Becky’s Homestead: Milk Goats

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Published on July 31, 2016

Becky visits a goat farm and learns about dairy goats, and pygmy goats.



  1. I like this different intro but honestly, it it really the simple life? lol Seems really complicated with all the details involved in raising animals and just homesteading in general.

  2. Becky your a great hostess and very cute and entertaining. Your show should be syndicated!

  3. For a prepper, chickens and goats are the easiest to handle.and probably are the most useful all rounders for homesteading

  4. I appreciate all your video's. Thank you for making them. Looking forward to doing all this myself some day soon. Luckily I get to play on friends farms for now.

  5. i have never tried goat milk or cheese, but I have heard its delicious!

  6. lisa s

    Great video! You tickle me Becky!

  7. I love your farm. I want to become goat farmer. Can I get apprentices

  8. Did she try to make some hallomi cheese ? I wll be ao yuuumi

  9. im thinking about getting some dairy goats and I was wondering do u have to breed them every year or if they kid once will they produce milk for ever on or what ?

  10. i love goats they r soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute !

  11. i look forward to moving to my ranch and creating my own homestead away from the rat race!!!

    i need to get away from all the sheeple!!!

  12. @wedefeet Me too! I watch videos like this because I have a plan to get AWAY from the city life.

  13. How does she get money to keep the farm going? What does she sell?

  14. I am so jealous, as I hear them conversing, I feel like I wish I were making my own cheese with my own homegrown garden and herbs.I just love this!!

  15. so funny – I like the editing… "you little… 'cockadoodledoooooo!'" very cute.

  16. I vote Becky's Farm adds some goats to the family?

  17. Kat

    Thank you all for your comments.. I can answer your ? If you email mebelow

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