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Published on June 30, 2016

Becky talks about oil lamps and shows you how to light one. And she talks about homestead eggs.



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  1. Thank you Becky for sharing how to use the oil lamp, where to fill the oil to, how to light it and how to blow it out. It may seem simple but not ever using one is just a bit intimidating. Just bought one a month ago and am now feeling confident to use it. Thank you so much!

  2. Jody

    I am currently replacing all of my thin chimneys with thicker ones. I can't stand those thin chimneys. They are too delicate.

  3. Great video always wondered how to use one!

  4. Very nice Video. I learned a lot about this particular lamp. its pretty, my wife will love it. I would like to see it work in the dark.

  5. I like the trim on to a point… for control and a dimmer light… it may concern the oil little

  6. At your cabin you seem to have electricity, how is that done at your place, and how do you cook food ?

  7. I like the oil lamp. You made me want one!

  8. Becky, I just adore your videos! we have two acres and we homestead….but unfortunately we live inside of the city limits of a very small town. We are however looking forward to the day when the last of our 11 kids leave home and we can sell both houses and the two acres and build us a tiny house in the country! I grew up in the country and I miss it so much! Thanks again for the great videos!

  9. Are these lamps really any good? I found them on amazon, but they have highly negative reviews about the reservoir being poorly glued to the pedestal, and prone to falling apart.

  10. Don't feed your chooks onions, citrus, dried beans, avocados, or raw potato peels!!!  Also anything that is moldy or spoiled is not OK for them either.  :)

  11. I wish you would have touched on the types of oil for the lamps.  I purchased some oil for lamps at walmart and it smelled so strong that we could not breath well, so I'm now looking for an odorless oil for them. I would recommend paying close attention to the type of oils you buy to put in lamps for inside and even outside your home for safety purposes. Enjoyed the Video!

  12. Does he have a rooster.. Free-range chickens don't need any other feed..

  13. Look for a book titled "the Five acre farm" it tells you every thing you need to know about homesteading..

  14. When I was little my grandparents had no electricity so they used these lamps every night.. When they got electricity they kept the lamps as back up.. All of my family and a great many of my friends, still use them for emergencies and camping.. Safety has never been an issue.. With reasonable care they are as safe as a flashlight.. They can be turned way down to  a glow and used as a night light.. I don't know why you would have trouble with a full lamp, we have always filled our lamps to the top with no problems.. Traditionally they are called Kerosene lamps..
    they have also been called "coal oil" ( another name for kerosene) lamps.. The lamp oil that people use today is a little less volatile..

  15. First time watching and you do a nice job explaining to folks what it is all about. Self sufficient families are the best and it is very much a part of our Nations history. Great clips (y) keep them coming.

  16. Amazon has the lamps and lamp parts. Also Walmart has a lantern style and I find antique stores have some as well. 

  17. Please tell me where you found the lamp. I have been looking for it for many years to go with one I got from my deceased grand mother. I make lamp holders with mirrors behind the light that reflects the light well and need another lamp to match the one I have. I love your videos and talent and wish so much I could have found you 20 years ago. I am now disabled and can't do a lot of physical activity. 20 years ago I could do the impossible for a female. God Bless.

  18. its best to use K1 White Kerosene in the oil lamps shown. Or something called Kleen Heat K1 Kerosene.. as it burns cleaner. Kerosene with Red Dyes can clog the wick…
    The Lamp Oil you buy in stores like Wal-Mart is mostly made for oil candles with the tiny round wicks.

  19. cbeetow

    I think any oil will work, olive oil works, but doesn't burn as bright I believe.

  20. I think the Red on is a Lantern not a Lamp

  21. Nice video. Very down home and straight forward. You are really terrific. Thanks!

  22. Please subscribe to Mother Earth news as soon as possible they really are the best for homesteading and self sufficiency Continued great videos' love them

  23. rgirl47

    I meant to type ray mears

  24. rgirl47

    Becky…awesome video as usual…after watching you break that match I knew that you really must watch this ray meats video where he talks about this very thing…you will never break another match again…its one of those tiny little tidbits that are just golden…just type in ray meats building a shelter…the you tube picture shows his hands holding the match and the matchbox…very interesting really…keep up the good work

  25. pwalpar

    Good video, When I get the time I will watch more of your videos

  26. @TheSummerdreams3000 I am my builder, yes me! My older son Scott helps me. I think anyone can build a small house if they put their mind to it. It is so satisfying. I LOVE my cabin!!

  27. A Feuerhand doesn't leak, but, expensive… A red one like yours, paybe 5 bucks. A Feuerhand, well, 20.

  28. Does your pig stay outside all the time? LOL I was just asking b/c our 300lb YES 300LB I SAID!! =)Dixie Delight insists on staying inside most of the time!!! But she is house broken!!! I guess we spoiled her to much!! hehe I would have more if they would all stay out tho!! Dont you just love them !!!

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