How to Make Char Cloth

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Published on July 2, 2016

Char cloth is something that is used as a way to convert sparks into fire using the flint and steel method of creating fire. By charring natural material, the charred material will easily catch a spark. You then can blow it into flame using a tinder bundle.

I made this video in follow up to a video I made regarding using a Mora Bushcraft Black knife as a flint striker. You can check out that video here:

In this video I take you through a process by which you can easily make char cloth using a few simple and cheap tools you probably already have laying around the house.

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  1. i like that heat source you used. I just used a backpacker stove for mine, but yours is very creative. Nice video!

  2. Hey David, great tutorial. By any chance do you know how long chat cloth lasts? Found a bunch a few years old in a tin but can't get it to ignite. I could easily make more but I was curious. Thanks again.

  3. I seen a video where a guy shot some sparks onto the gluey side of some duct tape and it worked even better than char cloth because it started a fire right away rather than just making some red glowy embers you need to blow into a fire.

  4. Can you use char cloth as a water filter?

  5. David, like your videos.To the point.Volume is good.A lot of videos the sound is muffled or not clear enough to hear.I watch all of your videos. Thanks,Russ

  6. Love this post simple and to the point . but near the end always remember never put you flint on anything red hot or it will melt.

  7. Great video. simple and to the point. Excellent!!

  8. Steve at Adventure Outdoors sent me this way.  Excellent video.  I actually though I had subbed a long time ago…..apparently I was mistaken.  This grave error has been rectified.  Take care.

  9. Great video. Informative tutorial. Thanks for sharing.

  10. radbcc

    This channel is so much better than most of the "outdoors" channels.  I am so sick of the gun nuts and doomsday preppers confiscating the great outdoors.   You don't need to be uneducated and scared and carry all kinds of weapons to enjoy the great outdoors.  Sorry to rant, but that is why I like this channel.  thanks…

  11. Thanks – didn't think about using a DIY alcohol stove.  I see charring in my future this weekend.

  12. Thanks for sharing this. Your videos are always giving me great campingsurvival ideas and projects to due on a budget. Being a college student its hard to get out in nature and relax. Your videos help break the tension of a constant full time work full-time school schedule. Thanks for allowing me to live me hobbies through your videos.

  13. Never made it before, will be making some this weekend though

  14. Thanks David, great channel!

  15. Thank you for doing this.  I have never made char cloth and for the first time I am confident that I know exactly what to do.  I just happen to have a can of Mink Oil that is almost empty.

  16. David, Nice job on this video, ty for sharing

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