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Published on January 21, 2017

Knowing how to choose a lure for trout fishing can make or break your day out on the water. Choosing the right lure will make sure that you don’t leave the lake empty handed. Watch to learn about the different types of trout lures and how they can play into your next big catch!

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  1. don't forget the good old red and white

  2. I am a beginning trout fishermen . do you still add powerbait or marshmallows to the hooks of spinning lures or trout jigs or do you leave the lure by itself?

  3. Do you have a video that shows how to set up the line with one of these lures?

  4. Good tips. I like the RoosterTail spinners the best not only for trout, but other species like bass, pike, salmon etc.

  5. Well, you didnt say when to use those lures, you only described them.

  6. how you ever try ed worms man i get bites left and right BTW tripple hooks its illegal in most states

  7. I also like silver n gold Kastmasters! They tend to stay in the water longer when bank fishin at the lakes cuz they cast further! My fav's!!

  8. I've been fishing with Super Duper's since the 60's. They may not be the best lures (okay, they're really not that effective and never have been for me), but after 50 years they're like fishing with an old friend. I LOVE my Rooster Tails and PM's, but I've just never been that lucky with them.

  9. Good Info! I personally love Rooster tails, Have hundreds of them, Lost atleast as many as I have on snags over the years, lol..  Just a great all around lure!

  10. Thanks, beginner fisherman just learning, after about 17 searches to explain lures to me, you got it right, thanks again

  11. This video lacked key info. What colors are better in clear water? which ones in darker streams?

  12. I'm not the fisherman you are John but those Rooster Tails are good for Smallmouth Bass too.  When I was younger that was my preferred lure when I fished moving water for Smallmouth.

  13. slayed'em  last week with a yellow panther martin. They didn't seem to want anything that wasn't yellow that day….water clarity is a factor I think!

  14. Hell Yeah, Rapala's are my go to where ever I am fishing, Bigger fish and more action. Awesome Video.

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