2 drops of clorax in my 20 oz plastic soda bottle that I store for the future, hope this might help

  17. could you layer charcoal between the cotton, or would it even help? God bless and thank you for sharing.

  18. Join us at our house and the rest of the day before I get a new song on this album and the rest of the year before the end

  19. Snuglyn is more correct…fits is a verb,,,snug is an adjective, snugly is an adverb…

  20. 4:13 Snuggly is indeed a word. It's a adverbial form of the adjective snug. Okay to use snuggly as it is grammatically correct.

  21. snugly is a word. you didnt invent it so dont walk around smugly. because your fugly.

  22. what about sand,charcoal,sand charcoal filter in a bottle?

  23. Instead of using water tabs could u just boil the water to disinfect it?????

  24. what if I don't have water pruifiying tablets will it still work

  25. What type and brand of water purification tabs do you use? I've looked and some of the more popular brands "Coleman", and they state that they do not kill bacteria. Their mostly for questionable tap water.

  26. Scott

    You are using the term water purification in exchange for water disinfecting, much like the water purification tablets do. Water "purification" tablets DO NOT purify water, they disinfect it. (This is better accomplished by boiling it)(another disinfectant that is effective is colloidal silver) They can kill the live organisms in the water which is a very important step, but do  nothing to get rid of any chemical or physical pollutants. That makes effective filtering necessary to the water purification process, but it may still not be enough. Some chemical pollutants such as  pesticides etc are very difficult to get rid of. The safest method for chemical pollutants etc is to distill water. So for water collected from the wild to feeling comfortable that it is safe I would filter  it, boil it, then distill it (by solar still or coil tubing type distill,  both of which are time  consuming). In a pinch with a reasonably clear and clean source of water I would feel comfortable with filter and boiling, but this would not be purified. After all, water collected in the  wild probably is cleaner than most of the nasty ass tap water we are subjected to on a daily basis. Am I right?

  27. Thank you for your step by step video. There are people who can only understand how to do stuff by watching and hearing how to do this. I worked with DD people and it's nice to be able to show them videos like this so thank you.

  28. why do you need two bottle caps? do they both have holes in them or just the bottom cap? you didn't explain why there's a cap on top. seems like you don't need one on top.

  29. Fixit

    Cut off the bottom of a 20 oz plastic bottle, poke 2 holes at the bottom to tie string for a hanger, poke holes in the bottle cap as you have shown, add some dry grass first, sand, charcoal, sand, hang from a tree, add water, catch water, drink water. Charcoal is as simple as smothering hot coals from a campfire.

  30. I thought you just strain the water with a t shirt, boil it. and stran it again maybe to make sure. Charcol would be a luxury. Those water purification pellets I wonder about how safe they are. I cant imagine drinking algae, protazoz and ameoba infested water with just a pill. I can see using a bunch of cotton to filter, but I would filter the water through cloth first to get out the larger stuff.

  31. why do these people talk and talk and talk and talk. The guy could have said here's a pill bottle and I'm putting three pieces of cotton balls in it. I said here and watch this video over and over waiting for him just to quickly sum up when he was putting in there. Most of us are intelligent enough that we don't need a step-by-step play-by-play. I find it a huge inconvenience and waste of time to sit there and watch an entire video when I could just have it summed up real quick. I don't think it's effective to use just plain cotton balls and nothing else

  32. it's not really the sediment you need to worry about. it's the bacteria and amebas that probably won't be filtered out here

  33. petty cool did you try drilling the wholes in the container in order to save some time with the caps ?

  34. Faster easier way is a strainer with a coffee filter with some charcoal in it and to purify the water colloidal silver or vodka

  35. Hi there , what a good idea ,a handy little backup filter nice one atb Martin 

  36. Can I use the carbon pellets that are used in fish tank filters? Would that clean as good as the cotton?

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