Hot Water Solution and Prizes Awarded.

Home Water Hot Water Solution and Prizes Awarded.
Published on August 7, 2016

Using the Nyle Geyser system when the sun is shining is a neat way to make plenty of hot water without hurting your batteries.

Answers to my questions
#1 Hot Water # 2 Baxter # 3 Carbon Monoxide, Hydrogen, Carbon Dioxide, Methane

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  1. Really been enjoying your videos. Super thought provoking. I would not call myself a prepper but I am a Scout. 

  2. i agree 100% hot water is the most over looked commodity in being prepared. I also think hygiene is very close behind hot water since they go hand in hand thanks again for all your videos and making me think about being fully prepared God Bless.

  3. Why do you have both hot and cold attached to the same tank inlet?
    You can't possibly heat a full tank with this set up. At best you'll heat a bit at the bottom.
    Ideally, you'd want to connect one to the top of the tank and the other to the bottom.

    This sort of half-arsed misinformation is a big part of what's wrong with the prepper community. Every jackleg DIYer fancies himself an "expert."

  4. very true cleaning and sanitation are always over looked in natural disasters even by government  thanks for the vid  

  5. bar of soap and a river or using compost to heat water :)

  6. great item , btw your right its your contest! i would have said chewing gum if it were mine lol. im thinking of a number…..what is it? wrong it was zork . see thats how you do it.

  7. in ukraine in the village we used a plastic drum that  has a shower attachment, with an immersion heater to heat the water, but before then we heated the water over the wood stove 

  8. It's amazing to me that a heat pump is more energy efficient then resistance heating..

  9. Looks like this gyser thing uses electricity to make hot water . Hows that work in a grid down situation when you don't have electricity ?

  10. JM DF

    The most overlooked prep is mindset.

    It's all fun and planning until SHTF.

    Prep yourself – You will thank yourself later. 

  11. It appears to me that the hot water tank has no insulation. You state that the heat pump cools the room it is in. I have to presume this is a temporary setup because you have the heat pump setting on a spool of wire, but the connections to the tank look very much finished. What's the matter with this picture? How does it make sense to put a uninsulated hot water reservoir in a cool room? 

  12. beer —–alcohol —-moonshine —I can trade that for anything I need !

  13. Ask any Grunt about the ability of a hot shower to aid his morale.

  14. It doesnt matter too me who won, I just appreciate your vids.

  15. Nice I made a heat pump for my water heater from a window a/c. And other stuff headed for the junk yard

  16. Did you install the water heater sitting on top of a cable spool? 

  17. I think I told ya how to make wood hot water with a old gas water heater or was that dave sp1 ? cool contest bro !

  18. Ken Lee

    No way dude, couch potato ejection seats, primary. And 3 buckets of gassified coal.

  19. Having lived off grid, I can agree 100%. Once you have shelter and food/drinking water. Hot water is the next priority.
    Not only does life suck without a shower and hot water for food prep and wash up. But its a health issue. Small cuts and scrapes start to get infected, you get rashes in all sorts of inconvenient and sometimes embarising plases, which can make movement extreemly painful. Your food prep area starts to become a bacterial breeding ground, spreading gastro.

    The one point I would add to you video comentry. Is that you need a few sources of hot water. In my Shack, where I mostly lived Solo. I had a Solar hot water system, and a wet back on my fireplace. Sometimes it was too hot for fires, or too cloudy for solar… Sometimes one system went down for days or weeks at a time while I either souced parts or tried to get time to do the repairs. A couple of times both went down at once. Not happy times. Eslecially when the systems have failed due to frost bursting pipes. If I did it all again I'd be sure to have a third tank and lots of spare parts.

  20. I think your right Scott about hot water!

  21. If I get dirty, I will pee on myself.

  22. Your right no body thinks about hot water.  Good One.
    Congrats to all the winners

  23. afraid to respond to norm cash from other videos

  24. it would be nice to keep clean , but it would be nicer to be alive . extracting teeth is the most overlooked .if not pulled drilled or treated in some way ,without antibiotics you are dead . 

  25. The most overlooked prep in an ice cream maker, everyone knows that. With my ice cream maker and 97lbs of bullets I can stay in the woods for years.

  26. It being your question I should have known it would be about water. However, I disagree…My old job routinely put me and my coworkers in stressful situations. I saw people start to crack after a few hours because they didn't have their minds right. You have to "embrace the suck" and carry on. They gave up long before anyone started to stink. Congrats on the book, I hope it is successful.

  27. Lacider

    What would be a low buck way to heat water for a Jacuzzi? Thinking of getting one but really don't want to pay the powerbill that sucker would pull. I'm in the desert so something solar maybe? During winter that'd be problematic though I'd think…. I'm not sure, any advice?

  28. #1 most overlooked prep ~ Pizza

  29. I just got the book from the pre-order!!  YAY me!!  thank you for writing it!  I cannot wait to get into it.

  30. Oh man, I said wax.  I live in phoenix, az. so it is easy to get hot water once you can get water.  Lol

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