How to make a Solar Water Distiller using plastic bottles.

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Home Survival How to make a Solar Water Distiller using plastic bottles.
Published on June 30, 2016

This is a simple solar water distiller made of several plastic bottles.
This experiment was conducted five days. I was obtained 60 mL of distilled water from this distiller. The distilled water generated 12 mL per day.


  1. I watch so many videos on how to solar distilled water…… I'm looking for a low-tech solution for a family of 4 you know like a solution for every house on your street. all I'm finding this how to make enough water for your kitty cat.

  2. Excellent idea for those who are doing DIY stuff and product innovations.Thanks for sharing !!!

  3. Bullshit project. Water cannot be distilled like this

  4. imu70

    This thing is very handy in the middle of ocean where there is lots of water but not a drop of water to drink If you have this 3 or 4 devices like this will support some people for many many days on only pure water just add few drops of ocean water and it will be good to drink with enough Sodium

  5. Only 250ish of these and u will have enough water per day! 

  6. why does there have to be 2 cross pipes?

  7. nam mai

    Great, nice system!

  8. please give me the file of this how to show working

  9. dark spray helps heating water most quickly

  10. Why the need to spay the bottle?

  11. Nice job, did you see the cool image after the painting ?

  12. Hot plastic bottles will release some chemicals, so the final catch may not be as pure as we think but this is very nice project. Gave thums-up

  13. St8kout

    Depending on your water source, some volatile liquids will also evaporate and condense with the water, so ideally you need to throw out the first inch or so, then put the cap back on to get the rest. And obviously, be careful not to slosh the dirty water over to the clean water side.

  14. How long did it take to make just that little amount

  15. Awesome! Thanks for sharing this. Really helpful

  16. The UV light also kills remaining bacteria, nice!!

  17. wil bo

    why you don't drink it on live for a more better example

  18. note for those who don't know the fact that plastic bottles under sunlight are becoming harmful for human health 🙂 don't drink water from the bottles which are exposed to sunlight

  19. Would this work with salt water from the ocean?

  20. Put a mylar reflective film behind this in the sun (or near a campfire) and you will have stupendous results. Or have the same device in a metal solar oven (or a cat hole mylar film solar oven) and you'will also have greater results. Pack this in your ruck for bug outs and it will come in very handy.

  21. does this remove bacteria from the water?

  22. 증류기 인건가요?

  23. Why did you sprayed the other bottle ?

  24. Alex No

    Самогонный аппарат из говна и палок!

  25. sure it leaves the dirt particles but the bacteria is still in that "clean" water

  26. Cleaner than tap water. Awesome.

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