Becky’s Homestead 13: Baby Chickens

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Published on July 2, 2016

In this episode Becky talks about how to raise and care for baby chickens. She discusses feeding, housing, and watering.



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  1. Can you plz make a video on what type of a water t feed a baby chick

  2. How long do you feed the babies starter feed, chick grower, then start the layer feed and if you have a rooster what do they eat and can you keep them all together all the time or do I remove the rooster once the babies are born?

  3. I thought chickens drank loads of water

  4. A white chicken does not mean white eggs. FYI

  5. Lol.  Chickie babies!  I love you!  Thanks for making your videos!  They are so helpful!

  6. If you're raising chicks in a brooder, it's cleanest (in my experience) to use a rabbit water bottle and a regular bird feeder that hooks on the side of the cage, if it's wire. Mess free water and fairly mess free food because they can only put their head inside and wont scratch it everywhere.

  7. Hi Becky I have been watching your channel for so long I love your vids and I finally got a channel I used to have a few hens and then the raccoons got em And I really want more but my parents won't let me so now I have my own garden and my dog and lots more pets but I would really be happy if u subbed to me to support my channel and soon I want my channel to be just like yours and want to have a property like u but I probibly will when I grow up thanks aidan

  8. coolo

    what do you do about aggressive raccoons?


  10. I have a white one and she lays all colors cauze she's a Easter egger

  11. Becky, There are a lot of white chickens that lay brown eggs.

  12. Yay im waiting for spring to get my chickies!!!! so excited cant wait!

  13. sounds so much easier than i thought! cannot wait to get my first chickie babies!

  14. Chickens dont get dirty unless theirs a lot of mud. Also becky u are telling lies that could cause chickens to die.
    Chickens themselves do drink s good amout( exp. laying hens) and dont use cedar nothing for chickens. Dont use cedar wood chips, boards or anything.sorry about spelling not cheddar cheese or howev u spell it but cedar the type of wood! Cedar is highly toxic/poisenous to all chickens and ecspecially babys/ chicks.

  15. Hey,I would like to make a chicken coop not for free run chickens… What do u think the best kind for me would be??

  16. Hi becky I love your channel. I raise chickie babies too HUGS> @RuthieAppleby

  17. @MrBagginsEsq Not every one needs that many eggs.

  18. Well, for egg production we will need about 5-7 rhode island reds. I'm afraid 1-2 is good for pet standerds, but nothing for egg production.

  19. what breed of chicken is that?

  20. Gina g

    I love your videos, we have been getting ready for whatever is in store, so they have been very helpful. I do have a question, I heard that little chicks can eat some wood from the wood chips and it can cause some problems for digestion. They suggested paper towels for the first couple of weeks. What do you like? Thanks for the coffee lid and spice idea, we are getting chicks today and my kids thought your idea was the best on youtube for feeders!

  21. I have 3 chikens and they are very easy to take care of

  22. thank you a lot for the tip i had a hen and she lade 5 egs they hached but the next day she was deid so now i can take cair of them but now i am a dad

  23. I have 6 road island reds how old should they be before i put them in the coop with my two bantam hens.

  24. just a tip for if yoou raise more chicks in the future, get a red heat lamp bulb because a white heat lamp bulb can cause them lak of sleep which in the long run can cause the to be retarted and stunt egg laying.

  25. Heiffer International in Ark. had a mobile chicken coop which also fertilized fallow areas. I'm loving your vids, btw. Wonderful basic info during these troublesome times. Oh, what do you feed your chicks? My Granny use to buy out-dated bread and cakes from a local grocery.

  26. good vid but i dont like callin them chiki babies

  27. thats cool im getting 25 from mcmurray hatchery

  28. This is a very helpful video. I wonder if you think we should add a light to our baby chicks' pen. They are about 1 week old and are living in an aquarium with a wire mesh top. They are staying in our barn, in Florida. I'm sure it is plenty hot for them in the day, but what about at night? I don't think it gets below 75 deg. F this time of year.

  29. The feed is called "chick starter". You can get it at your local co-op.

  30. that was so cool!
    yah i have a chicken egg and its ready to hatch, and im so excited!
    but i was wondering, wat the feed is called.

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