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Published on August 16, 2016

In this episode Becky shows you how to harness up a donkey or horse, she talks about all the parts of a harness, and then shows you how to teach a donkey or horse how to drive and pull a cart.




  1. i would like to see your Breast Collar a notch lower, also i would like to see the breeching a notch lower but you said it was all the way out. its not the chin strap its the thoatlatch. he seems to bea great doney and going will with driving…

  2. I had a brilliant idea today! I have a large dog named Magnus, and after watching this video, I wanted to hitch him up to my wagon and have him pull it around. I then realized that was a stupid idea, so I've decided to build him a harness and cart from scratch using this video as a reference! It's gonna be a tough ride, but I'll post it on my blog when I'm done!

  3. I am looking to get a cart and I would like to know where u got yours

  4. Becky, I think you are just gifted, never in a million years could I learn what you know!

  5. Thank you Becky, for this great video. I can't wait to get started with my mini!

  6. Nice video!! I am thinking of buying a mini donkey soon 😉 This sounds like a great idea and really helped me understand how much fun a mini donk good be! XD My only Con to you is, you looked a little to rough with him. A little more kindness and respect to his mouth and harness pieces I think he woul really enjoy! Other then that, Great vid!!

  7. have a two year old donkey and have wanted to try setting up a pull cart thank you for your video from frisky d

  8. I have a 6 year old mini Jack and I want to teach him to pull a cart however I can't find a harness for a decent price. Yes I understand that they won't be cheap. So does anyone know of a reasonable place to purchase a mini donkey driving harness because I can't find any that are a decent price. Thank you so much!

  9. Again, so many things are wrong here. She started wrong with the brest collar, you have to turn it around first. Then the crouper. You ALWAYS undo the buckle of the crouper, don't slide it. Leave the saddle in place. Also NEVER use the last hole. If you need to, the harness is too small. When driving you should always have one or two holes extra in case the leather rips for what ever reason. Also the blinkers should be a little lower. The eyes shouldn´t be in the middle. It´s 1/3 and 2/3. She is patient, I give her that.

  10. donkeys – weeheehee

  11. Really like your quiet and patient way of handling !

  12. Great video Becky. Especially since there are no instructional driving videos from angry little uneducated farriers who troll the net looking to puff themselves up and feel self important because they seem to think they know everything about everything.  Looking forward to seeing more driving videos. Cheers. 

  13. my name is janet , i have 4 donkeys like you have. i would like to. train them to pull a wagon.where can i get harness for them and maybe a film showing how todo it.all 4 at once. i also need a wagon .does not need to be new.

  14. Teddy

    I have four minis.  I want to train them to pull the cart.  Thanks for this.  You have given me some information and a little confidence that I can do it.  Thanks very much.  I love the down-home production of your videos.  Very relaxing.  

  15. Wonderful job young lady. I have a cart on my truck now that I drove 300 miles to get so my grandchildren can have the experience of training horses and donkeys with grandpa. What's better than enjoying good times on your home and doing things right. Congratulations.

  16. You video help me I have 43 mini donkeys and I'm tying to teach some to drive. 

  17. Your Donkey Doodles looks like my Donkey Clementine!

  18. You are super awesome. "bumps him in the butt" and funny!

  19. XLmules, please check your dictionary. "Blinkers" and "blinders" are synonymous terms. When I was a kid, they were always called "blinkers" so that's the word I use, too.

  20. I'm sorry…did you say, "blinkers"? They are called "blinders"..for obvious reasons…..I know that you are trying to teach people..but please use the correct vernacular….

  21. Thanks for adding some sanity 🙂

  22. You know now that you have those dairy goats too, you might as well harness train those girls and let them pull your garden cart for you!

  23. Great job. Very helpful video. Thank you 🙂

  24. You explain so very well, thank you!

  25. Just bought a spotted draft mare that is trained to drive but I appreciate your hints and suggestions on how to go about this. Thanks

  26. You have the wrong bit……a half check snaffle would be best for driving

  27. mine love to work they see the harness and line up to be tacked up of course i have carrots i DO NOT use blinkers EVER ! they dont like em and i like em to see what we are doing

  28. nice i work the crap out of mine there not minis and i need them for farm work. let me tell you she is a hell of allot nicer than i have had to be win i get a bad one
    i dont like getting kicked or bit and win i get a bad one i train till they arnt or i sell em for dog food
    only had to do that to 1 and he had killed his old owner

  29. Haters gonna hate. Sad that its all coming from a few sad individuals.

  30. Awesome video. Thanks for making it. You have a very nice teaching and training style.
    I am training my horse to drive and I have never done that before. He is doing very well so far. Your video is a great help.

  31. Pull a plow ,logs, freight not just cart maam

  32. I noticed you using a full cheek, are there any other bits you would recommend. I'm currently using a Liverpool snaffle on my mare.

  33. Go donkey! Nice video, thank you.

  34. Excellent. Very instructional not only the what but the why. I very much agree with your training style gentle, firm, patient. My state and county fairs have driving classes. You will do grest.

  35. Everyone, this is not animal abuse, consider Doodles lucky that she has Becky for a trainer, for those of you who think "be rough if you have to" is animal abuse, she is not saying "if he doesn't move crack the whip at him and tighten the bearing rein" she is saying if the horse/donkey is acting up a little, you can use a stern voice to tell him whose boss.

  36. That was wonderful. I really enjoyed that. Oh I so want a donkey now.

  37. everything I can to avoid ever suffering through another one of your 'citi-girl turned professional' videos again!! Sucks I landed here to begin with. You 'getting rough if I have to' could only be animal abuse. Really…you should be ashamed of yourself.

  38. The only people that like you or think you have made a great video are demonstrating their own ignorance. You only think you have trained horses or donkeys. You haven't trained a single thing!! You can't move to the country after getting a settlement from an insurance check and all of a sudden 'know' how to do everything. There are people whose whole livelihoods depend on husbandry and such. I'd be surprised if you even had your place a couple years from now…but, I'm gonna do

  39. How do you 'know' your are 'going' to take him into driving shows? You only WANT and HOPE that you can take him to driving shows!! You kid yourself even!!

  40. When you slap with your reins you are sending signals to the drafts mouth!! Terrible habit…and you have been watching too many movies!! If you can't work a whip and drive than you have no business touching them to begin with!! Let alone making an instructional.

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