How Permaculture Can Double Your Garden Produce

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Home Homesteading How Permaculture Can Double Your Garden Produce
Published on July 2, 2016

Becky shows you how to make a permaculture garden. Permaculture uses natural processes to create nutrient rich soil for your garden.




  1. You are so fun to watch 😀. I will be putting in a permaculture food forest next year.

  2. Try straw bale gardening! We've done it two years now, and will never go back to conventional gardening. High yields, no weeds, automatic watering with a timed soaker hose, no bending or stooping…all you do is admire your garden and harvest the produce! The book we used is Straw Bale Gardens Complete, by Joel Karsten. He has a Facebook page (learn to grow a straw bale garden) and a free newsletter. Try it!

  3. I would not recommend Miracle Grow. I do however recommend that you use more of your horse manure on top of the boxes before putting down the pine shavings. In this way, you have worms working for you to break down and create a nice atmosphere for beneficial insects and reduces harmful insects. You are doing an awesome job Becky!

  4. is that black and white spotted horse an Ap? It looks like a Knabbstrupper! A beautiful animal. Your herd has grown! Yay!

  5. thank you for doing what you do and sharing it with us! 😊😀

  6. wow you came pretty close to your cat making those should be more careful…he can move faster than you and you could easily stab him. love the rest of the video as usual

  7. I would like to say, I stumbled across your video's and absolutely love them.  Your idea's are great.  Thank you for all the helpful hints.

  8. Thank you for helping me to make peace with my weeds!!! LOL. This was very helpful, thank you! :-)

  9. It seems like there is a lot of wilderness around your homestead.  Do you wild forage anything yummy out there?

  10. I also use a LOT of bark chips on my garden. Check out the Back to Eden gardening blog for all the details. You are lucky to have lots of animal manure too!

  11. love your videos do you have suggestions on how to buy and finish a log cabin on a budget

  12. Becky , you are a wild woman with the screw driver…lol. Love the video and thank goodness you didn't stab the cat…LOL!

  13. cardboard has formaldehyde making garden not organic. good idea otherwise. Newspaper is safer.

  14. just a thought here for you. instead of the card board i had a lot of junk mail and newspaper that i shred and place it in my garden in a good thick layer. seems to do as well if not better bc it breaks down faster. love your vids. keep em coming

  15. Could you do an update of all your animals? And the property?

  16. Do you use the chicken waste for fertilizer for your garden? I noticed you were putting down the new wood chips… It seems to me that you would get more out of it if your chickens "used" it first.
    I love your videos and your positive attitude! Keep up the good work!

  17. How many square feet is your food garden?

  18. Love your videos I'm learning allot!! 🙂

  19. @jesmi2008
    the 'glue' is actually just starch i found out.
    dont use glossy colored cardboard.

  20. What about chopping the weeds with a lawn mower? They might break down faster.

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