How To Fish Small Mountain Streams

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Published on June 30, 2016

The basics of how to fish small to mid-size mountain streams and rivers. Mountain stream fishing can be among the most rewarding of angling experiences. The fish are generally plentiful and eager to bite, the tackle and techniques required can be kept simple, and the beauty of the natural surroundings makes even a fishless day a success. Some of the basic principles that are covered in this video include:
– Fishing Tackle & Equipment
– Lure Selection
– Prime Fishing Times
– Reading Water
– Presentation
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  1. the beauty of the nature makes even the fishless day successful 😁👏😤😌

  2. Whats the name of the rib pack????

  3. Hey John what's going on, hope everything is alright?
    At this rate my fishing channel will catch up to yours in about 2 years, time to get a wriggle on. ;-)

  4. Casting Rod????  Don't you think it's a little overkill….y/n?

  5. I've guided in the Great Smokey Mountains National Park for years…Usually can catch anywhere from 20-40 trout a day…I've caught over 25 trout weighing over 5 lbs…

  6. This guy has no idea what he is doing…You do not fish downstream with a spinner…Trout face UPstream looking for food coming down to them…You don't reel a spinner up from behind them, you bring it down with the current…

  7. Sequoia, so peaceful, so vast.

  8. Hey please respond because I want to know where that is my family saw this and want to camp there please tell us

  9. As always great videos! P.S. Love the Dire Straits addition! 

  10. Nice video, makes sense and honest. Loving the nature

  11. This info is spot on, exactly how I like to fish.

  12. wish i had mountain streams around here man… we got good lakes in NJ but no where near the amount of wilderness you have over there.

  13. My go to is a small Panther Martin spinner. My brother, years ago refused to use anything but live bait or salmon eggs, saying they were better. The next time on our small stream I challenged him to a contest. One hour, and meet back with a count. I caught 27, he caught 10. He changed to the spinners and never looked back. Lest anyone think this is a fish tale, the stream had pools every 20 feet and nobody fished it except us. So the resident rainbows were not that shy. And yes, all were released.

  14. Hey Johns, great video. I'm looking for a telescopic rod and reel for long lightweight hikes/camps. Do you have any recommendations? Thanks for the help, keep the videos coming.

  15. 1rayljr

    Have you ever fished Tenkara style?

  16. great movie…i love it…up load some tips on how to fish in river during winter season..:)

  17. ggolbs

    Hi intenseangler,
    What brand/model of rod and reel are you using on this video??

  18. Video reminds me that if you're lucky enough to be in the mountains…then you're lucky enough !

  19. Try a joes fly it is a great inline spinner

  20. Hi intenseangler, are you from Kansas? I thought I saw a guy fly fishing in the river, is that you? 🙂

  21. Panther Martin: size 2 golden blade, black body, yellow spots,… BEST LURE EVER!!!!!!

  22. love moose creek in the Adirondacks

  23. taz man

    One of my favorite forms of fishing and you nailed all the most important aspects. A complete novice could watch this video and have success. Stream fishing always felt like hunting to me and thats why I enjoy it so much. Well done…

  24. great tips, i learned something. thank you. keep uploading partner 🙂

  25. A lot of good info. Thanks I always wanted to fish in the mountain streams. I really like the way you presented this video, keep it up!

  26. Wow I hardly ever cast down stream. Usualy I cast upstream and reel in with just enough tension to keep the lure active and swimming in the water. I let it pass by me and kinda float downstream keeping enough tension for the lure to keep active and swimming still. Lots of times I get a strike just as the lure reaches the end of the line and turns suddenly. BOOM. got cha…

  27. Love your videos John. Question for you—in these rocky streams, how do you keep the inline spinners off the rocks? I tend to stay away from them because I am constantly getting hung up on the rocks when I reel it in slow enough to entice the fish. I can speed it up to keep it far enough from the bottom, but then it is too quick for any fish to bother with it. Any advice?

  28. Another nice vid, informative and fun. High standard again. Btw, do u like bushcraft knives?

  29. Nice video, very informative and enjoyable. Thanks and take care my friend.

  30. Hey john ive been watching a lot of your videos lately and in almost every one ive seen you use the Ribz Pack and i do agree with you it is a pretty cool idea. i was just wondering what size you would recommend or what size of pack you use because i saw that they come in two different sizes.
    Great video,

  31. Do you live in the USA if so what state

  32. Wow that was really a great video Brother! I can tell you put some work into that one for sure. What a great spot for a video to. Very informative especially for those of us that ain't that great at fishing. I really think I could give this type of fishing a try now that I watched this one. Some real good tips there. I keep thinking how far you have come from that first video. What was it like "gear sitting on couch" or something? LOL Way to go man!

  33. Well done, John. You achieved a perfect documentary look and feel here.

  34. good stuff John, made me wish I was getting a hook rusty : )

  35. DAMN John!, Your Video making skills are so good these days, I'm sincerely impressed as it's exactly what i had in mind and would love to do 🙂 I know it takes a lot to achieve, Keep up the great work.

  36. Very cool vid! Your editing and video is top notch! Great info! thanks for sharing

  37. What a beautiful fishing location! …thanks for the great tips 🙂

  38. That was a great video, like it. I have never try to river fishing before, but thanks for the tip and tricks anyway.

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