How to make a fire VERY EASY.

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Published on January 27, 2017

This is how you make a fire in northern climates, the fire is very easy to make and also work well to do if it’s wet outside.

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  1. Editing is cringey and the font was just …. No …
    But you let us make smores so thank you

  2. How to start q fire vid and he uses matches?

  3. Craig

    Birch bark is amazing, it will catch fire and burn well even when wet.

  4. How to start a fire!
    You will need:

  5. I found out that used dryer sheets will start a fire on anything, they will start a fire easily the best part is the used sheets work as well as new ones.
    The effect is almost like napalm very hot and hard to put out.

  6. Great method! One tip, which you did, is to clear the ground around the fire so the fire doesn't accidentally spread and cause a forest fire. That would be BAD!

  7. Atreju

    that you cutted the video tells me that you maybe had some problems to start the fire…

  8. I wanted a more simple way, this is good but I don't think using hatchets and matches is survival. only if its a handmade hatchet. Flint and steel is how I'll start it.

  9. Got my dick stuck in a tree instructions not clear enough 

  10. Ryan Li

    that's a pretty fire going there! :)

  11. Amazing. Birch bark got natural flammable oils in it which make it a super good tinder.

  12. i wanted to see how make fire Literally , not using a Matches 

  13. You know whats fucking awesome, Our countries geography is so much alike. I can use alot of this information from your videos. Alot of really good stuff man!

    Ser fram emot din nästa lektion! – I hope I spelt that ok

  14. sadly spruce or birch dont grow where i live :(

  15. Well good to see that camp fire! 😀 I will make one like a same way.

  16. Today I gathered a bit of birch bark to make a fire, but I noticed that you can write a letter to the bark of this tree if you're in a bad situation, and if you have a pen or pencil.

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