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Published on August 5, 2016

Becky visits her friend Kat’s homestead, and Kat shows Becky how to milk a goat, then they go into the kitchen and make home made goat cheese from scratch.



Show Notes:

This is the website Kat was talking about.


  1. Becky, we LOVE you 🙂 My nephews are addicted to your show. They are 4, 6 and 9 years old. We have already made your laundry soap. I bought the "Happy Homesteading" T-Shirt (It was a must have). Can you please do an episode about making butter? The nephews want to make some and asked me to write to you.

  2. The whey is good to fertilize pine trees, our trees never turn yellow :D

  3. Great video Becky!! Me and my mom want a dairy goat, but we don't know how to take care of them. Anyway, now we know how to milk one!!! Thanks!! 🐐🐐

  4. I would have understood from the title that this would have been about making goat cheese instead of milking and two women running their heads. Uh, either re-title or make cheese.

  5. Ana AA

    Great job. I have milk a cow here in Puerto Rico and turn it into milk. It was a wonderful experience.

  6. I am wondering why we didn't get to see how the cheese was made.

  7. chris m

    Becky,  Do you ever plan to give some milk to your chickens, pigs, or dogs? 

  8. omg thanks i know how to make cheese now :)

  9. cauz3y-i believe the catalog/web site she is referring to is hoegger supply co.

  10. Hi Becky, i am one of your biggest fan . I  have been watching your video for quite a long time.I really  love your lifestyle . I want to be a farmer and i would like to follow in your foot steps . You are like my agriculture teacher. THANK YOU AND I LOVE YOU . May GOD bless you for the rest of your life. I am 12 years old just so  you know

  11. when you make make the cheese do you leave the cream in the milk or do you separate the two before making cheese?

  12. jksatte

    Very interesting. Can you make butter with goat milk or goat cream (if there is such a thing)?

  13. Wow this lifestyle looks like so much fun.  Wish I could give up the rat race!

  14. I have New Zealand White rabbits, Chickens, and Quail. I would love a goat. You Rock Becky, I love your lifestyle. 

  15. Walmart sells both here but they don't taste near as good as fresh

  16. Do you or she pasteurize your milk or do y'all drink it raw ?

  17. Double boilers always water in the outer pot

  18. Hey Becky I was wanting to build a homestead.the hardest part is getting did you find your land.I live in south louisiana and cannot find a good deal in land at all.I haven't looked every where but the few places u did look the ppl were saying it's hard to find what I need since everyone is wanting the same thing so the protected are high.

  19. now I see that goats are more manageable than cows, easier to milk, not as big, they eat a bit less, and the don't have stinky poo!
    your friend, Sophia P.S. thanks for the help!

  20. A lot of stores I've went to have goats milk in the yogurt/cottage cheese/cream cheese section and not with the rest of the milk in the milk section where most people would think it would be. Maybe try looking in those sections the next time you go to the store.

  21. That's weird.
    I know Publix sells goat cheese (Not farm fresh or anything though) and its fairly good…
    Goat milk should be available in most places though.

  22. It's a double boiler.
    Hence, its one larger pot with some water in it and a smaller pot inside where you put the stuff.
    A lot of people use this for chocolate melting.

  23. When she put 2 pots inside each other to avoid burning the milk , did she put water inside the bigger one ? Or they are just inside each other ?

  24. Why don't grocery stores sell goat milk and goat cheese? Its a lot healthier than cow milk and sadly no stores here in my city sell it.

  25. cauz3y

    What is the place where she got the 2 gallon milk container?

  26. hagar? What did she say?
    Good video, by the way. Thanks for posting this and thanks to the cooperative neighbor, especially!!!

  27. Beautiful video, as usual.

    Way to go, Becky.

  28. @pbudinsky1 You put the curds into the press and squeeze them down into the cheese log shape.

  29. I'd love to see the rest of the process how to make that cheese from the boiling stage to where you get that solid chunk. Can you outline that possibly somewhere or in another video or a blog post or something? Love your videos btw. -Randy & Amanda

  30. Great video. I would love to be able to own a dairy goat for milk and to be able to make my own cheese. We just got a bunch of chickens so maybe in a couple of years I can try and convince hubby into getting a dairy goat ;D

    You did really good milking her!

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