How Living In A Big House Is Ruining Your Life

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Published on December 5, 2016

Do you really need a huge house to be happy? People think they need thousands of square feet and a different room for every activity to be happy. You don’t need a huge house to be happy, if you choose to live in a smaller house you will be much happier because you’ll have less bills and less stuff to maintain.


  1. I had a 4 story 4800 sq foot house that was absolutely gorgeous. I built a 1600 sq ft house for my wife and son and couldn't be happier with it… I did also build a 6 car garage but…. I couldn't help it… Didn't cost me that much because I built it myself.

  2. Another thing ruining your life: SmartMeters.

  3. polopo

    keep up the good work.

  4. polopo

    thanks for the video.

  5. We have a fairly large house now and I do love this old house but with 2 of the kids grown and married now we just have 2 kids left at home so we'd like to down size a little to a smaller house. There is also something to be said for less material things, as I get older I find myself donating things/clothes that we don't really need. Nice video Becky, thanks for sharing.

  6. don't forget … A PRESENT WRAPPING ROOM … omg

  7. @2:30. Is that egg & sausage tacos topped with cilantro & green salsa?That looks good!

  8. Beckey the only trouble I would have with a smaller house is where would I put all my HUNTING and FISHING stuff. HA HA

  9. We have our small property and now we are thinking about building small. Just wondering if perhaps you could make a video of what your house looks like on the inside. I would love some ideas. Thanks.

  10. How refreshing to visit your video's — your so happy . Love your house , chicken's , dog , nature setting . Thanks for sharing your life . Please keep it coming :-)

  11. You nearly lost me on this one, Becky! I'm sure ". . .Ruining Your Life" is neither the right title for your vid or to pull people into your vlog. I don't live in a large house but if I wanted to live in one, how I live my life is not open for your opinion. I know I'm going to get a lot of flack for this but it seems ironic to me that you live on a lot of acreage and encouraging others to do that, too, but do you realize that you are part of the problem of taking over the homes of wildlife and encouraging others to do the same? You have a house for your chickens, a barn and corral for your horses, a barn to milk your goats in, and a place for your hogs. You, also, have a place to entertain your guests outside and an area to park your car. It seems hypocritical to me that you say you don't need a specific room for a specific task and yet that is exactly what you have for all your animals. I don't mean this as to be hypercritical, or mean, I'm just asking you to take notice of what you say we don't need and what areas on your acreage that are specific to tasks or living areas. I do wish you all the best in all you do!

  12. I'll just say this. What's ridiculous is you telling anyone else what they should or should not have. It's judgmental and totally inappropriate. Maybe I think it's ridiculous that you have more land than I do. (I don't really, but I'm using that as an example.)

    There is family time and then there is time for other activities. My wife and I live in a 1700 SF house now. For us, it's not enough room. Soon we're moving into a 3300 SF home, which I think will be just about right for us. We previously lived in a 6500 SF home that was too large. 3000 SF is just about right. For some, that may be too big, for others, not big enough. It's not stressful. Stress for us would be trying to operate 2 businesses and try to have space for our friends and family when they visit in a 1000 SF home.

    We all need to stop telling other people how they should be living their lives. Instead, tell us why you live the way you do and if it's for someone else, they'll latch onto it. If not, it's really none of your business. That said, I appreciate your show and your lifestyle. It works for you and that's awesome.

  13. From personal experience smaller houses are MORE stressful with a family. Siblings will ring each-others necks at the end of a week in a cabin. It's nice for everyone to have their own space to retreat to when they're sick of the company.

  14. absolutely!!! right! bigger house does not mean happier home! Becky your looking great! You have a lost a lot of weight! and your just beaming!

  15. I admit a garage would be nice, especially when it's -20 degrees and I am paged out on an ambulance call at 02:00. I wouldn't have to scrape my windshield.

  16. I wish I heard that advice 10yrs ago!! My husband and I got a big inheritance and every financial advisor told us to build the biggest house we could afford, because real estate does not depreciate the way everything else does. Welp, guess what? The housing market crashed a few months after we moved in. And not only that, but alot of the homes in our brand new neighborhood sat empty with the grass growing up around them. 10 years later and alot of houses are for sale at the same price we bought for, and alot of rentals in the neighborhood too, which brings down the value. Not only the financial aspect of it, but I didn't realize how hard it is to keep 3000sq ft clean! Carrying laundry downstairs to wash and fold/hang, then back upstairs to put away is a pain! I thought the house I grew up in was too small because it was 1 story. Wow, how I wish my home was all one level now! If you notice everybody wants bigger, better, more… but once they get it, it doesn't provide happiness. Great video Becky!

  17. Oh wow. The lack of end tag/ sign-up message at the end is so surprising here. What happened?

  18. Hey Becky! We love your videos! We're so lucky to have randomly stumbled upon your channel! In just a week you're already saving us money, and inspiring us to live more frugally and doing things ourselves! We can't wait to move out of the city one day and live more like you do! :)

  19. Thank's for making…..these Videozzzzz

  20. Hi Becky you are very inspirational I grow my own veg but can I keep hens in my backyard ? My house backs onto a railway.

  21. When I buy my first house I'll get a small one not big one I won't be able to maintain the big house on my own

  22. If you can easily afford a large house there is no reason you shouldn't have one. Living in a small house would make me unhappy, They can be very confining.

  23. We are a family of 3 in 850 sq ft and it is plenty big – too big really.

  24. I'm with you Becky. Some people think it's great to own a 4,000 SF house on 1/2 an acre of land, NOT ME! I want as much land as I can afford and I will live in my car for a while if I have to LOL

  25. Debbie

    Enjoyed the video.
    Think about it people.
    In general it comes down to Reduce… Reuse… Recycle! Which can pertain to so many things.
    I've noticed many, many people don't have a clue what's happening to our precious lives, and our precious Earth due to greediness, wastefulness, and down right "keeping up with the Jones's". It's sad that people have resorted to a throw away society, " bigger is better" and "he who dies with the most toys wins" attitudes.

    The title is catchy, makes you want to tune in… that said, It may also be a tad bit harsh and rub some people the wrong way.

  26. my mother always said Less is Best .. Like this video

  27. Great video! You should post a homestead tour video! Maybe you already did one like that I'm not sure. Keep it up Becky <3

  28. The little dog near the car is stealing the scene.

  29. I feel kind of sad that you went to explain all of the benefits but then didn't show us your house set-up for said benefits, like how to manage space and ect.? :c

  30. I love hearing The Gospel According to Becky! I think you're right on, thanks for sharing your homestead and wisdom!

  31. All that and no floor plans or examples I was hoping for examples of not needing a room for every activity

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