How does shading affect solar panels?

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Published on August 14, 2016

We did a test to see how solar panels were really affected by the shade. As you’ll see in the video, it is important to keep shadows off of your array.


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  1. Hi. If you want to build it yourself just google for 'inplix' . I know you'll find good solutions for your idea.

  2. Just google 'inplix' , take instructions and make it yourself :)

  3. Go to inplix page if you'd like to know how to build it. Great solutions for everyone I think

  4. Go to inplix page if you'd like to know how to build it. Great solutions for everyone I think

  5. cut that damn pine tree down and burn it. they grow everywhere down here in the south.

  6. was this a poly or monocrystalline panel?

  7. I agree…shading does impact performance. However there are many other factors that affect output…esp with wiring for series, parallel, or combination thereof. I actually tested this with my pergola panels that are shaded in the morning. Simply rewiring the strings east-to-west instead of north-south increased their output despite shading. The MPPT finds the VOC for each string and then locks in for best power. I did a video on my channel. Overall…100% agree that shading/dirty panels/bird crap/anything that covers those cells are going to kill your output. However, there are way to maximize your output if you can't avoid it.

  8. I had no idea that the drop off was so drastic, thanks!

  9. Thanks… Very useful… I'd like to know how much loss there is, if the angles are off ?  My panels are on a power pole and perpendicular to the ground.  Can you do the same experiment, but how much loss by poor angle?  Thanks, Good Luck, +Blessings

  10. I think a more common issue is dirt and dust covering the panel. That would be another interesting test.

  11. Can We Reduce size of cell darken cell for maximum up take intake t inverter?

  12. Wow that seemed to be a lot of loss, thanks for sharing Scott

  13. this is way i put our 24 volt panels in 2 to make 70 volt s solar word panel

  14. **PLEASE HELP**
    I am trying to set up my own VAWT to generate power. I haven't been able to find the answer for this anywhere, but does polarity matter in the three phase ac induction system? I'm doing a 9 coil, 18 magnet (across 2 rotors) setup. In all the diagrams, however, it doesn't show whether or not the polarity of the magnets in relation to the clockwise/counterclockwise winding on the coils affects voltage and current. If you can help me, it would be greatly appreciated!

  15. Whoa, that was considerable.
    Why don't they make panels differently, to avoid this?

  16. DrPhu

    WOW – your solar panel not even being used, is just as bad as being in the Shade! I've always thought individual solar cells should have schottky diodes in parallel. "Shorting" not the correct term here at all, that is the oppsite of what is happening, it's limiting the shade is like a variable resistor limiting the current, NOT SHORTING.

  17. Thanks for the education. I had no idea a little bit of shading would have such a drastic effect… really appreciate the info.

  18. Wow very important info here! So panels are not typically run without the series?

  19. Jim H

    My solar panel puts out max on a completely overcast day. Check out Uni-Solar panels. They are not typical panels as mine is 18 ft. by 21 in. for 144 watts. But it is consistently putting out 24v at 6 amps during the day. best part about it is if I don't stick it to the metal roof I can roll it up and take it with me under my arm.

  20. Good to know Scott. But how about bird crap. I have birds making deposits on my panels, usually about the side of a silver dollar or so and they can number from one to several. How much of an effect do those have on performance?

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