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Published on July 2, 2016

A well thought out water system for your homestead will allow you to easily expand. This site started with a house and a garden and now it has 2 home, tiny houses, tent camping, cows, goats, pigs, RVs all using the same system.


  1. I would love to have a consultation with you about my water system here on our homestead in Ohio. Kind of long distance, but I have been a fan of your videos and know you would assist me with a great system here.

  2. Great video Scott love your vids wish i could do what you do. I want so b v fad to help peppers where i live but don't know jack. Lol am working on getting a house of i get it you will be who i use. 

  3. Nice work!  A real class job. Thanks for sharing

  4. Im thinking your short 2 batteries and 2 solar cells with the draw you have there.

  5. great job i enjoyed this video alot would like to talk in the near future for a homestead site iam purchasing in Tennesee

  6. Hi,do you still recommend the simple pump? I have a 4 inch well casing how do I figure out if one would fit. The well is 205 feet deep
    Thanks for all that you do

  7. You do a lot of trenching in your work. Not too sexy but wow, the end results are really well thought out. I know the owner is happy.

  8. was that shallow well there,,if not did you need permits to dig it,,,

  9. Really great videos mate! Question, would it be more cost effective to run power from a house with a current solar system setup then having a small stand alone one like in this video?

  10. .great system set up, my biggest concern is all the plastic. ALL plastic breaks down over time and during that process it releases the chemicals within that were used to make it. But so many items are pushed out there as completely normal to use that people dont think twice about it. my big question is if there are any non plastic, viable options to set up a similar system.?

  11. What would you do with a hand dug 30 inch wide well?  I finally got a good well house around it, it was inaccessible.  watch?v=UTV4Y0WCR4I

  12. Great video Scott

    You said you hit water at 19' on a 250' well. I am in the process of buying property that has an existing 250' well. What is the easiest way to determine what the static water depth is?


  13. Check out my latest YouTube Video on Water Planning for your Homestead. #practprep  

  14. That's a great setup! I wonder if u can use the existing well I have with a setup like this ? Maybe adding a cistern at the house . 

  15. How do you keep elevated cistern water from getting warm in the summer? It seems that here in Texas, my cold water would be 80 degrees!

  16. You mentioned that you hit water at 19' how deep is the well? I thought wells had to be a lot deeper than first water.

  17. Hello: Thank You Scott. These videos really give ideas on how to provide water to animals or garden. Have a good one.

  18. When switch the valves from suction to tank assist would it cause air to occupy the bladder tank and airlock your spigots?

  19. Love the vid and what your doing on these….. but can you at least give us a ballpark number on these….. you know kinda of a a 10-15K not counting the pipe between locations so that we can consider doing something like this!

  20. Zombie turkies infestation 🙂 and ofc another interesting video.

  21. so how do you feel about a branch coming off of the well that is supplied from a link to gutters around a house with of course some kind of a filter system

  22. Any advice for a small quarter acre suburban  older slab house in Bakersfield, California (93308)?  Besides "kiss your butt goodbye", which I've heard a gazillion times?  There is no water available, so its all about storage.  Workin' on it!

  23. would you not of buried it deeper, climate change must have happened there, ground frost. some places are drought and some get snow when it used to not, and gallons per minute recovery of the wells, great job, when they can't see your best work, then it is good, i mean the under ground stuff, ha

  24. Scott:
    With all the lighting in the Upstate and WNC,  Next system, can you show how you ground all the sensitive systems? I realize it's a dc circuit, but with the strikes we get it;s still an issue here, especially on the mountain tops. Also, the battery boxes you used in this project with disconnects, care to do a close up?  This is really a nice looking project and worthy of a video Resume.   Thanks for sharing with us. Thumbing-Up.

  25. Do a video on the storrage tanks visual water level indicator build.
    I like it and want to do it on mine.
    I have an idea on a design, but lets see yours.

    Nice system , once again. Nice clean PVC primer and glue joints.

  26. I'm not sure if you've done this yet, but can you show a video of a job from start to finish? Like 15-30 second clips of the work in progress for the whole project for like a 30 min video. I'm always keen to see you guys trenching as you're doing it, and all the little details that go into a job – figuring out where to drill, running wires, pouring concrete, all that stuff.

  27. the only problem with ALL of this prepping stuff in general is that NONE of it is going help you in the case of a nuclear fallout/biochemical warfare scenario which is most likely going to be the form of the next world war, true 'trigger event' that the NWO sets off on the populace at large, the main goal then will be kill a/o slow-kill the majority of the population (theyre already doing this through chemtrails, Fukishima radiation which is still leaking out ALL OVER THE WORLD etc, so I'd be questioning the quality of that water u even have now honestly), not to mention the actual sustainability of such technologically intensive  backbones to it all, microchips arent difficult to burn out, especially even in the remote presence of an actual EMP event. I know this sound like just criticism but i'm highlighting to you , and ALL preppers out there that this is the reason why the actual rich are just building underground bunkers because even they know the next world war is going to be one that makes all the natural resources in an area relatively useless. On TOP of all that, all 'preppers' will just become huge targets in a real 'end of the world' scenario , you may think with all ur skills/training ull be able to "hold down the fort" but there's not much you're going to be able to do against an armed group of rogues who have already killed for their resources , desperate for more resources, and on top of that, demonically charged. The devil will SEND them right to your doorstep on purpose trust me….the nature of this war isn't just physical, and these ppl who will incite it also worship the devil, directly, best read your bible for more information. God Bless and praise jesus.

  28. Something I have been worrying about when I get my land, water.

    I want the perfect land, a year round creek river, about 2 or three springs and a decent amount of rain, yeah not likely yo get that for a decent amount of money 🙁

    Will have to dig me a  well.

    Thanks for the videos.

  29. Another great video, Scott. Thanks, man.

  30. Heyyy ok i had a great idea. I have a hoveround power chair. 2 deep cell batteries. A heavy duty version due to my size. I am able to get a coupke more batteries to replace the ones in the chair. Nothing is wrong with them just they let u replace every 5 years or sooner. I was thinkng about adding the old batteries in deries with the new ones that will be in the chair. With a quick disconect. I wanted to add an inverter to the chair for my fan, a cpap machine and maybe the ac. Fir when the lights go out. I also wanna be able to use a solar panel to recharge if necessary. I kinda know what im doing but clueless as to if or what kind of fuse i may need to not burn the system up as well as myself. I'm knowledgeable enough to know i may need one lol. If u can help that would be awesone. is my addy… Thnx bunches… 

  31. Excellent.  Prepping and sweat 90%, enjoyment 10-110 %.

  32. 11:30 What is the material that's down on the ground? Some sort of weed barrier?

  33. This guy has awesome videos on off the grid prepping 😊

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