How to Make a Basic SNARE Trap with Paracord or Wire – Catch Your Own Survival Food

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Home Survival How to Make a Basic SNARE Trap with Paracord or Wire – Catch Your Own Survival Food
Published on July 2, 2016

NEW! Learn to Make a Basic Snare Trap out of Paracord or Wire so that You can Stay Alive in a Wilderness Survival Situation.

In this video, I’ll show you how to improvise basic snares from wire or paracord so that you can catch some tasty, nutritious, survival food and stay alive when times get tough.




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24 Gauge Wire for Snares

26 Gauge Wire for Snares

Buck Hoodlum Knife:

Schrade Axe:


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  1. …these snares are useless in real life situations…i think you need to re think things a little bit

  2. ur not going to learn survival skills on Google.experience is the only way.get out there and survive!

  3. ur snare could be bright red.doesn't matter squirrels cant see colors.

  4. for some of your survival tips can you not use the things you used in this vid so your making it with your hands and things around you :3

  5. dose this even work?
    have ever caught something with this snare?

  6. Ultimate Survival TipsYou need to funnel the prey into the trap . Otherwise the prey will just take the path of least resistance.  Fear of ridicule over what a bunch of tree huggers think is a poor excuse for not demonstrating the effective use of a method to catch food to survive. That's why you'd put a disclaimer on the video.

  7. Okay, I get how to do most of this, but I don't understand how to tie the actual noose portion of it. :/

  8. "We're not gonna catch anything because there are people on Youtube that don't like that.. "
    No matter what you do, there are people that wont like it or will be bothered or complain. That shouldn't dictate your actions. Why try to pander to them? And.. I am a part of my own point.. In trying to please the ignorant masses you have bothered me.
    Better to have your own reasons as to why you do something, rather than just because of what stupid people might say

    "Plus… I don't really need to eat squirrel to survive."
    Again pandering to the morons. I've heard this exact thing from meat eaters who disapprove of hunting. You dont need it to survive. Well technically you don't need any meat to survive. But what is the difference from catching food vs getting it from the market aka from the slaughter houses.

  9. The "Davids Everyday Carry" link is broken and just takes you to knife sharpening boot camp. May want to fix that.

  10. That's it? do you use bait

  11. 78835

    didnt help- too much changing of camera angles & poor instructions for rookies

  12. Why is your knife so fuckin big makes it hard to handle

  13. paracord doesnt work great for that set up its easy to chew threw even for squirrels any kind of rope cordage is best for hanging style traps something that gets the game up off the ground it uses its own weight against it and stops it from being able to chew threw the rope the wire on the other hand works great as long as its done right

  14. how is the snare supposed to tighten itself around its neck/legs ? muthafucking squirrel will walk right thru that snare hole , advice don't try this useless thing , try a spring snare you'll have much better luck with that , you'll likely starve if you try this in a survival situation.

  15. Great video! I'm gonna try using fishing line. I see a few squirrels in my back yard everyday. Hopefully dinner tonight!

  16. This guy is why I think YouTube should have a block poster function

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