Becky’s Homestead 16: Homesteading Garden

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Published on July 2, 2016

In this episode, Becky shows you how to grow a successful homesteading garden, including tomatoes, squash and flowers. She talks about fertilizer, pest control, and seeds.



  1. nature operates in a circle, so i can imagine your garden would be happy surrounding you and nourishing you and absinthe your happy energy as well. ☺

  2. You're videos are very nice an

  3. I have that identical tin box – it's a vintage picnic basket – that's why it has holes to allow air flow when transporting food. Love it.

  4. I love you Becky! You're so positive and fun!

  5. I realy liked the sercule garden 🙂

  6. I loved all ur videoooos just subescribed

  7. txdurk

    I avoid pesticides in favor of embracing nature. I just plan to "donate" a small percentage of my garden for nature whether it be insects (& some are very beneficial) o larger animals. I view it as giving back a little that mankind has plundered from this planet.

  8. Becky I love your idea for a round garden. I think I will try it. Thanks

  9. when she is talking about the circle garden you can see the microphone

  10. @merloutre7 every little bit helps!! I encourage people to grow a few tomato plants in pots on a balcony. It doesn't have to start out all or nothing. Do what you can!!

  11. Whhahahaaaaahahahahaha!, That tiny fence will neeeeeever keep any rabbit out! I know, I have three rabbits! LOL =:3

  12. Horse manure is very good stuff, but a horse in not a ruminant, which means more weed seeds will make it thriugh compared with a cow. Becky has chickens, which means she could compost cement.

  13. I agree with keep it simple. Good advice! I've heard morning watering is better than evening if you ever have problems with fungus/blight.

  14. i like the producton grid ,organic .3rd year and it is the first time i had any thing to eat.More squash than i can give away, cooking beans every day and wating on the corn i am hooked for life and planning a 2 fold expansion fore the spring

  15. love this video! thanks.

  16. Outstanding circular garden Becky ! I love it ! I could see being motivated and comfortable within the circle of the garden. Also, having the table in the centre gives you a place to set your tools, produce that you have harvested, etc. Love it !!

  17. Hey! i really like your honesty about being a new gardener! its sooo good to see your enthusiasm too! You made it fun to watch..!Gardening Blessings! Melissa

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