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Published on August 11, 2016

Gravity to Ram to Filtration to Bladder to Nozzle to Pelton Wheel to Alternator to Transformers to Rectifier to Batteries. Monitored and measured by Watts View Hall effect sensor and Watts View Software.

WattsVIEW Serial RS232 DC Power Monitor-


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  1. Very interesting. I question the economics a bit. (10 watts/1000)x24x30 = 7.2 KWH a month x 15 cents = $1.08 saved in a month… unless you're just doing this because there is a need for electricity on this specific location and no wall outlet, or open sky for a solar panel, then I guess I understand.

  2. 2tts

    Why not use something that generates DC? Isnt that more efficient?

  3. The RamPelton is a great system to trickle charge spare batteries so they don't go bad.  It will also provide and store power for an application that is not used very often.  Looks like a success to me.

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  5. I have had an idea for a while, but dont have the tech know how or gear to figure the cost benefit power usage. The idea was to hook a car alternator or small generator to the fan shaft in a central heating and air unit, with a belted geared down ratio. So basically the genie would spin twice as fast as the fan and not give that much resistance to the fan shaft. The power could be fed back to the air unit, the grid, or battery stored for later use. The air runs almost 24/7 in hotter climates and anyway to offset that power usage I think would be beneficial. Is this mechanically and electronically fesible or would it be pissing in the wind?

  6. Jake T

    I wish I understood electrical stuff a lot better because I'm pretty sure this channel would be even more helpful than it already is.

  7. I know this was intended as a fun demo project, so maybe I am reading too much into this, but theres something I don't get. You tap into a stream which you say is 10-12 ft higher, then use the ramp pump – to do what? if you want to generate power you just hook up to the pelton, so is the ram pump just a cool accessory here?

  8. I was curious if you were going to post a video that implemented micro hydro power into a ram pump system, which doesn't require electricity of course. Very cool video. 

  9. How cool is that! Micro hydro is my dream. Gotta find a property suitable for it.

  10. You should of done a overshot water wheel. Love the video!

  11. Aloha.
    Very cool.  Would love to see you try a Tesla Turbine instead of the Pelton Wheel for spinning the alternator.  A Tesla Turbine should have higher energy efficiencies and a longer operational lifespan before physical wear and tear starts to effect the rotor disk pack.

    Peace & Prepare
    Pax et Paro

  12. I'm confused about the alternator.  Don't alternators normally run off a voltage regulator that switches the field coils on and off?  Wouldn't it be wiser to rewind an alternator with thinner wire and run it on a voltage regulator, just like in a car, but with the regulator set to your desired voltage?  Overcharging the batteries wouldn't be good.

  13. Me thinks you need a bigger system. The concept does work but I have doubts that 0.2 amps can charge more than a few cell phones. It is always fun to play though.

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  15. Scott….. I've watched your other ram pump vids, but haven't found the answer anywhere else.  So a quick question….. you said there is only a 10-12' drop in elevation from the pond to the ram pump?  How far of a distance are we talking? Is there a lot of head….. as in 10-12' elevation drop in 500' from pond to ram…… or does the distance not even factor in?

  16. 1timby

    Funny as a friend & I were thinking about this very thing a few years ago. So let me propose this:

    Have the pelton pump water up the hill to a big container. Then when the container is full run the water down the hill to your contraption. I would think that the stored water would contain more energy & supply you with more force.

    Just my 2 cents…LOL

    Great vid

  17. I love it.  If I could change only one thing for the good of it, I would take out that filter and just let it roll.  If you get quite a bit more output, it will be worth it.  Maybe a mesh type screen would do, but I bet that inline filter is robbing the heck out of the wheel.  Just my two cents.  Looks really cool though!

  18. rchopp

    Great idea, it may not be a tremendous amount of energy, but some is better than none especially if  nothing else is available.

  19. I'm new to the whole comment thing, but think your project is great. Boy some of the comments? If your going to be fowl mouthed unsubscribe! 

  20. I have never seen somebody so proud of being an engineer.JESUS MAN WE GET IT. UR NOT HALF AS SMART AS U THINK UR ARE HOMIE BRO BITCH

  21. The ultimate goal would be to keep that water after it goes through the wheel too, correct?  Have it drop into a tank, pond, or something similar?

  22. Hello: You pulled another trick from your bag. That will charge in the dark, no need for solar for that. I got Fel Pro 3018 10'' wide gasket material for the bell part of my Rife ram pump. Its 1/16'' ''10×26 Cork Rubber. Learn as I go, right. Have a Great Day

  23. New YouTube Upload! Gravity to Ram to Filtration to Bladder to Nozzle to Pelton Wheel to Alternator to Transformers to Rectifier to Batteries.  Monitored and measured by Watts View Hall effect sensor and Watts View Software. #practprep  

  24. Excellent start, look forward to seeing what happens when you fine tune this.    Thanks for sharing.

  25. Excellent! I thought you'd get 2 watts. Great vid. Please continue with the micro hydro. Maybe capping a spring and using that. 

  26. Mike O

    So, you need to pump water out then you need compressed air to spin an alternator that puts out 0.2 amp , it will take about a month to charge a deep cycle battery

  27. Nice test rig. Any free energy is good from a setup like this. I guess you have to run the ram anyway.

  28. That is so cool. If you make any more changes, let us know. Great idea. Rick

  29. Nah, if it was a Rube Goldberg it would have a cat and a wobbly chair and a parakeet……

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