How to Change A Lawn Mower Blade: A Guide For Girls

Home Homesteading How to Change A Lawn Mower Blade: A Guide For Girls
Published on December 7, 2016

Becky shows you how to remove lawn mower blade then she shows you how to change a lawn mower blade. When you’re a homesteader you can make small repairs like this to save a lot of money and be a little more self sufficient. If you took your lawn mower into the shop and had them do this blade change it would cost a lot of money…money you can save by doing it yourself.


  1. I noticed you pulled the bailing twine but also while the blade is off what I like to do is take a paint chipper or wide flat head screwdriver and knock some of the build up off the roof of the underbelly. Once you've had your mower for a few years, and if its a bagless, you'll notice it builds up under there.

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  3. Becky, "Your videos always put a smile on my face." Love all your tips and advice. Oh really like that big bench ya'll made : )

  4. Love your videos! Thank you so much for sharing.

  5. You somehow made it look easy!! Great job!!!!!

  6. thats a ratchet and socket not a wrench :)

  7. thank you Becky for the videos. love them!

  8. I am a homosexual man and I wouldn't have been able to do this without you! My partner has a bad habit of running over anything in the yard, nearly our pup once! So nice to be able to fit the spare blade 🤗 Happy Ramadan !!😘

  9. HAW III

    You need to Tork that blade bolt down to about 70 to 80 Ft Lbs.

  10. hello becky. my hen had 9 eggs and 5 hatched and there were 4 eggs that werent hatch( i candeled the 4 eggs there were chicks in it.)should i wait or discard the eggs? its been 2 days

  11. Becky can you mow my yard please

  12. omg thot u cut off your hair

  13. Thanks now if ours brakes I can show this to my daughter and she can fix it. Also I love you hair up like that it looks pretty.

  14. Nu B

    You are shrinking, need a new intro to match the new you.

  15. McTag

    Please unplug the spark plug wire FIRST… Just in Case… need to keep all those fingers :-)

  16. you should get your animals to mow your lawn so your repair bill on your mower is VERY cheap!

  17. You go girl! Very inspiring to see a fellow woman with such a pioneering spirit. I once asked a large group of wemon how many could change a tire and was shocked at how few could. So glad my father taught me these things, even though I'm a girl. Lol thanks for passing on the knowledge.

  18. If there's something that needs fixin' or building…Beckys your girl!

  19. Y are u wearing a mask when you are mowing

  20. SAFETY ALERT! Disconnect the spark plug before you tip the mower over to prevent the unlikely event that the engine starts, turns the blade and lops off your delicate little fingers ruining your manicure for the rest of your life plus it could save you an expensive trip to the E.R. You're never so busy that you can't be safe. Tfs

  21. Thanks for sharing this great video! Makes me think "I can do that!" Yes, you're right–anything you can do for yourself without depending on the labor of others–ends up saving you money. This was a real girl-enpowering video. Like to see more in this vein!

  22. You really need to disconnect the spark plug.

  23. I would love more of theses kind of videos how to's it so helps

  24. Right on! It's all about homesteading. Fixing roof leaks and putting up shelters, digging holes and all that good stuff. I never knew how to change a lawnmower blade. Thanks, honey. I hope someday to find a piece of land that I can park my 27' (or larger one, by then) Class C motorhome on. I'll get tired of moving around. There has to be a place for me on this planet, where they don't care if I'm off in the woods, living my life. BTW, I just love that little colt with the Appaloosa butt. Where did you get her?

  25. Wow thanks for sharing this simple but effective home maintenance for us girls who think that maintenance of tools is shrouded in mystery. Very easy fix.

  26. Is there ANYTHING you can't do Becky??

  27. Jerouś

    i have a question
    how many chickens i can keep in a coop 2 square metres with an aviary 5 square metres?

  28. I know plenty of guys that have trouble changing a light bulb, much less a lawnmower blade.

  29. Take it from years of experience …. you never want to "hold" the blade. Always block it up with something to prevent it from turning. Safety first!

  30. Elly

    Great informative video and a great layout, very easy to follow. thanks so much for sharing this helpful information.

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