How To Locate And Catch Early Season Catfish – Part 3

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Published on July 2, 2016

Catfishing tips and tricks in action! Come along for an action packed day out on the water as I share my system and methods for catching channel catfish in the cold water of early Spring. In this tutorial I demonstrate how to locate and catch early season catfish on a local river system. I’ve had the opportunity to fine-tune these tactics over the course of several years of fishing for these fish, and would like to share some of what I’ve learned and discovered through much trial and error. We begin by looking at locations for finding these fish as they begin to stage prior to entering the prespawn period. Throughout this 3 part series we also discuss everything from baits, rigging, and presentation to tackle, rods, reels, and line. Along the way I show you through “hands on” demonstration the incredible fishing action that can be had long before most other fisherman hit the water. Hope you enjoy, and please feel free to leave a comment about the way you do things. See you out on the water my friends!


  1. No complaints on your fishing or anything. Your fishing seemed to be more experience than technical. Can you or any boat fishermen catch fish without fish finders?

  2. Cats and Carps are my favorite fish to target.

  3. I fish in the same area the same way but I use a pontoon. You should check out my cat and Sturgeon videos in my pontoon.

  4. that was 1 beautiful carp.
    no matter how bad the carp refutation, i think it is always a pleasure to catch a nice sized carp.

  5. Really like your 3 part Early Season tutorial. You've "Hooked" a new subscriber here! HaHa! I know that you said that you prefer chubs for cutbait, but have you ever tried carp? They are a hot item down here in Arkinsaw(hillbilly spelling intended) for cats of all flavors.That one you threw back would make a lot-0-cutbait! They are quite a pain to cut up though since their scales a like armor and they are very boney. I use a hatchet to hack 'em up into chunks! I mentioned carp cutbait for "cats of all flavors". Fresh, and I mean Really Fresh caught that day and bleeding cut carp will even hook flatheads! Any extra left over at the end of the day can be bagged and frozen for another day and will then work for channels and blues. None goes to waste.
    Keep up your good "Work" and I'll be checkin' out the rest of your vids!

    p.s. It's great to see a true sportsman use selective harvest and keep some for the table and release the the bigguns. Keep on practicing good catfish CPR!(Catch-Photograph-Release)

  6. Great Videos! Thank you. Great positive attitude! I'm going to hit the river this weekend and try out your methods!

  7. @PurpleBears14 Hey there again! lol. Minnows work great actually… I'd go with dead ones myself (mainly cuz channel cats don't care & they're easier than dealing with the live bait). When I'm using minnows I'll either cut off the tail or slice open the belly (to get a little scent trail going on). Hope that helps man!

  8. @saradreaming Thanks Sara! I do have a little confession to make though…. I had ALOT more fun making that "teaser" video and posting it! hehehe…

  9. @dmacken11 Thanks Dave… it certainly was a gorgeous day to be on the water! I did keep a couple of the smaller ones for a little fish fry with the family… nothing like sharing the fruits of your labors with the ones you love!

  10. @Woodenarrows I do gotta tell man, I sure felt silly when I saw that I had a carp on the line! I've caught my share of both and I've never had a carp hold bottom and move the way that one did (they usually take off on some pretty good runs once they figure out they're hooked), but I woulda swore this one was a big cat the way he acted! Oh well, it was a blast either way and I'd be the LAST to complain about reeling in a 20 pounder!

  11. Great video series John!! Definitely worth all the teasing you gave us ; ) Plus you've earned your title as "The Intenseangler", – skipping lunch because the fishing is to good : D The mighty Koi is the most worthy of catches, symbolizing prosperity and achieving your dreams : ) Sara

  12. This was a lot of fun. I had a great time. Thanks again for the invite and taking us along.

  13. Great group of vids bro ! I like your thinking regarding bait. It makes sense.Be safe, take care.

  14. Good stuff there! Nice filming what a nice day. Those are some big fish for sure. So you do keep a few and fry them up huh? Sounds like the end to a great day. Thanks for sharing this.

  15. Cats, Carp, they are both bottom huggers. I can see not knowing until you get a good look. Nice catch anyway and great “on rod” weight estimate. It was still fun, right? Great day to be out. Thanks for posting…

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